World Trembles After Germany Issues “24 September 2022” Ominous Prediction

Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping met on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) annual summit, says in regard to the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine, it saw President Putin saying to President Xi: “We highly appreciate the balanced position of Chinese friends in connection with the Ukrainian crisis. We understand your questions and your concerns on this matter, during today’s meeting, of course, we will explain in detail our position on this issue – although we have spoken about this before”—after which it saw Iran signing a memorandum paving the way to transition from its current observer status to full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to join Russia and China.

In response to the socialist Western colonial powers sanctions against Russia, this report notes, President Putin factually assessed: “The West’s Blitzkrieg tactics with respect to Russia failed to work…The rapid adoption of large-scale anti-crisis measures, as well as the stability and strength of the Russian economy in the face of external challenges is largely the result of our responsible macroeconomic policy in previous years…That’s why the condition of the Russian budget is now significantly better than in the economies of most G20 countries and those of our friends in BRICS nations…And the process of de-dollarization is inevitable”.

In confirmation of President Putin’s factual assessment, this report continues, it was just revealed that Russian liquid natural gas supplies to Japan grew by 211.2% in quantity compared to August 2021, and in terms of value, imports of Russian liquid natural gas soared by more than 380%—a revelation now joined by the report: “This year, Russian energy giant Gazprom supplied 43 percent less gas to Europe than last year, but raised prices by three times on average…This translated to the company’s European export revenue increasing from $53 billion dollars to $100 billion dollars”—all of which more than offsets the annual Russian military budget of $66-billion.

While watching the socialist Western colonial sanctions spectacular fail against Russia, this report details, it caused Serbian President Alexandar Vucic to gloomily warn: “The next six months will be the most difficult period for Europe since the Second World War, due to both the economic and political challenges”—a warning of gloom that caused Hungarian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Trade Tamas Menczer to predict that the European Union will review sanctions on Russia and could lift some of them as soon as this autumn, with him stating: “Reality knocks on the door of every country”—in viewing the suicidal catastrophic damage caused by the socialist Western colonial powers, it caused Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to exclaim: “The only thing missing is a zombie invasion”—and for those European Union members frantically waiting on the socialist Biden Regime to come to their aid, top American energy expert Wil VanLoh of Quantum Energy Partners just truthfully told them: “It’s not like the United States can pump a bunch more…Our production is what it is…We’re not adding drilling rigs and I don’t see anyone else adding rigs…There’s no bailout coming, not on the oil side, not on the gas side”.

At the same time the European Union is circling the economic drain, this report notes, in the United States it was just revealed: “The Federal Reserve’s inflation-calming moves are driving money out of the banking system…Deposits at American banks plunged by a record $370 billion in the second quarter of the year”—a revelation now joined by American global financial giant Goldman Sachs announcing it will slash jobs and end free coffee for all of its remaining employees—are jobless Americans now slammed by just published articles like “Highway Robbery: Americans Spent More on Taxes Last Year Than Food, Healthcare, Education, and Clothing… COMBINED”—to explain to the under socialist siege Americans what is really happening, Programme Director Timofey Bordachev of the Valdai Discussion Club factually assessed: “Attempts by the United States to force the global community to back its position on Ukraine have failed…Most of the world is not interested in getting sucked into the struggle between Russia and the West…This is not the Cold War, and Russia is not the Soviet Union… One of the signs of the changes taking place today is not the division of the world into opposing camps, but rather the adjustment to changing conditions resulting from a great power conflict”—a factual assessment quickly joined by the Wall Street Journal, that, in their just published article “The Global Economy Has Become A Battlefield”, most accurately warns:

We are in a global financial war.

Financial wars date at least to the Crusades, but after more than 200 years of increasing globalization, financial conflict is now far more costly and unpredictable.

People on both sides of these conflicts typically don’t understand what is going on.

They know only that their world is being turned upside down.

Anodyne words such as “globalization” obscure the gritty connections of cause and effect.

