Winter War Arrival Met With All Ukrainians Told To Leave Country

Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev revealing that the collective West is growing tired of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and is pushing Kiev into talks with Moscow, says in assessing the current situation he most factually stated: “The United States, NATO and the European Union are unwilling to eventually break up with Russia, which is fraught with World War III…Hence the increasingly frequent attempts to circumscribe and talk sense into Kiev, and to push it out to enter into negotiations…Nevertheless, Zelensky does not want any negotiations for quite obvious selfish reasons…Moreover, negotiations are very dangerous for him…After all, unless he acknowledges the realities of Ukraine’s break-up, it makes no sense to sit down at the negotiating table…Once he admits it, he will be bumped off by his own nationalists who are connected with the army top brass, and of whom he is scared out of his wits”.

While stressing his belief that it is necessary to continue providing Ukraine with arms to fight Russia, this report notes, socialist Western colonial leader German Chancellor Olaf Scholz admitted: “Many people are scared, and have reasons for it…Western countries should be concerned that there is no escalation that could lead to a war between Russia and NATO…It is important to act prudently and decisively at the same time”—an admission joined by the German peoples issued a warning that their energy costs will soon rise by up to 61%–a warning quickly followed by Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief telling the German peoples to begin stocking up water and canned goods, with their statement revealing: “We have to assume that there will be blackouts this winter. By that, we mean a regional and temporary interruption in the power supply…The cause will not only be energy shortages, but also the targeted, temporary shutdown of the networks by the operators, with the aim of protecting the networks and not endangering the overall supply…We expect short-term blackouts rather than long-lasting, large-scale blackouts…But good preparation is important for that, too…Primarily water, several crates, and canned food…That would be enough for ten days…Be prepared for possible crises, don’t assume that everything will be readily available all the time”.

At the same time the United States Federal Reserve revealed American household debt jumped during the third quarter at its fastest pace in 15 years due to increases in credit card usage and mortgage balances, this report continues, it saw US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin speaking at the Halifax Security Forum in Canada, where he ignored the plight of his own nation’s under socialist siege peoples to warn: “Hard times lie ahead as Ukraine faces a harsh winter”—and as to why the living in fear American and European peoples have to suffer, Defense Secretary Austin declared: “The outcome of the war in Ukraine will help determine the course of global security in this young century…And those of us in North America don’t have the option of sitting this one out…Stability and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic are at stake…Russia’s military operation tears at the rules-based international order that keeps us all secure”.

The so-called “rules-based international order”, this report explains, is a term often used interchangeably with “liberal world order”, which encompasses the web of Western-dominated institutions – such as the World Bank, World Trade Organization, United Nations, European Union, and NATO – that have regulated global diplomacy, trade, and conflict since the end of World War II—as documented by the Brown University “Cost of War Project”, is a “rules-based international order” the United States and its European allies have been rampaging across the world for over 20 years to impose costing the lives millions of peoples and over $8 trillion—as to why the “rules-based international order” must be established by brutal military force, European Union Foreign Policy And Security High Commissioner Josep Borrell proclaimed: “Europe is a garden…We have built a garden. Everything works…It is the best combination of political freedom, economic prosperity and social cohesion that the humankind has been able to build – the three things together…The rest of the world is not exactly a garden…Most of the rest of the world is a jungle, and the jungle could invade the garden”—a proclamation countered by famed Australian investigative journalist Graham Hryce, who, in his just released article “The ‘Garden Versus Jungle’ Worldview Of The EU’s Top Diplomat Is Not Only Racist, It’s Delusional”, factually observes:

“Josep Borrell’s neocolonial comparison fails to notice the West’s decline, is caused by elites like him

Borrell’s solution is deceptively simple: just let the EU “gardeners” impose Western hegemony on those unstable “jungle” nations – with, it almost goes without saying, the helpful assistance of the United States.

Readers will not be surprised to learn that Borrell is a keen supporter of the United States. Last year he stated “One thing is clear: close EU-US cooperation based on shared values is key for international peace, security and prosperity”. Even if his Bruges speech did not explicitly include the US in his imaginary “garden”, he obviously does not think of it as part of “the rest of the world”.

Borrell apparently has failed to notice that the US has spent the last few decades attempting to implement his foreign policy program in spades – for example, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. He seems unaware that these previous attempts to tame the “jungle” ended in chaos. Nor, of course, does he acknowledge that many of the problems that plague the “jungle” nations today were, in fact, caused by such misconceived interventions.

Borrell’s entire worldview is nothing more than a global elite fantasy – designed, in part, to camouflage the unpalatable fact that the Western “garden” nations are, in fact, becoming more and more like the non-Western “jungle” countries that he despises and fears.”

Fully supporting the “Garden versus Jungle” mentality of these delusional socialist Western colonial globalist elites attempting to impose by force their “rules-based international order” on the entire world, this report notes, is British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who yesterday arrived in Ukraine to pledge he’d give them more weapons—shortly after which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned: “The policy of isolating Russia will lead to serious consequences for European countries…The price will be endless…And Europe is paying this price more and more , and Poland along with it”—a warning joined by top French political leader Nicolas Dupont-Aignan telling his European Union counterparts: “By launching a missile at Poland and accusing the Russians, Zelensky almost triggered World War III…Let’s stop supporting this dangerous man…We should urgently make up a peace plan”—then it saw former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori most factually observing: “I don’t quite understand why only Putin is criticized while Mr. Zelensky isn’t taken to task at all…This is problematic…Mr. Zelensky has made many Ukrainian people suffer…The Japanese media is biased towards one side…It is influenced by reports from the West…I can’t help but feel that they only rely on European and American reports”.

With the “Winter War” having now arrived in Ukraine, this report concludes, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Gavrilov declared yesterday: “Ukraine could capture Russia’s region of Crimea by the end of this year”—a declaration of lunacy that followed American Defense Secretary Austin warning: “You know, the Russians have a massive military and impressive weapons”—and among those still sane enough to remember that Russia has been using winter wars for centuries to annihilate every Western colonial power from France, Britain and Nazi Germany, is CEO Maksim Timchenko of Ukraine energy giant DTEK Holding, who just urged all Ukrainians to leave their country, and stated: “If they can find an alternative place to stay for another three or four months, it will be very helpful to the system”.

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