How not to look like an easy target

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Let’s play a little game.

The next time your out at a sporting event, a restaurant, the mall or another place where there are large groups of people, look around at the other people in your surroundings. Be covert but observant. Pretend you are a criminal and see which people you would select to victimize. Pay very close attention to their motions, body language, eyes, even how they dress. Do not interact, just watch. Try to figure out what makes them look like an easy target. If you have trouble with that, reverse it. Look at who you would avoid as a victim. Figure out why you would choose not victimize them.

If our society ever faces a collapse or a time where we are without the rule of law (WROL), the law enforcement agency that help keep the criminals at bay, won’t be the safety net we’ve come to enjoy. Good posturing and attitude may make a huge difference in the life and safety of you and your family.

I once read a study where some criminal analysis’s went to a prison with some recent surveillance footage from a mall. They played the tapes to a varying group of convicts and had them select which individual they would choose to become their victim if they were there in that scenario. Each and every time the convict selected the individual that had no awareness of their surrounds, was not paying attention, or that looked timid.

Once you have determined why you would select that individual as a victim, you need to take a closer look at yourself and determine if you are doing any of those actions yourself. Make sure you don’t look like the person you feel would be a victim.

To avoid the appearance of weakness:

  • Practice good situational awareness

  • Carry yourself with confidence

  • Keep your head up

  • Stay in shape

  • Keep your hands out of your pockets

  • Don’t act afraid

  • Don’t look like an easy target

  • Posture yourself with confidence

These are just a few things that may make criminals and in a SHTF situation “bad guys” move on to easier prey. During the experiment you will discover even more things that make people look like an easy target to criminals, and you’ll be able to adjust you attitude and actions to deter them.

Role playing and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can really give you some insight on remaining safe in secure, both in a emergency and everyday life. Think of all the other ways you can apply the “think like a con” mentality to solve your safety and security issues.





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