Is America on The Brink of a Civil War ?

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President Donald Trump warns that removing him from office would “cause a Civil War-like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” He is quoting Robert Jeffress, a prominent evangelical supporter, who also says that Democrats are trying to remove Trump from office because they know they cannot defeat him in an election. But this effort, Jeffress predicts and Trump affirms, will fail.

Trump’s tweetstorm fell on one truth: Impeachment is highly unlikely to lead to his departure from the White House. The reason he is right about that is, however, the reason Jeffress and he are wrong about everything else.

Two-thirds of senators would have to vote to convict Trump in an impeachment trial to end his presidency. That high bar explains why no president has been removed from office that way, and only one has resigned rather than face impeachment and a Senate trial. All the Senate’s Democrats and independents, and 20 of its Republicans, would have to vote against Trump for this to be the first such presidential ouster.

Certainly America is getting closer to a point of no return that will mean her collapse. The cultural, economical, and political factors make it so that division between the States is larger today then any other time in history, short of years just prior to 1861.

If we continue politics of race, and division, this will explode. Since politics of race and division garner a lot of votes, I don’t see it likely to change anytime soon. Perhaps the term ‘civil war’ is inexact, but at the least, there is civil unrest in our country’s future. The main indicator of what is to come, is the acknowledgement of what has already occurred in the past few years.

Today, america looks nothing like it did fifteen years ago. Welcome to The Atlantis Report . Civil War probably not in the foreseeable future. The cultural dichotomy during the American Civil war was between North and South. This time around the dichotomy is between mostly rural and Southern whites and everyone else. There is definitely civil unrest brewing. People are mad as hell for a number of reasons. One of the things that is happening is the Republican Party, in its never ending quest to rule from a minority position, has poisoned the well with guns and bullshit rhetoric. Running a country on fear, fear of terrorists, fear of immigrants, fear of Latinos, fear of gays wrecking marriage, fear for religion, fear of the war on religion, fear of Obama invading Texas, and fear of your own shadow is only going to work for so long and now it is blowing up in the faces of politicians.

But the real danger in terms of internal dissolution, aka civil war , is if the middle class start waking up to the fact they’re living in an open air concentration camp, 1.7 billion private emails, from US citizen to US citizen are intercepted by the government, each day, which is in effect Wall Street elites. Trump ,Obama, Clinton and Bush are puppets bribed by ego and self enrichment. Our wars in which our children are slaughtered fighting in foreign fields are nothing to do with the protection of US citizens and all to do with bolstering petro dollar proxies and vile tyrannies such as Saudi Arabia, our jobs and ‘careers’ are nothing more than enslavement and lab rat wheels of zero hour contracts all to pay mortgages to elite controlled bankers whose corrupt roots, such as JP Morgan run deeper than an Alabama coal mine. Our media broadcasters spew a daily diet of propaganda to create fear and loathing which in turn divides us as a people and creates irrelevant distraction.

The same elites control our diet, again a rancid concoction of processed industrial sludge engendering crises of diabetes, obesity, arteriosclerosis and, increasingly, a reversal in our life expectancy for the first time since World War 2. Big Pharma, controlled by Wall Street elites creates imaginary condition labels for the mental and emotional distress via control of all psychiatric research and corrupted research results to tilt you towards ingestion of their addictive prescription medicines to cure the very ills engendered in human beings by 9–5 industrial labour, fear, ill health, consumerism, the void of materialism ( The Kardashians ) and delusion.

The United States continues to suffer a fair degree of social division and political partisanship. Further, U.S. political dysfunction — specifically with regard to fiscal policy — will limit the central government’s ability to ‘buy off’ disaffected groups and otherwise respond strategically to unrest. That said, it is very interesting to examine the question in the context of Russian intervention in the 2016 election and Russian fingerprints on support for a range of separatists groups. In general, foreign war — and particularly foreign attacks — tend to limit the possibility and scope of civil discord. It remains to be seen whether we take the Russians at their word in interpreting their ‘active measures’ as a form of war by other means.

Trump’s incessant lying and Clinton’s unsavory connections with elite power structures around the world? When did you hear an interviewer ask of trump, ‘You claim to know more about ISIS than the generals. Tell us, Mr. Trump, what do you know and how did you come by this information’? Or , ’All presidential candidates in the past seventy years have released their income tax records; why won’t you? . Or Clinton, ‘If there is nothing that you want to keep hidden from the public, why don’t you release the transcripts of your Wall Street speeches? Wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier’? They will not force these issues because their objective is no to get the truth out, it is to entertain the viewers and readers.

Thinking has been transformed from an active to a passive endeavor. So, having created a generation of non-critical viewers who accept as given, there was created by default, a dynamic schism between them and the rest of the population, the people who question what they are told, who search for real answers, who require substantiation, and who, by doing this, become aware of the stunning disconnect between what the media and the politicians tell us, and what we can see as the truth. Now there exists a fundamentally oppositional population in this country. There are those who believe that we are the greatest country on earth in which everything we do is the right thing and the right way, all of our goals are worthy, and any who disagree can, well, love it or leave it.

There are the others who see the problems and want to help correct the errors in our ways. They say, open your eyes and minds and think for yourself. The problem is that the two groups cannot communicate. And, they cannot peacefully coexist indefinitely. If we are to survive as a nation, one of the first and most important things for people to do is boycott all of the mass media. Just stop supporting the lies and fabrications! We are fortunate that there already exists an active and vibrant alternative media in the U.S., much of which is free to access. It is not difficult to find and use. Everyone must do so and do it now. Stop supporting those who want to imprison our minds (and largely succeed.) Take the blue pill folks; the red one kills.

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