Biden Warns “This Is A Time Of War And Global Peril”

President Putin announcing that Russia is ready to fully meet the fertilizer demand of agricultural producers from friendly countries, says he then delivered a fatal blow against Western colonial Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden by signing a decree ordering the transfer of the Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project in Far East Russia to a new domestic operator in response to unfriendly Western sanctions and threats to Russia’s national interests and economic security, the immediate effect of which destroys Western global energy giants’ billions-of-dollars worth of investments and deprives Japan of 10% of its critically needed liquefied natural gas imports.

In the latest blatantly illegal Western colonial move in response to the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine, this report notes, Germany seized control of three liquefied natural gas carriers that belong to Russian energy giant Gazprom—and in quick response, Gazprom announced it will completely shut down natural gas supplies to the European Union that flow through Germany from 11 July to 21 July, with them stating: “Nord Stream AG will temporarily shut down both lines of its gas pipeline system for routine maintenance works inclusive testing of mechanical elements and automation systems for ensuring reliable, safe, and efficient pipeline operations”.

As to if Gazprom will really reopen natural gas supplies to the European Union, this report continues, it bears noticing Belarus Foreign Minister Vladimir Makai warning: “The Iron Curtain is now being erected by Westerners themselves…It is practically already up…The Western countries are doing it carefully, so as not to pinch anything off, but the process is underway”—a warning immediately joined by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov assessing that even though the NATO Founding Act of 1997 that prevents war between Russia and the Western colonial powers from breaking out legally remains in force, “it has effectively been violated by the American-led bloc”—an assessment followed by Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev declaring: “Under certain circumstances, such hostile steps can be perceived as an act of international aggression…And even as a casus belli…In response to them, the state has the right to individual and collective self-defense”.

With articles now appearing like “Rationing Has Already Started In Europe As The Entire Globe Plunges Into A Horrific Economic Nightmare”, this report details, a group of 21 highly-influential German academics, philosophers, journalists, artists and ex-diplomats released their open letter “Ceasefire Now!”, wherein they state: “So far, Ukraine has been able to defend itself, thanks in part to massive economic sanctions and military support from Europe and the United States…But the longer these actions last, the more unclear the goals of the war become…The victory of Ukraine and the return of all the occupied territories are considered unrealistic by military experts, since Russia has a military advantage and is capable of further escalation of hostilities…Western countries should therefore ask themselves exactly what goal they want to achieve and whether (and for how long) the arms supply is still the right solution…The continuation of the war, which would lead to the complete victory of Ukraine over Russia, is the death of thousands of victims of the war in the name of a goal that does not seem realistic”.

In quick response to these esteemed German policymakers, this report notes, it saw Ukrainian Ambassador Andrey Melnik to Germany firing back like a lunatic: “What a bunch of pseudo-intellectual losers…They should go to hell with their defeatist advice”—a “hell”, according to Melnik, that should also make room for senior adviser Harlan Ullman at the Atlantic Council, who has actively advised American Secretaries of State and Defense, NATO strategic commanders (including serving on the Senior Advisory Board of Supreme Allied Commander Europe for thirteen years), and NATO secretaries-general as well as members of Congress and heads of a number of foreign governments in Europe and the Indo-Pacific regions, and in whose just published open letter “What’s Putin’s Next Move?” assesses:

“Putin has size and quantity on his side in the war against Ukraine. No matter how heroic Ukrainian resistance has been, it is not infinite, especially as casualties rise and weapons and logistics stocks are depleted.

Putin no doubt sees, rightly or wrongly, the weaknesses and flaws in the Western alliance that, over time, will not be contained and can be exploited.

In that context, energy and food will be exploited to divide the alliance.

Europe is dependent on Russian gas and oil. And the cost of gasoline in America, assuming it will remain high, is a huge problem for President Biden and his domestic support, exacerbated by swelling inflation that may constrain a longer term consensus to allocate many billions of dollars to support Ukraine.

Putin learned in his engagement in Syria, migration can be a powerful weapon. With an outbreak of massive global starvation and food shortages, the implications for migration are self-evident.

With 5 million displaced Ukrainians and substantial numbers seeking refuge in Poland, Romania and elsewhere, starvation will drive orders of magnitude more people to find safety and sustenance in Europe and the U.S. The West may not be able to handle this.

Putin sees that the U.S. has been forced into planning for a two-front war directed against Russia and China.

