Buckle Up ! An Economic Armageddon is Approaching , Experts Predict – Dump the U.S. Dollar before it becomes Worthless and Bank Runs start in America !!

Manager and financial expert Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies is predicting a Brutal Market Meltdown in the coming year. While according to John Williams, the real inflation is already closer to 8% a year thanks to the government and its phony CPI. Gerald Celente from his side is saying that the Greatest Depression is coming in 2021.
Something Big is Happening !

Michael Pento is a money manager extraordinaire .He is an expert in bonds and in Investing, he runs Pento portfolio strategies. he is now predicting a coming brutal market meltdown , with the so-called repo Market and the fed printing some 134 billion and this QE behind the scenes . Pento says the recent Federal Reserve about-face in policy with cutting rates and new QE (money printing) means only one thing. He explains, “So, the Fed changed their mind, The Fed panicked. They not only stopped raising rates, they now cut rates twice, and they are going to cut rates again at the end of this month. They are also fully back in a massive QE.

They have a $130 billion revolving repo facility shoving $130 billion every night, rolling it over, trying to re-liquefy the banking system, and back into QE–$60 billion per month. At the peak, it was $85 billion. So, they are almost back to the peak of QE (during the Great Recession). They did not scale in, and the Fed went to $60 billion right away.” Pento predicts the debt bubble will implode at some point, and it will be felt everywhere on the planet. Pento says, “When this thing implodes, we are all screwed. On a global scale, we have never before created such a magnificent bubble. These central bankers are clueless, and they have proven that beyond a doubt. All they can do is to try to keep the bubble going. I am going to make sure my clients are going to be protected and may have a chance to profit from this chaos because it is coming, and it is going to be brutal , he added .

The Fed is not swapping money for worthless collateral like in 2009. It is providing money “for nothing” to some big banks that are obviously caught in some sort of “borrow-short lend-long scheme.” which gives the Fed the power to give away “our money” for nothing. Trump should be demanding the Fed to only accept “real collateral” in exchange for these REPO loans , rather than being forced to use the RICO laws to claw back some of our money possibly! We have been told that what happened back in 2008-2009 was the Great Recession. In reality, it was a Depression because if it were not for the Federal Reserve along with other Central Banks printing trillions upon trillions of dollars and the US Government implementing its “soup line” programs, we would have seen the same chaos, as we did back in 1929.

The whole thing was a lie to keep the entire Ponzi Scheme from imploding. Since 2008-2009, it has never been a normal economy, not when you have a third of your workforce out of work looking for work. The inflation numbers have also been another giant lie, as well. I tend to agree with John Williams, who says our real unemployment rate is around 24-26%, and our real inflation rate is around 11-14% yearly. Two problems, the good high paying jobs people need don’t exist to enable and maintain growth, and the problems created in 2008-2009 are now ten times worse. When inflation really kicks in as Pento warns (do to the Fed’s massive money printing), the American people will squarely be “behind the eight balls” (unless Trump acts fast and removes the chains from the CPI).

According to the Chapwood Index, real-world inflation in urban America is right now running at 9% to 13% annually! So that 1.6 % COLA we are getting in Jan 2020 is really as high as a negative -11.4 %, just what the Democrats want to help them win in 2020! QE has gone on for so long we are all in danger of supposing nothing will change in our lifestyles. Well, everything will change, and even if we’re treated like fools by those who choose not to see what’s unfolding, we must do what we can for our nearest and dearest when the economic apocalypse arrives. Without the Fed pumping money back into the system, it would seize up. We are for all intents and purposes on financial life support indefinitely until someone pulls the plug.

Who might that be?
President Trump has already given us a clue.

How many times has he blamed the Fed for hampering the recovery of the economy! How many times has he said if he was impeached, the stock market would collapse. This next crisis will be a very sudden and destructive crisis but restoration will come quickly as the “bankruptcy in chief” along with the BIS and IMF through their central banks begin the process of phasing out fiat and phasing in an electronic currency over a 1260 day period as the biometric “mark of the beast” also begins to be phased in to all areas of life . Regardless of the direction, the wind is blowing, and it appears that we are heading for an unmitigated disaster.

Michael intimates that the eventual last straw will be the collapse of the corporate junk bond market, leading to hyperinflation. There are, however, other possibilities. I have my eye on pension funds, too many of which are technically bankrupt. When the first major municipal or state pension fund collapses , most likely Chicago, there will be a huge domino effect. Millions will lose income and the means to survive. What then? Martial Law. Riots. Roving bands of marauders. Implementation of a real-life Purge! Scary future we have. Time for trickle-down economics for the corrupt banks because bailing them out time after time after time does not work. we should not bail out the corrupt banks. We should bailout the people , The TAXPAYERS, and they will spend it and let the money trickle down to the corrupt banks. The economy will improve & the corrupt banks will benefit. The corrupt banks caused this.

