US Scientist Confirms Russian Fears Of Nibiru Planet, Could Begin to Harm Our Earth this Month


US Scientist Confirms Russian Fears Of Nibiru Planet, Could Begin to Harm Our Earth this Month

A new appendix added earlier today to the massive Aerospace Defence Forces (ADF) report relating to the mysterious new planet confirmed to be the outer reaches of our solar system says that an American scientist has confirmed many of its findings and further stated that our Earth is now under direct threat as this celestial body could begin to harm our Earth this month.

As we had previously reported (Mysterious Planet Ejected From Black Hole At Center Of Galaxy Warned Could Soon Impact Earth), the ADF has become increasingly “alarmed” at the threat this mysterious new planet poses to Earth from the time it was first discovered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2005 to the final confirmation of its existence by California Institute of Technology (Caltech) scientists in January. NIBIRU PLANET X – CIA Agent And NASA Employee Exposes The Truth


Adding to Russia’s fears about this mysterious planet was the secret NASA information about it supplied to Federation authorities by NASA computer expert Lloyd Albright (in 1999) and US astronaut and Navy Captain Lisa Nowak (in 2007) that was so fearful Albright hid himself in cave and Nowak told her Russian interviewers “they won’t tell anyone the truth” and “I’ve never believed the Bible, but now I have to 5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016! End of The World

The new appendix added today, this report says, comes from Daniel Whitmire, PhD, retired Professor of Physics from the University of Louisiana, who in a scientific paper written for Oxford University’s Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society claims that this mysterious planet, he calls by the ancient Sumerian name of Nibiru, has “all but arrived to our neck of the woods” and that the destruction brought about by its “gravitational trickery” will take place this month, as it’s done numerous times before, every time it passed us by.

Doctor-scientist Whitmire and his colleague, John Matese, first published research on the connection between this mysterious planet and mass extinctions on Earth in the journal Nature in 1985, this report continues, and which, this past January, Caltech researchers estimated its size as being about 10 times the mass of Earth.

However, this report notes, though both Doctor-scientist Whitmire and Caltech researchers agree that this mysterious new planet now exists in our solar system, they disagree on its present orbit. Tips For Preppers: Supplies, Survival Food And Emergency Essentials


ADF scientists in their report though note that the “orbital mechanics” of this mysterious planet are less to be considered then the “electromagnetically caused chaos” it will represent in our solar system—which on Earth, they say, could be manifested in violent and increasing earthquakes, massive volcanic explosions, and weather disasters caused by changes (increase/decrease of sun spots) to our Sun, not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of asteroids that could impact Earth. Urgent Message to President Obama and NASA Admin ~the7th Planet Nibiru is Here / 100% Proof You Need To Prepare To Survive Right Now

Important to note, this report appendix concludes, is that unlike Western scientists who adhere to the non-proven gravitational theory of our universe, Russian scientists ascribe to the electrical theory creating for these two bodies of experts an “incompatible gulf” of knowledge that cannot ever be bridged.


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4 thoughts on “US Scientist Confirms Russian Fears Of Nibiru Planet, Could Begin to Harm Our Earth this Month

  1. Jim. Browning

    No one ever thinks it could happen
    In their life time because. The people. Who should. Have warned us tried To act like. They didn’t know. Well..
    Now you know. And the strange thing ..
    Even if they wanted to they aren’t going any where cuz I don’t see any off World
    Beings offering any one a ride to another planet except Jesus

  2. Frank

    The images are inconsistent, and therefore at least some of them are fake. Just to give one pair of examples, the image at 0:52 … in the video shows what purports to be Nibiru (or whatever) with an apparent diameter close to 1/2 of our sun. But if it were about the same distance away (i.e. 1 AU) then it would be side lit and appear like a HALF moon. In order to be fully lit (like a full moon) it would need to be further out from the sun, i.e. more than one AU from Earth. (Remember, a planet emits no light on its own.) That would make its actual diameter much larger, that is MORE than 1/2 the sun’s 900,000 miles or more than 50 times the Earth’s diameter (not 4 to 6 times as often claimed.
    Now compare this to the image at the beginning of the video which suggests it is between us and the sun, and appears with a diameter of only 1/3 of the sun, but means it would be closer to the Earth than the sun,
    So even if we are to believe these are the same object, then we would need to conclude it is GETTING SUBSTANTIALLY SMALLER as it approaches.
    Lots more contradictions like this being published, so, NAH!
    I believe there IS a Nibiru out there, but these videos are not it.

  3. M. Jackson

    Its June 2016 now. This article said in April that climatic cataclysmic events would occur “within this month” has anyone any info on any cataclysms two months after that was said? Articles like this say this every year.

  4. Lacey Evans

    Yeah, Jesus says no one will know the day or the hour. It is now November 2017, no planet X. All I can say is keep watching for Jesus, not planet x!


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