Floods, earthquakes and deadly plagues will finish all humanity and the civilised world as we know it.

The horrifying forecast is being made by some Christian groups who predict the “Rapture” phenomenon will bring about a global Apocalypse before 2020.

Traced back to ancient Biblical texts, believers claim warnings of the impending Armageddon also signal the second coming of Jesus.

They say similar events have been charted in ancient history including the Biblical Flood of 2,348 BC, told in Genesis, and the Three Plagues of Egypt.

Though dismissed by some, others insist such calamitous theories are true and warn the impending catastrophe will destroy the planet.
The phrase, we are at a crossroad was established for this day. The entire world is at multiple crossroads that if you do not heed the call to react, you will be like those that were marrying and given in marriage during the days of Noah.

There are three calamities coming upon us and the powerful of this world are going to lengths unimaginable to keep you in the dark. Additionally, you have become programmed to rebel against any message that disrupts the state of mind you have been formed to manifest.

The first step in waking from this induced slumber is admitting that you just might be programmed, then listen to these truth with an open mind. The truth hides in dark places and is why you must shed light on the truth. If you think your church is going to inform you, think again. Your church has become the apostate church spoken of in Revelations. The lukewarm, nor hot, nor cold and God will spit you out of his mouth. The first of the calamities is the intentional collapse of the United States Dollar.

How will the coming financial reset impact your cash, savings, retirement accounts, stock, bonds, real estate, mortgage, student loans, gold, silver, and other assets? Will the collapse DESTROY WEALTH or TRANSFER IT from the unprepared to the those who have positioned themselves in advance? What facts do we have to go on from past financial resets, and what signals can we glean from current official documents and filings being released?

Think about it. If someone hears that the banks are closed, what would be his or her immediate reaction? There are more people unaware of the current situation fed by their cognitive dissonance, than the aware.

Our society was built upon materialistic belief systems.

Therefore is reasonable to assume that when a bank is closed because of some “glitch” our primary fears surface… rapidly.

To be aware of “why the banks are closed” is important. That information passed along our networks will effectively help the dust settle.

However what are the implications of a new economic paradigm? How can we be sure it will work? How can we lead the way and offer evidence that IT CAN WORK?

Simple answer: We don’t know. It has never been tried before on a Global scale.

But if you continue to read this article I will give you some ideas that work on a LOCAL scale.

Another issue that became a trend in alternative media lately is either the new system is the “Beast” of a new world order, the catalyst for a futuristic cashless society managed by a centralized more benevolent world order or a truly organic society with decentralized government or finances, living as sovereign individuals in oneness.

My answer is: we don’t know. It’s just smoke and screens out there. Remember that the first casualty when war comes is truth. But we can’t just wait and watch. This could have dire consequences, usually something like feeling miserable in the end because things didn’t turn out as expected.

For most of Anonymous actors, we have felt that religion is corrupt, but the evidence within the book of revelation reveals that the writers were very well aware of the coming doom. In fact, the entire book was a mystery until recent events in the political systems of the world and within the cosmos itself that it has revealed itself to be accurate to great detail.

On September 23rd, chapter 12 came to life without any doubt as it spoke of specific constellations and their alignment that has not happened since before the time of Christ. It points to further events coming that will disrupt the planet in the most unimaginable ways, as a large planetary system is headed towards earth .

Scientists have found a mysterious, distant object sitting at the edge of our solar system.

The discovery was made while researchers hunted for Planet X, a hidden world that astronomers think is lying undiscovered in our own solar system. Scientists have long thought and hoped that such a strange world is lying in the dark at the edge of our neighbourhood, but no proof has yet been discovered.

The new object appears to suggest that is the case: it has an orbit that seems to suggest there is a Super-Earth wobbling it from afar.
The object is one of the strangest things that astronomers have ever spotted within our own solar system. But there could be many more of them than we have ever realised, the researchers said.

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  1. John Ashcraft

    March 4 The Moon at Apogee in Capricorn. Matt 12 Sign of Jonas should show up around this time frame in March. Sign of Jonas has two parts. Part 1 is 72 hours or 3 days and 3 nights of darkness. Part 2 is Elul 1 which is 40 days from Day of Atonement. 586 BC was the first one. Yeshua’s baptism was 2. August 21 Solar Eclipse over the USA in 2017 was the third one. In 2018 on the Rabbinic Day of Teruah which was Biblical Day of Elul 1, we had an asteroid pass by in close approximation to the Earth and a Green Comet pass by which signaled Satan being cast out of Heaven to war against mankind on the earth. Dec 9th, 2018 on the New Moon, Venus the bright morning star was birthed in Virgo after being in the womb for 26 days which signals a watch day for January 17. So that leaves one for March New Moon +40 days = Armageddon in Israel.

    What I see for them is not yet, What I behold will not be soon: A star rises from Yaakov, A scepter comes forth from Yisrael; It smashes the brow of Moab, The foundation of all children of Shet. Numbers 24:17

    The Zohar, the basis of Jewish esoteric learning, describes the Star of Jacob in great detail.
    “After forty days, when the pillar rises from earth to heaven in the eyes of the whole world and the Messiah has appeared, a star will rise up on the east, blazing in all colors, and seven other stars will surround that star. And they will wage war on it.” (JA Note: Hint: War of Armageddon)

    “It will be catastrophic but it will not destroy the world. It will pass between the earth and the Sun. Its proximity to the earth will cause massive events; the tides will change, electromagnetic pulses will shut down electrical systems, volcanoes, and earthquakes. It will block out the sun.”

    According to one source, it will PASSOVER the earth at Passover. That could be on the Rabbinic Calendar or the Biblical Calendar. God/Elohim goes by the Biblical Calendar in the Spring from the first sliver of the New Moon in April after March 20/22 Spring Equinox. So this will place the rapture in the month of Biblical Adar/Aviv for 2019 is a leap year beginning on February 29th.

    Nibiru comes from behind the Sun forty days from the date of arrival. If Day of Trumpet New Moon is the arrival date then that places the sighting in the last week of February around the last Sabbath of the month.

    Rapture in March or April. Dream 5-7 years ago had no snow, water coming to the surface and standing still at one inch deep and 2 people running in the field behind the house towards the trailer park in Tijeras, NM. Dreams later revealed Monday 11 AM Mountain Standard time (USA) and Monday 6 PM in Tokyo.


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