Millions will die on 2017 because of a Worldwide earthquake predicted in the Bible. . An electrical discharge by Nibiru will run through the planets and discharge into the Sun.

Believers of the conspiracy claimed they were right earlier this year after NASA announced there was a new planet, nine times the size of Earth, lurking at the edge of our solar system.

NASA paper suggests that Planet Nibiru does exist and it could have deadly consequences for the planet. A NASA paper which was originally published in 1988 is said to reveal that there is a mysterious unnamed planet beyond the tiny ice planet of Pluto. It is believed by many that the Planet X referred to by NASA could be the fabled Planet Nibiru which many thinks could be the initiator of a major, imminent apocalyptic event for the people of Earth.

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The study in question concerned observations on gravitational influences on a group of celestial objects which were referred to as “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” (ETNOs). Planet X or Plant Nibiru was said to be much larger than Earth and has a considerably longer orbital period. Best estimates by NASA suggested that the orbital period of the planet spanned a remarkable three thousand six hundred years. This previously concealed study has suggested to many people that NASA and the United States government have been aware of the presence of Planet Nibiru for many years and that they are also away from the catastrophic effects its gravitational power could have for life on planet Earth.

The secret NASA files apparently reveal that Planet Nibiru has disrupted the orbits of other planets in its orbital period and that it is imminently about to enter a disruptive passage into the inner solar system.

Major unheard of changes are currently appearing on the surface and atmosphere of the sun and all the planets. Astronomer Mike Lockwood from California’s Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories found that since 1901 the sun’s overall magnetic field has increased by 230%. Solar flares and storms have also increased. The earth’s moon now has a 6000 kilometer-deep atmosphere of Natrium that it never had before. Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, now has grown polar ice. Venus’ brightness has skyrocketed by 2500% and experienced major changes in its atmosphere in the last four decades. Meanwhile, further away from the sun than the earth, Mars has melted polar icecaps and its magnitude of storms has strengthened exponentially.

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Effects from a diminishing magnetic field would double the amount of radiation causing an epidemic of skin cancer deaths, speed up climate change and magnify extreme weather. Solar winds would eliminate ions that allow the earth to retain water and air. All these horrific changes are happening right now. What next to no scientist who wants to stay alive is revealing is that this torrid rate of ecological degradation and life killing earth surface change are more than likely caused by Planet X racing ever-closer toward us.

He said the evidence to support the apocalypse is “overwhelming” pointing to what he said were “40 volcanoes erupting at the same time” and “earthquakes dramatically increasing”.

He claimed: “The Elite are frantically building underground “safety” bunkers.

The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans

Want to know what our elite people are up to? Well, check this out. See just how many are rushing to get their bunkers built? What do they know that we don’t? Never before has there been such a panic to construct these facilities. If you dig deep enough, you will find out more facts or you can just dismiss all these facts and carry on with your normal existence until the SHTF.

The rich do not waste money on shelters because of rumours; they use their money wisely and that is why they are rich, so my advice is to watch what they do and heed the warning and the evidence.


“The time to get out of California is now,” says former USGS climatologist and Nibiru whistle-blower Dr. Ethan Trowbridge.

A swarm of more than 250 potentially deadly earthquakes has struck since New Year’s Eve along the California-Mexico border, alarming local residents. The USGS was quick to write off the incident, citing ‘typical and normal seismic instability along areas crossing the San Andreas Fault’ as reason for the tremors that almost sent some residents running for the hills.

However, Dr. Trowbridge and a handful of other Nibiru researches attribute the sudden increase in earthquakes to Nibiru’s proximity to Earth. According to Dr. Trowbridge, the USGS has cooperated with the government in concealing the impending Nibiru apocalypse. Camouflaging the genuine cause of the earthquakes, Dr. Trowbridge says, is the most recent example of the government’s treachery against citizens of the world.

“Earthquakes like these don’t happen for no reason,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Sure, California is prone to naturally occurring quakes, but these quakes are not natural. Nibiru is currently perpendicular to Earth, swinging around the back side of the sun, and is in a heightened state of agitation. No place on Earth is safe, but coastal areas are particularly susceptible to Nibiru’s influence. Especially California.”

Dr. Trowbridge fears that Californians may underestimate the severity of the recent earthquakes, the strongest of which barely tripped the Richter scale at magnitude 3.9. Scientific data demonstrates that large numbers of low magnitude tremors are often a harbinger for catastrophic mega-quakes; without accounting for Nibiru, many scientists believe California is long overdue for a super-quake that will shake the state to its very foundations.

