Market Crash, Global Economic Shocks Coming, World War 3 Gerald Celente and JP MORGAN ADMITS ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS COMMING WATCH NOW




Gerald Celente is saying the economy very well could collapse .  The reason why is because the “To big to fail” banks, Wall Street, and the BIG Corps do not want it to collapse before the “Holiday season”. You know… So they can MAKE more money during that time, and it really kind of makes sense, since the Fed Gov suspended the debt limit until Feb 2014. Gerald Celente is the owner of Trends Journal. He is very well respected by many. I have listened to him for a few years now, and he has been spot on about most everything he says. I trust what he says. No this is not an advertisement. I am just saying I trust what he has to say. He may be Italian, but he is a true Italian American patriot!


So what will happen after the collapse, or what is the reason for it? What will happen is United States of America, Canada, South America will become one nation called “North American Union” or NAU, Just the same as The Eurozone. China, Japan, and other Asian countries will all unite as well to become an Asian Union. Africa, and middle Eastern countries will unite? Back at home, we will have a new currency called “Amero”. This is why there is little concern about border control. The problem is, is WE AMERICAN’S will not stand for it. They know this. This is why they are also preparing. Hence – DHS purchasing 2 billion+ rounds of ammo, Russian, Chinese, other military personal are training here. HENCE – Obama’s “Civilian Police”, also why he has fired over 200 high ranking military personal. 9 within 1 month. Obama declares martial law, and the 2nd Revolutionary war begins . All this has been talked about for quite a few years now. I have said several times that I believe Obama will remain in power well passed 2016. In other words there will be no more “voting”, there will be no more US Constitution, Declaration of Independence. All that will be replaced with the UN Constitution. I also believe we will no longer have a Congress, or Senate. I may be wrong on that part, but given the “Civil War” (On the surface) between both parties, and the Conservative’s it kinda makes sense.


Obama will then become Ruler over the North American Union. Remember…. He did say that he will “Systematically” change America. He is the Chosen one by the elite. He, just like Hitler were designed to carry out the “Illuminati” Agenda 21 plan, or New World Order, and no, he is NOT “The Anti Christ”. Yes, he is a Communist Muslim. The question is, and this is the “Gray area” for me. Will we be defeated, or will we win? I like to think we will win. If we win a HUGE “false flag” will take place. Much worse than 9/11/2001. China, and Russia could then strike us, or we could see “small” dirty bombs (Nuclear) go off in several big cities like NY, Chicago, LA, Atlanta. Again this is the gray area for me. This is also the Scenario I see happening. Please feel free to help fill in the gaps, or add what you think might happen. Keep in mind, this is all leading up to the main NWO plan. The World War 3, one world Gov, Currency, religion, Mark of the beast (RFID chip), Anti Christ. The best thing we can do is LOVE GOD first, ALWAYS keep your faith in GOD, repent of your sins, ask God for Guidance when needed. Most of all do not be afraid him, or what is to come, and also DO NOT be afraid to FIGHT, and DIE trying to save the future of United States of America, and everything our founding fathers also fought, and died for… FREEDOM!!!

Also to get a better understanding about all this watch, and listen to this video. I am not an Economist, and I do not claim to be, and yeah I am abit of a slow learner, but this video makes it very clear to understand. Also PLEASE do not take my word for it, like others say… Do your own research. Search about the North American Union, Amero. All the data I have listened to, read, drawn my own conclusion’s is what led me to the scenario I mentioned above. I know there are gray area’s, but this is basically what I believe will happen, and what to expect in the coming days/months/years.


I love you ALL, good or bad. Good Luck to us all, and GOD BLESS you all.



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