Putin fully appreciates the folly of such a strategy. Napoleon and Hitler ultimately were defeated by embarking on two-front wars, invading Russia in 1812 and the USSR in 1941, respectively.

China then is a strategic asset as well as a market for Russian energy to circumvent the sanctions and force the U.S. to dilute its resources in having to cope with two major adversaries half a world away.

Putin also sees the divisions in America over virtually every issue as further constraints on its power and ability to influence events.”

Now joining the assessment made by senior American advisor Ullman, this report continues, is a new poll published this week by the Institute of Politics of the University of Chicago, wherein it grimly reveals: “Almost half of Americans feel like strangers in their own country…The majority of people consider their government as a corrupt institution working against them, with more than a quarter saying it may be necessary to take up arms”—today it sees an avalanche of economic articles appearing like “US Stocks Off To Worst Start In Over 50 years”—in the just published economic article “It’s Been A Vicious 6 Months For Stocks. Here’s What The Grim Markets Are Signaling” sees it warning: “If, in a few months, there are indications that the Fed is succeeding at bringing inflation under control, markets will stabilize…But if it becomes clear the Fed isn’t getting a handle on inflation, all bets are off”—to what the under socialist siege American people are facing sees it being documented in economic articles now appearing like “BREAKING: BIDEN ECONOMY Officially in Recession – Key Fed GDP Tracker Turns Negative”—and to explain why “more than a quarter” of Americans said “it may be necessary to take up arms”, it was best exampled yesterday when top Biden economic advisor Brian Dees demonically told these suffering peoples: “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm”.

Most unfortunately for these suffering Americans, this report notes, is that decades of socialist indoctrination and leftist media propaganda have left them unable to understand how their own government works, specifically their Supreme Court—a lack of basic knowledge explaining why over the past fortnight they’ve been whipped into a frenzy over Supreme Court rulings about religion, guns and abortion—but who failed to understand that the most important and critical Supreme Court ruling is always released on the last day of its yearly session, and is authored by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Also not known to these under socialist siege suffering Americans, this report continues, is that one of the most important years in their nation’s entire history was 1887, which was when Professor Woodrow Wilson of Bryn Mawr College wrote that “the complexities of modern life demand government by expert administrators with large powers and unhampered discretion”—in 1913, it Professor Wilson becoming President of the United States, who threw America into World War I, that sowed the seeds for World War II, but most importantly saw him creating the “administrative state” of unelected socialist bureaucrats “with large powers and unhampered discretion” that have now brought the United States to the very brink of destruction.

In a fatal blow against Socialist Leader Biden and his unelected “administrative state” destroying America, however, this report concludes, yesterday it saw Chief Justice John Roberts issuing his last day of the session 6-3 ruling driving a stake deep into its corrupt socialist heart—a fatal blow documented in articles like “Supreme Court Puts Brakes On EPA In Far-Reaching Decision” and “E.P.A. Ruling Is Milestone in Long Pushback to Regulation of Business”—is a ruling not just affecting the EPA, but every single alphabet government agency that for over a century have been making up tyrannical rules and regulations without the consent of the American people—and is why the just published Wall Street Journal article “The Justices Send A Message To Congress” today proclaims about this historic landmark ruling: “It’s a missile aimed solely at the bureaucratic swamp…And it’s just as much a swipe at that bureaucracy’s enabler: the feckless U.S. Congress”.

Russian International Affairs Council member, and former Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Moscow Center director Dmitri Trenin, Ph.D. declaring that Russia has made a decisive break with the Western colonial powers and is ready to help shape a new world order, says in making this declaration he factually assessed: “For the first time ever, Russia is facing a united West, from North America, the European Union, and Britain, to Japan and Australia…What’s more, there are no allies in the West that Moscow can turn to – even notionally neutral states such as Finland, Sweden, Austria, and Switzerland, have all ditched their neutrality…Russia’s political rupture with the West is thus complete, and any new norm of relations between them can only emerge as a result of the “Hybrid War”, which will take years, if not decades, to fight out”.

