North American Union: The Real Reason Behind Illegal Alien Invasion


By now everyone has heard about many of the goings-on related to our southern border with Mexico. We know that there are thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the border and that most of these are coming from Central American countries (not even Mexico). Our community organizer in chief and his Democratic cronies have been spinning this as a humanitarian crisis. This spin is designed to bully and pressure political opponents into granting these children amnesty, along with some type of benefit for their parents and other family members.


There is a lot going on here behind the scenes. There is evidence to suggest that the US government, led by Obama, has been giving information to the governments and embassies of these Central American countries that they will not send back unaccompanied illegal alien minors. They may even be coaching these kids in what to say when they reach the US border (violence and conflicts in their country, scared, fear for their life and safety). They have even obtained the support of Mexico, allowing these kids transport through their country. Never mind the fact that thousands of these kids are falling off these trucks designed to take them to the US and many are dying in the process. This is the story the media won’t tell you.

Taking even just a quick look at what is happening should alert all free-thinking Americans that something much more sinister than the spun explanation of a humanitarian crisis is actually at work here. First, Obama simply refuses to enforce our immigration laws. This has the effect of beginning to open up our borders. Then, many illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes ranging drunk driving to murder are simply released back onto US streets (instead of being deported or put in jail). Now, the Regime has basically told the Border Patrol to let everyone in.

This is an organized attempt to open our borders. This is the North American Union, the integration of the USA with Canada and Mexico into a new political union. Some of you may have heard about this; there have been those sounding the alarm on this topic for years. Given what is happening today, it no longer seems as if the NAU is something that can be dismissed as a conspiracy theory. This is simply a continuation of the broader Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is meant to economically integrate all three countries (and that of several others) closer together.

This TPP has evoked widespread criticism and anger in all three countries. Part of the reason is the fact that it has been developed in almost total secrecy. Although some of the documents have been leaked, even Congress has been prevented from seeing the full text. Never mind the fact that a number of privileged corporations and NGO’s have been granted full access to most of the negotiated texts. Yes, this is something well into the planning stages. The opening up of our borders is just one of the steps.

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Those in control, like Obama and the major corporations and banks, are trying to destroy our culture. As Americans, our national identity is one of the things that makes us distinct. By flooding our country with illegals from a variety of other cultures and countries, it weakens us. Gradually, we will lose our national identity as Americans, since many of the cultures have no desire to integrate or become “Americanized.” Of course, more than 60 percent of even the LEGAL aliens register and vote Democratic, so there is also an element of extending liberal political power to this.

This is just another example of why we must secure our borders. But what do YOU think? Are these attacks on our immigration policies a smoke screen for something more sinister? Is it time to finally take back our country? What can be done to stop this illegal invasion before its too late?




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