Breaking News – France: Hollande Declares Economic Collapse “State Of Emergency”

EMP -Economic collapse

 Breaking News – France: Hollande Declares Economic Collapse “State Of Emergency”

French President Francois Hollande declared an economic “state of emergency” before announcing a €2 billion ($2.18 billion) series of measures to cut France’s high rate of unemployment, during a speech in Paris, Monday.

SOT, Francois Hollande, President of France (French): “We must thus face our responsibilities on this major question. I believe that faced with a global situation of economic uncertainty and persistent unemployment, we must also announce an economic and social state of emergency.


This state of emergency implies choices, it concerns firstly government but also those with political responsibility and our social partners. Certainly, three years of preceding efforts have been undertaken. And we see the results – the public deficit has been continuously reduced, corporate margins have been restored to pre-crisis levels, competitiveness has been re-established, and the success of our companies is recognised internationally. Yet at the same time I am disappointed, as growth remains too slow.”

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French president declares ‘state of economic and social emergency’


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The End Of Money & The End Of Humanity


The End Of Money & The End Of Humanity

By Philip Jones 

Money, As our world shakes and reels from the shock waves of the current financial crisis; there are still those who believe naively that what is now occurring is part of some cyclical `ebb and flow` in the evolution of the worlds financial markets, which will in time, begin to recover and once again, the good times will return.   I have some bad news for those `optimists`! There will be no recovery. What is happening now is as David Icke has written at length, part of a grand strategy to create a New World Order, a `One World State` with a World Government, World Army, World Bank, World Currency, World Religion and a vastly reduced population of micro chipped slaves. [Read more…]

Economic Meltdown Oct-Dec 2015–Strategic Relocation and How To Survive The Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse

Economic Meltdown Oct-Dec 2015–Strategic Relocation and How To Survive The Economic Collapse

Prepare for the coming chaos!!!

How do you prepare yourself and your family for the prospect of an economic collapse?  Here are some recommendations.Stay out of debt — Do everything you can now to get out of debt.  If you are carrying debt when entering an economic collapse, you are likely to lose everything – your home, your retirement funds, and a comfortable future. [Read more…]

Economic collapse – The suffering to come

Economic Collapse

Economic collapse – The suffering to come

Most people have no concept of what an economic collapse looks like.   Yes, million have lost their jobs and lost their homes in the past 6 years.  Yes many are struggling to find new jobs and have lost all their assets just trying to survive.   Yet, the hard suffering has not yet started.   In the US, there remains the food stamp programs (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and charitable food pantries are challenged, yet are still open and helping millions. [Read more…]

How to Prepare for an Economic Collapse

United States of America

National debt has cross $17 trillion and continues to rise.   By end of 2014, likely the debt will be higher that $18 trillion.   Obama has no will, no plan, and has taken no serious action to confront the national debt.   The national debt does not include all future obligations of social security, federal retiree benefits, veteran benefits.   The states of California and Illinois have debt which are unsustainable.  My biggest worry for my children is that they may grow up during a great depression.  Of call the countries listed here, I’d rather be in the United States than any other country.  The United States is very capable of providing its own food.  Has vast resources.  The United States is likely to be the last of any country to enter the next great depression, due to all the tools it has available.  But if and when the United States does enter a great depression, the rest of the world will be drag down.  I pray and hope this never occurs. [Read more…]