And Nibiru will make things worse.

Dr. Trowbridge urges Californians to watch Roland Emmerich’s movie 2012, in which California is devastated by a massive, life-ending quake.

“That movie was scientifically accurate! These people are blind to what’s going on around them,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Can’t they see what’s happening? Nibiru’s distance to Earth and degree of angular deflection is causing dramatic heating of the Earth’s crust.”

He insists California is in grave danger, that the frequency and severity of Earthquakes will increase tenfold when Nibiru reaches perihelion some time later this year.

Asked whether he had any helpful tips for Californians, Dr. Trowbridge said, “Get out now, while there’s still time. Failing that, stock up on staples like canned tuna and Coca-Cola, this has a long shelf life. It’s only a matter of time before California beaks off and falls into the Pacific Ocean.”

How to prepare for Planet X

A lot of people are asking “How to survive Planet X collision?” and mostly freaking out about the upcoming predictions maybe being true and the people in charge hiding it from us.  If the poles shift, surviving the pole shift may be VERY difficult, however, some suggest it is doable! Being a survivalist myself, I would like to think that is possible.
The reasons the poles shift is due to the “orbital halt” theory, which suggests that the gravitational influence and pull from Planet X will be so great it will cause the orbit to halt and poles to shift. Truly it would not be an orbital halt but for a split brief moment of Universal history…however, I like to think of it more like a “rotation halt” myself.
Some of the historical end times disasters (such as the ice age, possibly the great flood, the dinosaurs etc), may actually be a result of a Planet X type object causing polar shifts and harsh conditions beyond unprepared survival.  If indeed Planet X has come close to Earth before, as many objects in space do maintain a reliable orbit, then it is reasonable to assume at an earlier time, Planet X may have been astronomically visible to even amateurs of a much less sophisticated civilization.
Perhaps Hipparchus for example, could have seen something like Planet X and not even realized it possible for a collision. After all, most civilizations believed the world to be flat, not spherical in nature; so although they may be able to observe moving objects in the sky and possibly even be able to physically see Nibiru, it is possible they could not identify a threat at all.  We have much stronger capabilities in today’s modern space age, and can absolutely identify threats.

Survival Tips

Disposing of human waste and trash correctly is imperative to avoid any scavenger carrion and disease.  You do not want to attract snakes, roaches, or rats to your campsite or settlement. Digging holes at least 60 meters out from your campsite is a wise decision in order to dispose of human waste.  Trash should be burned.
You may want to use the decomposing human waste as a fertilizer for your garden soils, as seen in the Hollywood blockbuster The Martian, where Matt Damon’s character uses astronaut waste to grow a garden of potatoes on Mars.
Learn more than one method for purifying water. Water is the number one most important survival necessity and contaminated drinking water will cause death in the Planet X apocalypse.
Unfortunately, it is important to mention that dead bodies decompose and decay.  This brings disease.  Since it may be very difficult to bury most of the dead, cremation may become an essential part of your survival.  If you are going to build a settle or repair a home, deceased must be appropriately taken care of, or the disease will become a terrible problem.

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  1. Jim

    First, begin utilizing FACTS, before you post ‘ominous’ stories.
    NASA hasnt confirmed diddly squat as to ‘millions dying in 2017″ because of Nibiru. AND no where in the Bible does it state a catstrophe due to a planet.
    Furthermore, the Sun can and will have a more direct effect causing a pole shift, IF one should happen.
    Can you even name the man who did discover Planet X?
    How about the year? Or when he died and why?
    And IF Nibiru is out there, based on the relevant data available, it is still nearly a thousand years away from affecting earth directly.
    Additionally, Wormwood is the name given to an object in the Bible which will affect earth and in no way is the year 2017 able to be determined.
    Unless of course stretching things is something you find fun to do.
    And furthermore, before you go off spouting the Bible, try reading it.
    The natural disasters occuring were spoken of so there is more to the story then you a relating. And quite frankly the ignorants out there using the Bible to support hysterical stories are quite annoying.
    There isn’t going to ANY IMPACT from a planet or asteroid.
    What can and will happen you didn’t even come close to touching.
    So start reading, will you.
    Begin with Genesis. It’s chock full of info.


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