NASA knows that Planet X / Nibiru has already entered our Solar System


NASA knows that Planet X / Nibiru has already entered our Solar System


Nibiru is the name given to a mysterious distant planet in our solar system, that has a 3,600 year orbit around our sun. Author Zecheria Sitchin hypothesized the existence of Nibiru after studying translations of ancient Sumerian writings from 6,000 years ago. Sitchin’s theory is that Nibiru once collided with a planet that had previously been on an orbital path between Mars and Jupiter, and that this collision created Earth, the Moon, and the asteroid belt. Also called planet x, this planet could also cause massive issues just from proximity by creating a magnetic polar shift.

Some researchers had predicted that Nibiru’s orbit would bring it close to earth again on December 21, 2012, and that its arrival would create catastrophic occurrences on Earth, causing the “end of the world” supposedly predicted by the Mayan calendar.


It is believed by many that the Government has been tracking Nibiru or Planet X for many decades and in order to avoid chaos and unrest they have been doing everything they can to cover-up and put out disinformation to discredit credible accounts of tracking and sightings.



This video below documents some of the more important components to the what many researchers believe is part of the cover-up. One of the key pieces discussed is information regarding JPL’s deep space Infrared Electronic Telescope photographs of the Planet X in 1981. The discovery was released to the New York Times and Washington Post.(source)

For More on this and more research that is being covered up watch below:



New Planet X and Nibiru Updates June 2015. NASA knows that Planet X / Nibiru has already entered our Solar System. The Pope and a few in the Vatican are aware of Ancient Prophecy about this 10th Planet. The crust of the earth is shifting and the earth is warming up, as a result of the approach of Nibiru / Planet X. This is why the Federal Gov’t has a Bug-Out Plan, because Governments are aware, around the world, where the impact of Planet X upon the earth will worsen.

Newest Nibiru is Planet X Earthbound ??


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