How to Survive a Chemical or Biological Attack (Weaponized Virus)

Biological Attack
Plain and simple, an attack from terrorists with chemical or biological weapons is more dangerous and would be more devastating than most realize.

What a complacent world we live in, the modern age. The average guy drinking his early morning Starbucks while checking his Facebook page from his mobile phone just doesn’t realize how badly terrorists want to inflict harm on America — and not just America — though it is at the top of the list of most terrorist organizations. [Read more…]

Imminent Danger for the United States of America Superpower


Imminent Danger for the United States

The clear message of this series is that the United States is in imminent danger of losing her superpower status even before the events of end time Bible prophecy and the tribulation.

Those living in the United states of America could wake up tomorrow to find themselves experiencing a completely different world than the one they are comfortable with today. It could be a world where the things the people in the nation take for granted for everyday living are no longer available. Those who were in New Orleans and southern Mississippi after hurricane Katrina experienced first hand what I am talking about. [Read more…]

Market Crash, Global Economic Shocks Coming, World War 3 Gerald Celente and JP MORGAN ADMITS ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS COMMING WATCH NOW




Gerald Celente is saying the economy very well could collapse . ┬áThe reason why is because the “To big to fail” banks, Wall Street, and the BIG Corps do not want it to collapse before the “Holiday season”. You know… So they can MAKE more money during that time, and it really kind of makes sense, since the Fed Gov suspended the debt limit until Feb 2014. Gerald Celente is the owner of Trends Journal. He is very well respected by many. I have listened to him for a few years now, and he has been spot on about most everything he says. I trust what he says. No this is not an advertisement. I am just saying I trust what he has to say. He may be Italian, but he is a true Italian American patriot!

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