Iran Warns : We will DESTROY Saudi Arabia in case of War !!

The United State has antagonized so many countries simultaneously The US acts as a catalyst to the improvement of the relations between Iran , Russia and China . The Sanctions imposed on Russia , the antagonism towards China with the trade war , and of course the ongoing hostilities towards Iran , all of these are bringing these countries together , Professor Mohammad Marandi at the University of Tehran told the Russian Channel RT America yesterday .

The strengthening of the Iranian Russian ties which exist as a result of the war in Syria and the US sanctions against both countries and a host of other reasons , they have been constantly growing throughout the last few years . And just recently the Russian security chief called Iran a Russian ally , Professor Marandi added . A couple of days ago the Iranian president said that the peace with Iran is the mother of all peace but war with Iran is the mother of all wars .

Professor Marandi continues explaining that the Iranians have been preparing themselves for a possible American attack since the Illegal Iraq invasion in 2003 , and the Iranians have been developing underground insulation from the Iraqi border to the straight of Hormuz , all the way to the border with Pakistan . Iran military defense capabilities have been developed as we saw with the downing of the most expensive US drone which cost most than an F35 . So Iran has fully prepared itself for an attack by the United States . And Unlike 20 or 30 years ago , today Iran is no longer isolated , the United States would be very vulnerable across the west Asian region , from the red sea to the Mediterranean to the Hindu Kush .

The american forces and their allies the Saudis and the Emiraties would be in deep trouble .Oil and Gas installations in the Persian gulf would be destroyed , tankers would be destroyed , the global economy would collapse . I do not think the Emirates would last for more than few days says Professor Mohammad Marandi , and the Saudis would probably fall soon after that . The Iraqis and the Yemenis will be rushing into Saudi Arabia , I do not think the Americans could control the situation let alone the millions of people that would be fleeing towards Europe as a result of war.

That would be a catastrophic situation that the Americans cannot control , and they would lose as much as anyone else . And therefore the belief in Teheran is that there are enough sane people in the United States to recognize that . Saudia Arabia is a family dictatorship that has been supporting extremist groups , Wahabism is the ideology of Al-Qaeda and ISIS and Taliban , and they have a deep antagonism towards Iran . no shooting is required to stop the oil trade route to and from the Persian Gulf. An official declaration of Iran’s 12-mile zone in the Strait of Hormuz as closed for any foreign naval movements as the consequence of an attack on Iranian soil does nicely. Once closed everything goes its own way with devastating consequences for the world economy in general and the US economy in particular. Still nobody got killed and yet some 8 billion people start to suffer dearly. Then and not already before, the real killing begins and it won’t stop at our doorstep.

The US has many boots on the ground and on the sea within effective range of Iran’s missiles. If Iran is attacked, there would be major casualties in all the US bases including Qatar, Syria, Iraq , Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates . Many naval ships would sustain damage or be sunk. Iran would have its own message for the warmongers in Washington. Actions speak so much louder than words. Kushner, Pompeo & Bolton seem to be the ones running the show. And they want war and false flags everywhere. More to come. We may not recognize the next False flag as a False flag, except as to who it benefits!

Iran has been preparing for a possible attack since the US 2003 invasion on Iraq, Professor Mohammad Marandi at the University of Tehran tells News With Rick Sanchez. A hot war would be “catastrophic,” destroying not just the oil industry and global shipping but Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Iran hopes there are “enough sane people in the US to avoid that,” Marandi says. 

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