Crisis measures work both ways. An apparently smaller level of debt can cause major problems at a time when the economy is at its weakest, for instance in a financial crisis. At the same time, larger levels of debt can be harmless if other conditions, for example leverage levels, or debt to capital, are sustainable. The total federal outstanding US debt has recently jumped to $22.5 trillion, or about 106 percent of GDP . Without the intergovernmental obligations, debt held by the public amounts to $16.7 trillion, or 78 percent of GDP. “A default on US treasury bonds would be catastrophic to the global economy ”. Borrow a trillion dollars a year. Transfer a trillion dollars a year to the billionaires .
Add a trillion dollars to the debt of the grandchildren .
What could go wrong . Further we kick the empty can , the bigger the pain will be . Or the bigger we inflate the balloon the bigger the boom will be when explodes . And the next step is negative interest rates. That way, Trump thinks, others will pay us to borrow their money. This is what happens when you sink all you money on military and police and 23 trillion of that is unaccountable by the military. Last but not least wait and see when a real audit is made on the supposedly 8000 tons of gold !!!

Technically the US Dollar has been in the ICU since Petrodollar back in 1971! it is pretty obvious why there has not been a real and honest audit. It would prove that big lies were told and big crimes committed and the consequences for the prepers and even the public in general would be serious indeed. Debt intentionally grows out of control. They are going to force re-set with a digital currency that the criminal elites have 100% control over. Total world domination is their goal. And they are going to get it if people don’t wake up soon! Private petrodollar reserve currency backed by military force and extortion of spy agencies. Running a country is like organized crime cartel. If you can’t afford to repay your debt pick a fight with the countries you owe money to and all debts are void. The only way for the USA to fix this…is to kill it’s creditors. Will the USA start World War 3 to wipe the slate clean ? War is coming folks .

The problem is corruption and manipulation. It is corruption and cheating that erodes trust and faith until the entire system becomes a gigantic fraud. Banks and governments everywhere ARE the problem and simply have to be removed. They have lost all trust and respect, and all they have left is war and mayhem. As long as we continue to have a majority of braindead asleep imbeciles following orders from these psychopaths, nothing will change.

Fiat currency is not just thievery. Fiat currency is SLAVERY. Ultimately the most harmful effect of using debt of undefined value as money (i.e., fiat currencies) is the de facto legalization of a caste system based on voluntary slavery. The bankers have a charter, or the legal right, to create money out of nothing. You, you don’t. Therefore you and the bankers do not have the same standing before the law. The law of the land says that you will go to jail if you do the same thing (creating money out of thin air) that the banker does in full legality. You and the banker are not equal before the law. ALL the countries of the world; Islamic or secular, Jewish or Arab, democracy or dictatorship; all of them place the bankers ABOVE you. And all of you accept that only whining about fiat money going down in exchange value over time (price inflation which is not the same as monetary inflation). Actually, price inflation itself is mainly due to the greed and stupidity of the bankers who could keep fiat money’s exchange value reasonably stable, only if they wanted to. Witness the crash of silver and gold prices which the bankers of the world; Russian, American, Chinese, Jewish, Indian, Arab, all of them collaborated to engineer through the suppression and stagnation of precious metals’ prices to levels around the metals’ production costs, or what it costs to dig gold and silver out of the ground.

The bankers of the world could also collaborate to keep nominal prices steady (as they do in the case of the suppression of precious metals prices). After all, the ability to create fiat money and force its usage is a far more excellent source of power and wealth than that which is afforded simply by stealing it through inflation. The bankers’ greed and stupidity blind them to this fact.

They want it all, and they want it now. In conclusion, The bankers can create money out of nothing and buy your goods and services with this worthless fiat money, effectively for free. You, you can’t. You, you have to lead miserable existences for the most of you and WORK in order to obtain that effectively nonexistent, worthless credit money (whose purchasing/exchange value is not even DEFINED thus rendering all contracts based on the null and void!) that the banker effortlessly creates out of thin air with a few strokes of the computer keyboard, and which he doesn’t even bother to print on paper anymore, electing to keep it in its pure quantum uncertain form instead, as electrons whizzing about inside computer chips which will become mute and turn silent refusing to tell you how many fiat dollars or euros there are in which account, in the absence of electricity. No electricity, no fiat, nor crypto money. It would appear that trust is deteriorating as it did when Lehman blew up .

Something really big happened that set off this chain reaction in the repo markets. Whatever that something is, we aren’t be informed. They’re trying to cover it up, paper it over with conjured cash injections, play it cool in front of the cameras while sweating profusely under the 5 thousands dollar suits. I’m guessing that the final high-speed plunge into global economic collapse has begun. All we see here is the ripples and whitewater churning the surface, but beneath the surface, there is an enormous beast thrashing desperately in its death throws. Now is probably the time to start tying up loose ends with the long-running prep projects, just saying. In other words, prepare accordingly, and Get your money out of the banks. I don’t care if you don’t believe me about Bitcoin. Get your money out of the banks. Don’t keep any more money in a bank than you need to pay your bills and can afford to lose.

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