We Are Going To Have A Loss Of Life On A Global Scale On Par With Nuclear Exchange

the-greatest-threat-to-humankind“The bubble in debt that we have on a global scale, is, without at doubt, the greatest threat to human kind. Greater than nuclear exchange, because when that debt bubble bursts, resources will become scarce. That’s what it really comes down to…through the mechanism of hyperinflation. We’re going to have a loss of life on a global scale…”

Check out what Gregory Mannarino just said with Greg Hunter…


The following are excerpted statements from Greg’s most powerful interview yet. Mannarino has a way of simplifying what’s going on, and once it sinks in… it becomes a terrifying reality – NO if you are prepared!

AS the debt bubble implodes, the dollar will collapse.

A dollar bill, a hundred dollar bill, whatever… these are not units of wealth. They are units of debt. They are owned and owed back to the Federal Reserve, plus interest.

The reason there is no hyperinflation yet, is because there is no money velocity. The economy is dead. Money velocity is the rate at which cash is moving through an economy and changing hands. In fact we are at historic lows.
Image: USAWatchdog.com YouTube video interview

What’s at historic highs? The monetary base. Money printing… 
This is what the Federal Reserve has done to the monetary base since the party was over in 2008. This is the money held in the banks.
Image: Federal Reserve

Once all this cash enters the consumer side, rather than just being held and propped up in the banks, the monetary base will have explosive inflation.

Coupled with that, we know that nations are backing away from the dollar.

There is a massive supply of these bills with very very low demand.

We are in the biggest bubble in the history of the world.
The history of mankind has never seen anything like this.

When that debt bubble bursts, all that cash is going to look for somewhere to go…

It’s going to be like confetti in a balloon.

So what’s that going to do to other asset classes?

This cash is going to end up in certain assets. Interest rates are going to go up.

This will CRASH the equities, which will sell off rapidly. All this cash is going to look for some place to go, and it’s going to go into commodities.

At one particular point, the free market will do its sole job… despite every single action that may be put forth by governing bodies trying to manipulate this… all it does is create distortions in these assets.

And there will be a snap back moment when all of this, all of it, snaps back to a fair market value, and that moment is going to rock the core of the earth.

The debt will correct to its true value… the stock market… commodities… bonds… treasuries… the whole thing.

It’s going to be rapid and it’s going to be extreme. People are not prepared for this. There’s no doubt about it.

This is the greatest threat to humankind.


His most powerful video interview yet… Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com

Video link

[Ken adds:]
What can we do to prepare?

Plan for social collapse. This entails lots of things, but I believe that the best advice is to move away from the cities, the population dense areas. Move to the rural areas. Buy a small farm where you can do your best to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. I know this is difficult for most everyone, but it’s my honest best advice.

Apart from that, it’s a matter of preparing for financial collapse, a breakdown of resources and supply chains that we are used to, and the social chaos that will ensue.

Prepare for dollar inflation. Prepare for a massive market correction and overall price correction of everything returning to its real value.

Stock up with as much food that you can.

Think about your security situation.

Coordinate and plan with those whom you trust.

Check out this incredible way of becoming food independent on Backyard Liberty, and find out more about off-grid survival on Conquering the Coming Collapse.

Procure as many practical supplies that you can, including consumables, tools, any hard asset that will help maintain a survival situation.

There are temporary preparations (simply buying supplies) and there are more permanent preparations (learning to live self-sufficient). If you haven’t already started, begin with a quick temporary fix by purchasing supplies. Then, begin to look at where you live, look inward, learn how to stay alive with less. This is a process – but it may become your reality whether you like it or not…

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