North Korea Could Kill 90 Percent of Americans Within A Year Without Power: ex-CIA chief Woolsey ( North Korea Promises to Kill More Americans Than 9/11)


The United States is stepping up its response to North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile threats,… passing new legislation targeting the regime.
This comes as a former head of the CIA has made some extraordinary claims,… saying the North could kill nine out of ten Americans if it wanted to… and it might be time for Washington to consider pre-emptive strikes.
Kim Hyo-sun has this story. The United States should be prepared to launch preemptive strikes on Pyongyang, including the use of nuclear weapons if necessary.
This is what former CIA chief James Woolsey said in an op-ed piece in the Hill newspaper,… accusing the U.S. media of underestimating the threats posed by the regime.
Woolsey, who was director of the CIA during the Clinton Administration,… warned that if the North uses a warhead-triggered electromagnetic pulse,… it could kill 90 percent of Americans.
Listing the diverse scenarios of North Korea delivering nuclear weapons,… Woolsey claimed it could attack the U.S. with a missile, a bomb-laden freighter or even a suicide terror mission.
Reflecting the seriousness of North Korean threats,… the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday passed legislation and a resolution on dealing with the regime.
The new legislation includes calls for harsher sanctions on North Korea and re-listing the regime as a state sponsor of terror.
A spokesperson for North Korea’s foreign ministry said the U.S. should be blamed if a war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula.
The ministry said North Korea had its eyes on Washington as it conducted its joint military drills with Seoul,… while pressing ahead with its anti-North Korean policies.
Amid the heightened nuclear threat,… up to 100 people have been spotted at the North’s nuclear test site,… with the leading North Korea-monitoring website 38 North saying the regime could conduct its sixth nuclear test at any time.


An EMP, which is a high energy burst of electromagnetic energy, could be released by a nuclear weapon detonated high in the atmosphere, and might completely knock out or fry any unprotected electrical system, as well as crucial automatic control systems, Maloof explained. In the event of a long term grid shutdown, there would be a cascade of catastrophic events that would sweep across the country, wiping out urban centers, with nine out of 10 people dying within the first year, he reported. Maloof noted that 2013’s Shield Act would implement protection of the electrical infrastructure, but it’s stalled in a House committee chaired by Michigan Representative Fred Upton

Forstchen observed that a powerful solar flare, such as 1859’s Carrington Event, in which telegraph lines actually caught on fire, is going to hit us sooner or later. A major solar event, in contrast to an EMP attack, would impact the entire planet, and the subsequent power losses would lead to curtailed food and water supplies, the outbreak of disease, and the breakdown of society, he outlined.


North Korea has again threatened to launch a nuclear attack against the US claiming that they will kill more Americans than the September 11 attacks in an article in the country’s state-run publication DPRK Today. The article also said their weapons are trained on the White House, the Pentagon and other key US sites. The article comes shortly after North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un disobeyed a UN weapons ban to oversee the testing of the country’s new surface-to-air missiles. We look at the latest nuclear threat from North Korea on the Lip News with Nik Zecevic and Jo Ankier.




The Effects of EMP An EMP blast can affect those who are within line or sight on the center point of the explosion. An EMP blast that originates from California can affect the whole of the United States if it is large enough and high enough. The short time interval between the type of EMP blasts amplify the effect of the electromagnetic pulse. Chief among the concerns is the deadly E1 pulse. E1 pulses are fast, simultaneous and generate high frequencies. Most preppers are worried about E1 waves because they are deadly and difficult to protect against. They can potentially break down communication systems and civilized communities by disabling sensors, security components, electronic equipment, computers and anything else that runs on electricity. The usual precautions against lightning bolts (power surge protection, etc) will not work because E1 pulses have immense energy and are very quick. The resulting E2 pulses aren’t as potent as E1 waves are, but they could enhance the damage that the E1 pulses have created. E3 EMP pulses do the most damage in power supplies. They could delay or even halt power delivery systems carried by undersea and underground cables. The doomsday scenario seen in most SHTF films are quite accurate. Society today is so dependent on electrical systems for security, communication and other day-to-day function. Now, imagine if an EMP blast disabled all types of electrical systems and electronics in less than a second. The United States is instantly thrown back decades in terms of technology.
All modern conveniences such as computers, the internet, smart phones, microwave ovens and TVs won’t work. Not only that, but some of the latest cars would instantly decelerate and stop, and airplanes both commercial and private would fall out of the sky. Think of how hard it would be to communicate with friends and loved ones, and how difficult it would be to resume normal life without the aid of electricity or computers.

What can we do in order to be protected during World War 3? 

