Alert Billionaires Are Selling Off Stocks And Building Massive Survival Bunkers

What is an economic collapse?
Simply put, an economic collapse, interchangeably used with the term financial collapse, is a series of very severe economic conditions. Many survivalists and preppers say an economic collapse is the one thing that they are preparing for, as it includes a number of symptoms that place a risk on our necessary needs, such as food, water, power, and safety.

One of the worst factors about a financial collapse is the fact that it doesn’t abide by a timeline. Natural disasters, for instance, while very destructive, are short, with their duration measuring only for days let alone weeks. This allows recovery efforts to commence almost immediately. Economic downturns, however, are unmeasurable in length and for most, will last a minimum of a year, with the aftereffects resonating for several years as a nation recovers.

During an economic collapse, there are symptoms that affect large companies and industries, with very visible signs felt in the family home. For instance, common symptoms of a collapse are high bankruptcy rates, widespread unemployment, hyperinflation, a spike in death rates (attributable to depression or other financial causes), a social collapse and a high increase in crime.

A MONSTER FINANCIAL CRISIS is coming, but the plan is for The Fed and Central Banks to boost corporate/government partnership and then starve out the people, scare them into wearing a mandatory mask and receive a mandatory vaccine. The Great rest is being pushed by the power in the US Government. Owning a business, small business won’t be allowed. People will be oppressed and starved. Will have to sell the property then self to survive as a slave. People will be slaves.

According to The Great Reset, the government will forgive all your debt. The catch is that you will forfeit your right to own anything in the future (business, home, land, vehicles).

People will accept this deal by the hundreds of millions, if not billions. Making themselves forever slaves with only the freedom their government chooses to allow them. Central bank interest rates are all very low at the moment to try to stimulate the economies of the world. Governments seem to have forgotten that the other lever they have is taxes. Governments could lower taxes to stimulate the economy. At low borrowing rates, this isn’t as daft as it seems because repaying the current level of debt isn’t as urgent as it once was. Because the cost of government borrowing is so low, the debts most countries are carrying will not cost them much (or anything if the bank rates are less than inflation). Currently, we live in a world where punishing people and companies for being successful is seen as a good and virtuous thing to do .

This is done by increasing taxes on everything that a few do-gooders can justify. It is also fashionable to try to regulate companies more and more so that their behavior is controlled into a narrow path that fits what a very vocal (but small) section of the population thinks is ‘right.’ Again, more virtue signaling.

The truth is that companies cannot operate in the highly regulated market and give good returns. Why? Because increasing regulation and the desire to hold companies to impossible standards has made it impossible for them to operate, grow earnings, and return profits to shareholders. At the current tax levels and regulation standards, it has made it unattractive to run a company. The ‘virtue signallers’ out there who believe that companies should be taxed heavily and only allowed to operate under very restrictive conditions are simply missing the effect they are promoting.

This constant corporate bashing and tax-raising make everyone poorer in the long run, not just the wealthy that the virtue signallers hope to target. The end result is that a country doesn’t have the money to do the virtuous things it wants to do, so they don’t happen anyway. I have little confidence that the new administration will rush to lower taxes and stimulate commerce in the USA with lower regulation, quite the opposite, in fact! They will probably strangle the US economy as he tries to signal to the world how the third-way socialism can save the world. And even if you wanted to go cash, there’s negative interest on large cash holdings. It’s actually not possible to do anything else than buy stocks. And all the printed money has the same problem.

That’s why evaluations don’t seem to matter. If just some analyst somewhere spits out a random price target, stock hits it the day after. I actually thought price targets were a year out, not a day, but never mind as long as it all goes up. I long stopped caring about being an owner of a company. It’s all a big joke, and it doesn’t matter if they make toilet paper or rockets. Printing trillions and won’t give their citizens a crumb.

The Federal Reserve owns a massive amount of the housing market, something like 30% at the moment. And they have been pumping massive funds into Fortune 500 companies, mutual, and index to prop up this economy. It is entirely fake. According to the Department of Labor, we lost some millions of jobs permanently in the year 2020. Since September and December 1st this last year, we have recouped a whopping 9% of the jobs lost due to the shutdowns.

They can cheer all they want about having a 33% GDP, which means absolutely nothing if you understand what numbers encompass GDP. We are surfing on an entirely fake market as of right now, with only the Federal Government propping it up with newly inflated tax dollars. America is more corrupt than Venezuela and Russia put together. And you think the powers that be can’t and won’t prop up their own assets no matter what? That was the entire point of the QE, i.e., massive ongoing asset inflation for the wealthy and economic and literal death for the middle class. And now it will return, better than ever. Stock and real estate prices are perpetually supported by zero interest rates, while wage earners become weaker and weaker. Fentanyl and welfare for the middle class; more money and power for the elites.

This dead GDP was always a feature, not a bug. It helps the globalists and our politicians’ Chinese patrons directly in economic terms while it economically, socially, and psychologically cripples potential ladder-climbers who might have the effrontery to oppose them. You serfs are going to have to get vaccinated in order to receive a stimulus check. If people don’t see the timing of the stimulus conversion as being convenient, they’re dumb.