Though the under socialist siege American peoples “don’t understand what is going on” in this “great power conflict”, this report continues, the Biden Regime most certainly does, which is why Ambassador Anatoly Antonov just declared that the United States is openly a party to the conflict in Ukraine, and factually stated: “Washington’s statements that the United States is not a party to the conflict sound absolutely ridiculous and unfounded…Facts and interviews of former and current politicians and generals say otherwise…Videos currently shown on Western channels clearly demonstrate that soldiers and officers who speak fluent English, many with pronounced British and American accents, are fighting against us…The current situation of Washington inciting Kiev against us is an indisputable, obvious fact…If the Americans go along with Ukraine’s insane demands for long-range rockets, such a scenario would mean direct involvement of the United States in a military confrontation with Russia”.

Immediately upon Russia declaring that the United States is “openly a party” to the conflict in Ukraine, this report details, American news sources revealed that the socialist Biden Regime and its Western colonial allies “are in talks over whether to send Ukraine more advanced weapons in the future, including fighter jets and long-range weapons”—a revelation that follows top Biden R official Deputy Secretary of State Philip Reeker traveling last week to the Caucasus nations Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, immediately after which it saw Armenia and Azerbaijan erupting in conflict with each other and top Georgian lawmaker Irakli Kobakhidze proposing a referendum to open a second war front against Russia, but today said: “There was sarcasm and some irony in the statement”—yesterday it saw the United States Senate pressing ahead with legislation to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, which if passed the Kremlin warned will rupture all ties between Russia and the United States—and in a move to provoke China into war, the United States Senate said it would commit $4.5 billion in American weapons for the defense of Taiwan and promote Taipei’s membership in international organizations as a separate country..

Most assuredly provoking the socialist Western colonial powers into waging a suicidal war against both Russia and China, this report notes, is their terror over losing power—a fact just demonstrated in the 11 September elections in Sweden that pitted President Donald Trump populist forces against European socialists, whose final results released last evening were quickly followed by articles like “Swedish Right-Wing Scores Sweeping Victory – First Female Prime Minister Resigns In Humiliation” and “Swedish Prime Minister Resigns After “Far Right” Wins Majority. Likely New PM Says “Make Sweden Great Again!””—on 12 September, in the last primary contests before the 8 November midterm election, is saw New Hampshire electing Make America Great Again! candidate Karoline Leavitt for the Republican Party, who had millions-of-dollars spent against her becoming the youngest person ever to seek office for the US Congress—to the greatest terror of socialist Democrats, though, it saw New Hampshire voters electing retired US Army General Don Bolduc as their Make America Great Again! candidate for the US Senate—after winning General Bolduc proclaimed: “I signed a letter with 120 other generals and admirals saying that Donald Trump won the election and, damn it, I stand by it”—most remarkable to notice about General Bolduc’s election victory. was his not running a single ad on television against the tens-of-millions of dollars worth of ads spent in the failed bid to defeat him—and while watching in horror as President Trump populist forces keep winning, the socialist Western colonial powers are about to be further pummeled on 25 September, which is when the Make Italy Great Again! populist forces will win a landslide victory.

Most worrisome to notice about the 11 September election in Sweden, this report concludes, was that for the first time in modern history, the final results were not released to the public, even though everyone knew the socialists had been swept from power—a fact known by all of the socialist Western colonial leaders, who undoubtedly secretly shared the final vote tally among themselves—is most critical to understand because, on 12 September, it saw top German socialist lawmaker Friedrich Merz, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, appearing before the German Parliament to give the ominous warning prediction: “Dear colleagues, this day of 24 September 2022 will remain in our memory as a day that we will say, I remember exactly where I was”—swiftly after which, the world was flooded with articles like “German Political Parasite Warns Of An Event September 24” and “What Ominous Event Do They Have Planned For September 24th?”.

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    Or maybe it has to do with the Supreme Court nullifying the 2020 election due to proven vote fraud, and announcing President Trump is still the President.


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