In knowing the historic significance of the changing world order ignited by the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine, this report notes, alone among the Western colonial leaders it saw French President Emmanuel Macron permitting a film crew to chronicle events, wherein whose just released documentary Macron explained that talking to President Putin is necessary to prevent the conflict in Ukraine from becoming a wider war, saw him describing “Anglo Saxon” leaders as pushing the message that “we must annihilate Russia to weaken it permanently”, and saw Macron saying that his goal is instead to “help Ukraine to win”, and “not to fight against Russia, let alone annihilate it”—a stance taken by President Macron that necessitates peace negotiations—but is a stance adamantly opposed by Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, whose National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan just proclaimed: “It’s not yet time for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine…We do not want to see Ukraine defeated by Russia and that is why we are continuing to rush aid and assistance”.

To understand everything wrong with the Western colonial powers, this report continues, one need only look at their lavishly funded non-governmental organization International Energy Agency (IEA), that this past week echoed their warning: “Nuclear power capacity needs to double worldwide over the next three decades to reach net-zero carbon emissions targets to ensure energy independence”—a warning ignored by all of the Western colonial powers, but heeded by Russia, that, in 2019, launched the world’s first floating nuclear power plant—a floating nuclear power plant used to power with green energy Arctic oil exploration—and today saw Russian energy giant Rosneft announcing the discovery of a huge oil deposit in the Arctic Pechora Sea containing an estimated 82 million tons of oil.

The Western colonial socialist narrative about Russia’s vast oil wealth, this report details, was crafted for the leftist propaganda media by Harvard economist and top Biden Regime advisor Jason Furman, who said Russia is “basically a big gas station” and is otherwise “incredibly unimportant in the global economy”—-a socialist narrative exposed as an outright lie by the International Energy Agency, that factually reveals: “Although ranked third among oil producing nations, in terms of all oil products, Russia is the world’s largest exporter to global markets”—and to the critical importance of refined oil products Russia sends to the world, sees its vast list including:

Plastics Are Made From Oil

Crude oils are sent to refineries where they become feedstock. The feedstock is used in petrochemical plants and turned into plastic to make essential products used in our everyday lives. More than 6,000 everyday products get their start from oil, including dishwashing liquid, solar panels, food preservatives, eyeglasses, DVDs, children’s toys, tires and heart valves.


Due to insulating and heat resistant properties, plastics and other petroleum-based products are used in electronic components. From your speakers and smartphones to your computers, cameras, and televisions, most electronics have components derived from oil.


Clothing is commonly made from petroleum-based fibers including acrylic, rayon, vegan leather, polyester, nylon and spandex. Even shoes and purses use petrochemicals for their lightweight, durable, and water resistant properties.

Sporting Goods

Many common sports equipment contains some petroleum including basketballs, golf balls and bags, football helmets, surfboards, skis, tennis rackets and fishing rods.

Health & Beauty Products

Many of our personal care products are derived from petroleum including perfume, hair dye, cosmetics (lipstick, makeup, foundation, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner), hand lotion, toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, deodorant, panty hose, combs, shampoo, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

Medical Supplies

Modern health care relies on petroleum products that have few substitutes. Plastics are used in a wide-range of medical devices and petrochemicals are relied on for pharmaceuticals. Products include hospital equipment, IV bags, aspirin, antihistamines, artificial limbs, dentures, hearing aids, heart valves and many more.

Household Products
Our homes are full of products that used petroleum in their production. From construction materials such as roofing and housing insulation to linoleum flooring, furniture, appliances and home decor such as pillows, curtains, rugs, and house paint. Even many everyday kitchen items including dishes, cups, non-stick pans, and dish detergent use oil in their creation.

After decades of socialist indoctrination, this report concludes, the vast majority of Americans have no comprehension that oil used for fuel (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc.) is the smallest part of the products made from this petrochemical, and for energy companies is at the bottom of the profits they make—because the Western colonial powers keep flooding worthless inflationary money into their economies and cut off Russian oil refined products, American energy giants have been forced to keep producing record amounts of refined oil products to make everything modern life needs, thus leaving them with less oil to make fuel with—in spite of these factual realities, however, yesterday Socialist Leader Biden posted the demented message: “My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril….Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the product…And do it now”—in quick response it saw American multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos firing back at Biden: “Ouch…Inflation is far too important a problem for the White House to keep making statements like this…It’s either straight ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics”—a scathing response quickly joined by American energy giants, who, through their Oil & Gas Association trade group, basically called Biden an idiot in their posted message reply to him, that reads: “Working on it Mr. President…In the meantime – have a Happy 4th and please make sure the White House intern who posted this tweet registers for Econ 101 for the fall semester”.

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