Warning !!!! Collapse Will Strike US in 2015?

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Warning !!!! Collapse Will Strike US in 2015?

When America Bankrupts What Happens To You? How To Survive A Global Financial Crisis And Currency Collapse Provides Proven Strategies, Techniques And Information That Every American Needs To Know To Survive The Worst Financial Crisis Ever!

Today, we face a threat much larger than any natural disaster or terror attack. You see, a bomb is a localized event and a natural disaster, at worst, is regional.
This threat that is bearing down upon us will reach into every single American home and utterly destroy our way of life as we know it.
The cause of this looming disaster is the national debt which is a direct result of our out of control spending. You already know that the debt is out of control.

Rickards contends, “What I do for the reader is explain why the collapse is coming and, secondly, describe what this new system might look like.
That should be very helpful to investors in preparing to both survive the collapse and be well positioned in terms of wealth preservation under the new system that’s coming.”(source)

James Rickards-Dollar Going to Collapse 80% or 90% or More

Truth is that the system has been rigged. The Federal Reserve has been printing Billions of Dollars to prop up the economy and make it look like things are good. The fed prints up to $85 Billion per month, loans it to the government.

The government gives the money to the banks. The banks look at the state of the economy and see it as too risky to lend into.

So instead they take the money given to them and leverage it in the markets, raking in huge profits.
What will a financial collapse look like? Will it be a rapid fall off and chaos in the streets with thugs roaming the streets looting and pillaging? OR will it be more of a slow event, like a frog in a pot, where we won’t notice it until it’s too late.EC162

The government knows that Americans react to what they feel. Americans base their feelings on short term reports of that state of the union, namely the unemployment numbers and the inflation numbers.

Inflation is reportedly 2.1%. But the administration has removed some key indicators truly (accurately) reflect the value of the dollar. The most important of these factors being food and gas.

According to the government, you don’t drive or eat so those items should not be included in the inflation numbers report.

This is literally a fantastic cover up designed to hide the factors that will trigger hyper inflation.

Just look at the price of gas over the last 5 years

economic collapse


The entire world will fall victim and this time America will not be able to buy our way out.

Take a look at this graph representing the increase of dependence on social systems in America.

economic collapse

As with any financial collapse in history, there will be a period of time where systems fail, companies close, utilities are shut off, food will not be readily available and the uninformed masses will turn into savages fighting over last scraps of food.(source)

That’s because they want you to believe that everything is under control… your bank and all your savings safe and secure….

But the truth is, America is in serious trouble.



 Warning: This Video Will Shock You! Are You Ready?

New World Order martial law big event something is going on prophecy has begun end of america meteor end times warning.

Please share with others that are still asleep. The truth needs to be made known to as many people as possible. Things are escalating rapidly!

 There are some qualified resources that have compiled all the information into easy to follow step-by-step plans that can lead to being fully prepared in a matter of days.


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