Why You Should Worry About EMP

As mentioned before, America has grown so much in technological aspects that it’s impossible to turn back and function without the use of computers and other electronic staples. This means that we are vulnerable against EMP attacks. An EMP lights up the sky while turning the cities dark. Electronic communication is halted. It becomes hard to transport food and other necessities. Transportation for medical emergencies will not exist. All vehicles, whether trucks, sports cars and buses will come to a complete stop. Traffic lights won’t work. Computers and mobile phones will be shut off. The recent unrests in the Middle East and the production of bomb-grade Plutonium and Uranium bring us closer to the likelihood of an EMP pulse that could disrupt all civilization.
The threat of an EMP pulse should be taken seriously by the United States. Vigilance in terms of looking at other countries’ nuclear capacity should be done. Remedies that could prevent or even counteract EMP attacks should be developed. These precautions should be done as soon as possible, or else we’ll suffer the deadly consequences.

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How to Prepare for an EMP Strike

There’s only so much we can do to counter the effects of EMP attacks when they finally happen. Even the best preppers may not know how to prepare against TEOTWAWKI events that have electromagnetic pulse aspects in them. A well-stocked underground bunker that’s about 35 feet or more below ground may provide enough protection to survive the initial blasts, but that’s about it. Those who are caught completely unaware will have even lesser chances of surviving the cataclysmic event. The key is to prepare ahead of time and expect that the EMP attack will happen.

The protective measures and the costs needed to acquire them may be too much for some, but there are a few simple and straightforward methods to countering the most damaging effects. Practicing and honing the art of concealment and evasion will help against massive EMP attacks.

Consider Your Home Location You can be certain that your sanctuary will be the target of refugees and looters after an EMP attack brings down the civilized world. It makes sense to fortify your home against these types of attacks. Homes in rural and suburban locations are especially vulnerable. A small, close-knit community that are situated just behind large bodies of water can come together and collectively defend their territory. Home locations that are near the proximity of military bases are excellent so long as the military base stands active.

How Deep Can You Go? A vacation house or a fortified remote location can prove to be great against small bands of thieves and marauders, but the best type of defense is digging deep at an approximate 30 ft underground. As mentioned earlier, evasion is your best defense for EMP attacks; it allows you to survive as long as you are undetected by hostile forces. It might not be a good idea to build your own underground construct, but you can pool with like-minded individuals, friends or relatives. Making it to the bunker should also be part of the plan.

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Protect Your Electronic Devices One of the best communication devices that will be your best friend is the HAM radio. If you don’t have one, then now is the best time to get one. Satellite phones and computers could still have limited uses in a post-EMP society. Medical equipment that are battery operated could prove to be invaluable to some. Preppers may insulate whole rooms from EMP waves, or protect their most vital electronic equipment by investing in Faraday cages. You can even create DIY EMP shielding projects using copper mesh, aluminum foil or Mylar products.

Study Health and Medicine An EMP attack can put a premium on medicines and medical equipment. Those who have serious medical conditions should understand and prepare for a rapidly-dwindling stock. Most medicines will not be available in a large enough supply, so you should prepare by seeking alternative preventive and medical care. Take a good look at your natural surroundings. This is where most of your medicines will come from. Learn how to extract natural oils, herbs and plants that can help you in cases of medical emergency. Moreover, your diet should prioritize building up one’s immune system and overall health.

Water, Food and Storage These 3 commodities should be on top of any TEOTWAWKI situations you prepare for. You should remember that air and heat are the biggest factors that could affect your food and water storage. Seal the grains in vacuum and store them in a cool, dry place. You will need plenty of water to survive long-term. The minimum consumption of water is a gallon a day for each person. If you can, go for a renewable source instead of stocking up on a year’s supply of potable water.

Tips For Surviving an EMP Attack

Tip Number 1:

Don’t Ever Underestimate The Dangers of EMP Staying alive entails never underestimating the situation you are in. The rules of survival will state this again and again. Plan an immediate route in the aftermath of an EMP assault.

How important is this tip?

You may very well be dead if you hesitate in just a few seconds. Anything could happen. No one can tell what will happen next.

Prepare for the worst.

Tip Number 2:

Use All Your Available Money You should understand that cash becomes one of the most useless resources in the event that a SHTF happens. Preppers understand how the economy shifts to that of basic goods. Do what you can to trade your cash to essential survival items such as water, ammo, food, etc.  Certain years of pennies older than 1982 can be left out as the copper inside them can prove to be invaluable.

Tip Number 3:

Ration Your Food Your survival stash of food and water should last for a year at the very least. When the EMP hits, start rationing the food because you’ll be sharing it with the other people as part of the survival process. Remember that no one is likely to survive End Of Day scenarios alone, but what you can do is control the food distribution until new sources are found. No one wants to experience a terrifying EMP attack, much less surviving one. But we should all do our best to prepare for its eventuality if we want to make it out alive. There’s much you can do now instead of having to scramble for precious resources and making sense of it all when an EMP pulse lights up the atmosphere. Do your best to plan accordingly.




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