CHINA Explosion: Neferious Activity of the Elite, or just Coincidence?

CHINA Explosion

CHINA Explosion: Neferious Activity of the Elite, or just Coincidence?

There was a huge explosion in China. What do you guys think? Is this part of the systematic take down of the Chinese economy to bend to the will of the global elite? Or is it just coincidence?

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Explosion recorded by residents in Tianjin, China

Residents in the coast north Chinese city of Tianjin reported an explosion at the dock at the Tianjin Binhai New Development Zone around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday local time. The cause is not known.

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Update: China’s Apocalyptic Blast

50 dead over 700 Injured as a blast that could have been a small Nuke explodes in China

Apocalyptic scenes in China after massive Tianjin blasts

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