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Avoid the Bite: Tips for Unarmed Self-Defense from Zombies

Avoid the Bite: Tips for Unarmed Self-Defense from Zombies Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably considered how potentially dangerous a run-in with a zombie or, worse, a horde of zombies… Read more »

Watch: This Is What Happens When the Good Guy Has a Gun

As anti-gun lawmakers the country over work towards achieving a Utopic society without the Second Amendment, the fact is that those who would do harm to innocent people will not… Read more »

In Massive Social Collapse, Your Only Rights Are Those You Can Defend

In a massive social collapse, law and order break down and man’s true nature will be revealed. During this time of chaos, an individual will have rights only as long… Read more »

‘Doomsday Prepper’ Arrested on Gun Charges in Washington State

Tyler Smith seemed to want to stand out among his fellow “Doomsday Preppers” – at least, that was the impression the Buckley, Wash., man gave in his Nov. 12, 2013,… Read more »

Doomsday Preparation Offers Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times

Many people have become invested in the survivalist lifestyle as of late, and who could blame them? Every day you hear about another terrifying development in the world at large,… Read more »

Shoot First or Call 9-1-1: What Would You Do If Someone Kicked In Your Door?

In the wee hours of the morning on September 13th, Air Force Sgt. Matt Pinkerton and his wife were entertaining guests at their home when an acquaintance of Mrs. Pinkerton’s… Read more »