Economic Collapse Preparation Should Begin Now

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Economic Collapse Preparation

These days, you just have to be mildly paying attention to what’s going on around you to know that economic collapse is a very real threat. All you need do is watch the evening news to get more reminders that our country’s economy is still failing, despite what all the politicians want you to believe.

No matter what side of the aisle your align yourself with, you have to admit that you’re pretty disappointed by the lack of leadership in our nation’s capital.

All our politicians seem to want to do these days is argue amongst themselves. While it can be pretty entertaining sometimes, lately it’s just getting discouraging, because while they’re trying to make sure they get re-elected or cover their butts regarding the latest scandal, our country slips a little further down the tubes.

Our sputtering economy is just not gaining traction, and the policies the current administration has in place seem to only further deepen the trench we’ve dug for ourselves.


It’s downright discouraging, especially if you’ve been caught up in a “downsizing” effort at your place of employment.

If you’re under the impression that a collapsing economy and the chaos that follows it is something that only happens on the evening news, in countries far, far away, you should really think again.

The chances of this sort of thing happening in our own back yard are very real. One things leads to another and things can fall apart very quickly once all the negative factors are in place.

Depending on who you talk to, a lot of this has already happened, and the signs that things will continue to worsen are all there.

So what’s a person to do?

Ignoring these things won’t help, and depending on politicians to pull us out of the hole we’re in can be a dangerous strategy indeed.

I don’t  want you to lose hope, though, because things are not exactly hopeless.

But I do want you to be aware of all your options so you can make plans to protect yourself and your family.

So let’s start by examining what could happen should an economic collapse occur.

The first thing we would  see is a serious shortage of money, and like we’ve seen in other countries, people will panic when this occurs. Banks have been known to freeze or limit withdrawals and this would send communities into a frenzy.

Think about it. What if you all of a sudden could not get at your life savings so you could buy food and medicine necessary for your family’s survival? Just because it hasn’t happened here, doesn’t mean it never could.

If people begin to panic and become uneasy, things could get ugly very quickly.

Unemployment, which is already running very high and has been for years now, would all of a sudden skyrocket, and even those who have had secure jobs for years could find themselves out of work and not able to find anything to feed their families.

With a large portion of Europe already experiencing major signs of their economies struggling and on the verge of collapse, and some of our leaders instituting policies that mimic those of Europe, lots of people are beginning to sound the warning bell.

So what can you do to prepare yourself and your family in the event these disasters are experienced in our own country?

Well, you’re doing the right thing at this very moment.

Reading about what might happen and learning as much as you can about the warning signs will keep you alert to what’s going on around you.

And learning what it takes to prepare yourself for any kind of disaster is one of the best steps you can take to protect your family.



It doesn’t have to be an economic collapse that triggers mass hysteria, even though based on what’s been going on in the news lately, that almost seems likely at this point.

It could be a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado, or an attack on our power grid, that might spur crazy behavior from people who are already on the edge. So let’s make sure we all take the necessary precautions.

Some things you can gather just in case a crisis strikes can be seen in the following list

  • Gather all important documents together so you can grab them quickly should you need to move your family in a hurry. The documents include life insurance policies, insurance cards, proof of immunizations, etc.
  • Set aside a month’s worth of food, enough to feed all family members for 30 days. This might seem a little extreme, but if you can’t get to a grocery store or don’t have access to money so you can buy food, this will allow you to get through some rough times until order is restored.
  • Water – Don’t forget to store as much water as you can. This could come in particularly handy if you have a well but there’s no electricity to run the pump. If possible, water should be stored in glass containers because the plastic could possible crack after a period of time.
  • Water Filter – There are all sorts of water filters in all price ranges – these will come in handy if you run out of stored water. You can also purchase water purifying tablets that will help  kill deadly organisms in drinking water.
  • Weapons – It’s sad to say, but there may come a time when you’ll have to defend yourself  or your family, and you should be prepared to do so. If you own firearms, make sure you have a sufficient supply of ammunition. Knives and survival axes can also come in handy for chopping wood and making shelters.


This items listed above represent a partial list of things you would need in the  event of a disaster or crisis.

People who are prepared for every eventuality enjoy a peace of mind that others do not. They know they can protect their family from whatever comes their way because they have planned and prepared for it.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, I’m confident that my friend Frank Mitchell has something just for you. His Family Survival System is a top notch course that will help you protect your family through any crisis.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that scenarios like we described above cannot happen in your own country.

And don’t place your trust in phony politicians and others who are in charge to do the right thing when a disaster strikes.

In fact, don’t trust anyone but yourself to prepare for disaster. You know what’s best for you and your family, so take control and learn all you can about prepping and survival.


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