Where Will You Go When North Korean Agents Release Biological Weapons In Major U.S. Cities?


Most Americans have no idea that biological weapons could potentially bring our nation to a complete and utter standstill within a matter of days.  In recent articles I have been trying to get people to understand why it would be so exceedingly dangerous for the United States to attack North Korea.  If the North Koreans used weapons of mass destruction, we could easily be facing a situation in which millions of North Korean and Japanese citizens end up dead.  But since it would happen on the other side of the planet, such a scenario doesn’t seem to emotionally move a lot of people.  So today, I want to try to get people to understand the immense devastation that just a handful of North Korean agents could cause inside our own country. [Read more…]

Preparing for Riots Chemical, Biological warfare


Preparing for Riots Chemical, Biological warfare

This chapter briefly describes what chemical and biological weapons are and what they do. It then looks at the types of nations and sub-national groups – terrorists – that might pose a CBW threat.


A chemical or biological weapon consists of a toxic agent and some form of delivery device. Delivery devices can be variants on traditional military items – artillery shells, bombs, missiles, aerosol sprayers etc. – but can also be far less conventional. For instance, chemical agents released on the Tokyo subway were released by puncturing plastic containers.

Chemical agents come in many varieties. The most straightforward are simple elements or compounds such as chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, and dichlorodiethyl sulphide (mustard gas). More powerful agents are fluoroacetates and organophosphorous compounds, the latter being the more lethal. More powerful still are so-called nerve agents such as tabun, sarin, soman and VX.

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