Can China and Russia be Strategic Partners? Putin: Role Of Dollar Should Be Revisited In Global Trade! ( TOTAL CHAOS!! HYPERINFLATION ON THE HORIZON.. TIME TO PREPARE IS NOW! )

China and Russia vow to further strengthen their ties, as both countries are engaged in standoffs with the U.S.

China and Russia’s leaders say their countries are closer than they’ve ever been, and that’s partly due to what they see as a common threat.
Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin’s meeting in St. Petersburg was a display of the strength of their relationship, and also a show of solidarity against the United States.
Russia has been economically isolated for years due to Western sanctions over its invasion of Crimea in 2014.
Meanwhile China is in the grip of a trade war with the U.S. that’s seen tariffs imposed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods.

Putin, speaking in front of political and business leaders at the annual Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, accused Washington of seeking to “extend its jurisdiction to the whole world”.

Denouncing the “rhetoric of trade wars and sanctions”, Putin called for rethinking the role of the US dollar in global trade and slammed US pressure on both countries.

He pointed to US efforts to block the building of Nord Stream 2, a major new natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany that would bypass Ukraine, and Washington’s pressure on Chinese tech giant Huawei.

“They are attempting not just to squeeze but to unceremoniously push (Huawei) out of the global market,” Putin said.

Xi said steps needed to be taken to “overcome inequalities” in the global economic system.

Pointing to Russia as a key partner, he said China was looking to build “beneficial cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual respect” with friendly countries.

“China is ready to share technological inventions with all partners, in particular 5G technology,” Xi said.

Changes in the global economy “call for the adaptation of international financial organisations (and) rethinking the role of the dollar which… has turned into an instrument of pressure by the country of issue on the rest of the world,” Putin said.

The Kremlin chief, whose country has chafed under numerous rounds of US sanctions, has repeatedly slammed the global financial system established by Washington in the aftermath of World War II.

In a speech at a plenary session of the St Petersburg economic forum, Putin accused Washington of seeking to “extend its jurisdiction to the whole world.”
But is this a strategic partnership or a marriage of convenience?
And can Moscow and Beijing build a united front against Washington?


How to Prepare for Inflation

As inflation begins to creep upwards, now is the time to put on your inflation-fighting hat and get ahead of it.

How can hyperinflation affect your family?

Food could be so expensive that you cant buy it or have to sacrifice other things to afford it (it will be too late to build up food storage).

Everything could become expensive, especially the price of anything made outside the U.S.

More businesses could fail. Surviving stores would likely sell fewer items, a smaller selection, and only the cheapest quality.

Riots could occur over food prices, energy shortages and unemployment.

Interest rates could skyrocket.

Cash savings could lose all of its value.

What do you need to do now to prepare?

First and foremost, obtain a three-month supply of food you eat regularly. Whenever a disaster hits you go through added stress and shock. The last thing you want to do is eat what you wouldnt normally eat because it shocks your body.

Store two weeks of drinking water for each family member. A 55-gallon barrel of water is about the minimum for 2 people.

Have emergency money. Have some of your savings in the form of precious metals and tangible assets, not entirely in U.S. dollars.

Store one year’s worth of long-term food (i.e. grains, legumes).

Be self-reliant in every way possible and be prepared to live simply.

Grow your own garden.

Get out of debt, especially consumer debt, as soon as possible.

Be ready to barter using canned food and other necessities as currency.

Rely on what you already have stored and what we can grow.

Be prepared to stay at home and protect yourself.

Hyperinflation is a super fast rise in the price of everything. One of the main causes is government spending, heavily funded by printing money and borrowing, which essentially causes the currency to collapse. Hyperinflation is also caused by a dramatic decrease in international demand for that currency, such as from Chinas announcement that by the end of this year, it will no longer trade internationally using the U.S. dollar.

Homesteading is the only (legal) way I know of to become almost completely self-reliant from the food corporations, the utilities companies, the Government and Big Pharma… by harvesting hundreds upon hundreds of dolars of organic food year-round, and collecting thousands of gallons of crystal-clear drinking water for free…

To take back your health by growing your own groceries, and making your own food out of basic ingredients, such as cheese, bread and even chocolate to name a few…

Then you could stockpile the excess produce for dark days… (The shelf life of ingredients is longer than that of the resulting foods, anyway…) So while other preppers pay thousands for overpriced, highly-processed “emergency food”, you’ll build your survival stockpile for free…

It’ll be like having your own personal supermarket just a few feet away from you… Though not the kind that sells processed meat full of hormones and steroids, veggies full of pesticides that have absolutely no taste at all, not to mention and all the other junk full of preservatives…

Books can be your best pre-collapse investment.

Carnivore’s Bible (is a wellknown meat processor providing custom meat processing services locally andacross the state of Montana and more. Whether your needs are for domestic meator wild game meat processing)

The Lost Book of Remedies PDF ( contains a series of medicinal andherbal recipes to make home made remedies from medicinal plants and herbs.Chromic diseases and maladies can be overcome  by taking the remediesoutlined in this book. The writer claims that his grandfather was taughtherbalism and healing whilst in active service during world war twoand that he has treated many soldiers with his home made cures. )

Easy Cellar(Info about building and managing your root cellar, plus printable plans. The book on building and using root cellars – The Complete Root Cellar Book.)

The Lost Ways (Learn the long forgotten secrets that helped our forefathers survive famines,wars,economic crisis and anything else life threw at them)

LOST WAYS 2 ( Wordof the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed longbefore us,because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times offamine and war.)

Survival MD (Best Post Collapse First Aid Survival Guide Ever)

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