Economic collapse – The suffering to come

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Economic Collapse

Economic collapse – The suffering to come

Most people have no concept of what an economic collapse looks like.   Yes, million have lost their jobs and lost their homes in the past 6 years.  Yes many are struggling to find new jobs and have lost all their assets just trying to survive.   Yet, the hard suffering has not yet started.   In the US, there remains the food stamp programs (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and charitable food pantries are challenged, yet are still open and helping millions.

The hard suffering starts when government programs run out of money and charitable organizations run out of resources.

To get a sample of what the hard suffering will look like, I recommend that everyone watch the PBS program on The Dust Bowl.

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Witness the catastrophic dust storms, incredible human suffering and equally incredible stories of human perseverance as Ken Burns chronicles our country’s worst man-made ecological disaster.

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The struggles that everyday people had during the Dust Bowl problems of 1930′s added to the overall misery of the Great Depression.   The massive drought in the US plain state impact the amount of available food for the entire country.

Here today, not only is the economy in a slow slide towards the 2nd Great Depression, but the Dust Bowl has returned.  The current result is people have fewer jobs and less money, yet the price of food has dramatically increased.

Also, the economic problems continue to worsen with no path forward.   Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Greece have entered their new Great Depression.   France and Italy are continuing their slide.    German cannot support all of Europe alone.

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During the 1930′s, much more people were tied to the land and produced food.  Nearly every family had a home garden.   Nearly all women knew how to do home canning.  Men hunted and trapped.   Today, it is rare to find adults who can home can, dehydrate foods, and make jerky.  In the suburbs, a home garden is the exception.   Within just two generations, the people in the United States have lost their food production skills.  It is common for me to meet women who do not know the basics of cooking.   In the current generation, women prepare for careers, not homemaking.   It is my belief that both men and women should have cooking skills.  Cooking skills are life skills.   You can spend $30 per person at Outback Steak House, or you can make your own steak at home for $10.   Cooking at home allows you to not only lessen food costs, but allows you control the quality of the food.   Cooking at home is better and cheaper.


With the next Great Depression, there will be suffering, great suffering.22

Put yourself back into 1927, knowing that you had two years to prepare for the next Great Depression, what would you do?   In 2012, the answer is to become a survival prepper.  Store lots of food, have firearms to defend your family, transition some of your investable assets into tangibles (gold and silver coins), start a garden, store garden seeds, home can your own food, and learn self-reliance skills.

My definition of true wealth?  It is 400 jars of home canned food in my pantry.   True wealth is a roof over your head, food in your children’s belly, and good health.   There are billions around the world who survival on $2 per day.   As can be seen today in Argentina, Greece, and Spain, in just a few months, a family can transition from eating in a fancy cafe to dumpster diving.

You have a couple of years to get ready.  Do not waste the opportunity.   Your preparations will help you survive not only an economic collapse, but also survive from natural disaster, such as Hurricane Sandy hitting New Jersey and New York.

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Long Term / Emergency Food Storage On A Tight Budget

This video outlines a starter list of items that you can get off of a grocery store shelf that you can begin or supplement your emergency food storage plan. This list is not 100% complete and we will add to it in future videos. It’s just a start for people (like me) who don’t have a lot of cash.

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