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imagesEnergy is a necessity of life. Most of us desire and need energy for day-to-day living to wash, clean, and even to see clearly in our homes after sunset.

In this age of advance technology, we believe we need energy to power appliances, and devices such as computers, recording devices, and radios.

We purchase the energy we need from power companies, but some homeowners turn to home-made energy. But what exactly is home-made energy?

There are very few people who say no to energy. There are no massive campaigns to opt for candles or flashlights. No news flashes to wash clothes with stones or washboards. We love energy and we are not looking to stop using it. But energy is found to be an expensive commodity and we are interested in cost savings.

Over the years, the cost of energy has risen and continues to rise. The cost to heat and cool homes can be back breaking. Instead, homeowners are looking to use energy more efficiently and to save on energy costs.

But with home-made energy, it is possible to reduce energy costs, some say as much as 100%. Home-made energy eliminates the reliance on power companies to source electricity to the home and allows for the more cost efficient usage of natural energy in its place. This alternative energy source is solar power.


Solar panels are the most popular home-made energy product. These green products can be purchased or the homeowner can construct for their own usage following DIY instructions or with kits. Most require very little technical ability.

Tools and supplies are inexpensive and can commonly be found in local home improvement stores. Everything needed should be obtain for less than $200. However, purchasing a complete solar panel system at a retailer can get very expensive, as much as thousands.

Solar panels can be installed or purchased for any size home and can be used to power a variety of devices in the home. Panels can be used to heat and cool homes, heat swimming pools, power gates, for water heater tanks, and more.

For home-made energy, a solar battery will be needed. Usually a standard sized rechargeable solar batter is enough to meet the needs of most homes. Opt for a 12 volt lead or acid, deep cell battery.

These are usually best for the purpose of home-made energy and can withstand frequent use. Just as in the case of the solar panels, the solar battery can also be built by homeowners. Due to the necessity of it being encased in a box, it is a safe device to have in the home with children or pets.

A DC volt meter will be needed to monitor the voltage. You will also need a DC input module in order to convert the energy from the batter to power in the form of usable electricity. You can use this to power any device that requires DC power. If you want to power appliances that use AC electricity, you will need to purchase an inverter as well.

To construct a solar battery, homeowners can find DIY instructions online to guide them through the process. Extensive technical ability is not easy and the project is inexpensive and easy to complete. Using these devices will give homeowners a leg up on home-made energy and a pathway to increased energy savings.


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