Earthquake Early Warning Around the World – West Coast on Seismic Alert-Mysterious Wave Anomaly Coming from Antarctica

To those reared on the coasts, with a traditional understanding of earthquakes as arising from titanic disagreements at the edges of tectonic plates, this all sounds quite strange. Indeed, the USGS earthquake hazard map of the United States, might … [Continue reading]

This is EXACTLY How The Bible Says it Would Look Before THE END – Is it Time Now to LEAVE THE CITIES? Prepare Yourself For What’s Probably Coming

Bible Prophecy to be Fulfilled So what are the events in Bible prophecy to be fulfilled? Below you will see a sequence of end time events that are to be fulfilled before the second coming of Jesus and the end of the world. Now although we cannot fix … [Continue reading]

Nibiru Arive – GOVERNMENTS ARE READY TO GO UNDERGROUND – Top Secret Plans To Save Their Skins, Which Don’t Include Us

Nibiru Arive WORLD leaders are preparing for the end of the world by building top secret bunkers for a political elite, says a survival expert – but they will not save any of us. Robert Vicino, head of the survival firm Vivos, has claimed … [Continue reading]

15 Explosive Recipes for Preppers

We all know how much you guys love explosive recipes, as can be seen in the comments sections in our other articles.  Unlike those, this one I dug up from some file a long time ago and it’s been sitting in my ‘in progress’ folder for a couple years … [Continue reading]

Nasa Confirmation of Planet X- 10 Reasons Why Planet X ,Nibiru is Real

  Nasa Confirmation of Planet X- It's Real and Here's Why. Ten Reasons why Nibiru, Planet X is real, and how NASA had become an unwilling accomplice in verifying its existence. Nibiru, or Planet X, is an alleged huge planet with a … [Continue reading]

Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey – Combination That Treats Many Diseases

Garlic and Honey has been a very popular remedy for so many centuries in the Eastern Countries such as Sri Lanka, India, etc.etc. Eat Garlic and Honey on Empty Stomach after 7 Days This Will Happen to Your Body! Garlic combined with honey is … [Continue reading]

Make Your Own Healing Ointment

Ointments work great on cuts, abrasions, wounds and other forms of skin irritation. You can easily make your own salve with a few basic ingredients and ensure that you have supplies on hand during a SHTF situation when pharmacies may be closed.   All … [Continue reading]

How to Make Gunpowder the Old Fashioned Way in The Wild(All it Takes is Charcoal, Sulfur, And Potassium nitrate)

In a survival situation, primitive tools will get you by but for maximum survivability, you need mechanical weapons and explosives – and nothing beats the time-tested combustive mixture – gunpowder. Gunpowder is the earliest known chemical explosive. … [Continue reading]


Building a bunker could be a great choice as there are at least dozen SHTF scenarios where your life can be saved by having an underground bunker to hide and spend some time in. So, the idea of making a bunker is great for every survivalist … [Continue reading]


If your home is connected to a traditional water supply, such as city pipes, you’re dependent on the rest of civilization for your water. If the system starts to break down or if someone breaks the connection to your water supply you’re lost. You … [Continue reading]


The online community has been actively discussing the subject of how to survive the end of the world for years. With every new national or international crisis, we see even more people coming up with what they believe are foolproof survival tactics. … [Continue reading]

How to Build a Root Cellar – EMP and Post Apocalyptic Survival

A correctly built root cellar is the 'secret' to refrigeration for food without electricity. It is an excellent way to help ensure surviving an EMP, loss of the power grid, world war, or other catastrophic disaster in the modern age. If you do it … [Continue reading]

West Coast Seismic Alert: 2 Alaskan Volcanoes Erupt

  Alaska The biggest volcanic news of the last month has been the surprising and vigorous eruptions at Bogoslof in the Aleutians of Alaska. After producing a large explosive eruption , the volcano has followed up by adding more explosions … [Continue reading]

A Massive Solar Storm Could Wipe Out Most Modern Tech, Have a Plan for Such An Event

In last month’s issue of EARTH, we explored what is known about solar activity, the sun and its interaction with Earth. This month, we examine the possible effects of solar activity and the vulnerability of power grids and satellites, as well as what … [Continue reading]

BREAKING: North Korea Just PROVED They’re Ready To Hit Alaska With What They Just Did

The United States has shown a tentative patience with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and his blatant disregard for international policy. In an effort to not end up being branded as “shoot first and ask questions later” the United States Navy has … [Continue reading]

The Most Important Food Stamples To Have ( Just In Case)

In any collapse, common foods are going to be hard to come by.  In a natural disaster or similar occurrence, most grocery stores will be out of food and water within hours. During hurricanes, we all remember seeing televised images of empty shelves … [Continue reading]