Attention American patriots! Many government officials and billionaires have told us that everything is going to be okay. The United States will find a way to manage the trillions of dollars of debt, the supply chain shortages will be resolved, and the economy will bounce back.

However, as patriots, we shouldn’t look at what these rich, corrupt billionaires are saying. Actions speak louder than words, so take a look at what these people are doing. In recent news, it has been reported that the stock market has been hovering near all-time record highs, and business leaders are telling us not to worry. There are going to be good days ahead. When you look at the actions of the billionaires, however, it paints a different story.

During the first few months of this year, billionaires Jeff Bezos, Jamie Dimon, and Mark Zuckerberg have all sold large portions of their shares in their own companies. This is significant because these individuals have a lot of insider knowledge about their own companies and the market in general. With even JPMorgan’s Dimon selling 822,000 shares of the bank he leads for about $150 million, we’re facing an alarming trend.

Billionaires are building bunkers and buying islands. But are they prepping for the apocalypse – or pioneering a new feudalism?

Rich prepper, poor prepper
On the other hand, the less disposable income someone has, the more any serious attempts to “prepare for the future” will disrupt their lives in the here and now.

Prepping culture makes little sense in countries like India or Cambodia or Yemen, where severe poverty is widespread and hundreds of millions of people are already surviving in conditions that might seem “apocalyptic” to privileged westerners.

Closer to home, for middle-class people who can’t afford to own multiple properties, a decision to live on a potentially “safe” island would necessitate moving there permanently, in the process passing up opportunities to earn income elsewhere.

If your disposable income is roughly $5,000 or $10,000 per year, and you hope to purchase a Rising S “Standard Bomb Shelter Base Model”, this would set you back a little over $150,000. You would have to dedicate your entire working life to this project.

Maybe this is why, during the early weeks of lockdowns in 2020, there was a rush of ordinary people bulk-buying toilet paper. It was the least expensive, most convenient way to amass a significant-looking stockpile in a hurry. People could feel like they were “taking action” during an otherwise overwhelming situation.

Meanwhile, our obsession with the mega-bunkers of the mega-rich is part of a broader cultural trend, in which ordinary – read: poor – people pretend to make fun of “crazy” billionaires, while furtively aspiring to uber-wealthy status themselves.

This ideological shell game allows us to (fleetingly) acknowledge the damage runaway global inequality is doing to social cohesion and the viability of our ecosystems.

In a voyeuristic fantasy, we can project ourselves to the very top of the inequality pyramid, just for a moment. A convergence of industries that prey on our collective insecurities occurred in 2021, when Texan bunker salesman Ron Hubbard appeared on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, and audiences got to watch Kim and Khloé go bunker shopping.
That the Australian public is fascinated by Zuckerberg and other billionaires’ spare mansions at a historical moment when our housing affordability crisis is reaching unprecedented levels is particularly telling, and galling.

Meanwhile, for the actual billionaires, bunkers are just a small part of a “diversified portfolio” of bets against the future.

Other well known schemes include investing in space travel, cryonics (freezing your body in the hopes of a future reincarnation), mind uploading, and in Peter Thiel’s case, flirting with parabiosis – transfusing young people’s blood into your own veins.

For billionaires, putting money into such projects doesn’t mean they’re crazy, or paranoid, or in possession of some special secret knowledge about the future. It simply means they’ve amassed such colossal surpluses of wealth, they may as well use it for something.

“Black Preppers” have had ENOUGH of Biden’s America and they’re getting ready

People need to start preparing.

If a financial collapse does occur, you are going to want to start prepping so that, should an economic downturn occur, you have enough food saved up while you either grow your own food in the garden to supplement it, or find another source of free food. Chances are you will need food more than water as water will still run, but stores may close down and shelves may empty out quite quickly.

Food Crisis queuing case of a food shortage you should be aware that grocery stores only have about 3 days of food in stock. People will rush and buy as much as they can so probably the food will vanish in less than a day or hours. So if anything was to disrupt the food supply chain for an extended period of time, there would be chaos in most communities. It’s very important to start preparing NOW. There are several ways to start. The choice you make should depend on the event you are preparing for. Of course the best way is to prepare for all scenarios including long periods.

Part of our guide to start prepping involves identifying a but out plan, location, a suitable bug out bag and bug out contents. If a true economic collapse was to occur, there will be a high increase in crime rates, social disorder, looting and likely clashes with law enforcement and military. It is a safe option to consider leaving busy urban areas as these are most likely the areas that will be prone to violence.

America is in trillions of dollars in debt this bubble is gonna collapse and no one understands that.

Books can be your best pre-collapse investment.

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Easy Cellar(Info about building and managing your root cellar, plus printable plans. The book on building and using root cellars – The Complete Root Cellar Book.)

The Lost Ways (Learn the long forgotten secrets that helped our forefathers survive famines,wars,economic crisis and anything else life threw at them)

LOST WAYS 2 ( Wordof the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed longbefore us,because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times offamine and war.)

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