Nostradamus Predictions: Did Physician Predict War Would Break Out in 2017?


NOSTRADAMUS’ seerie predictions have mystified the world for centuries, but did the French prophet predict the outbreak of World War 3 this year?

The start of US and South Korea’s military exercises on the day of the total solar eclipse has sparked fears that a major armed conflict could be on the horizon.

North Korean state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun warned: “The Trump group’s declaration of the reckless nuclear war exercises against the DPRK … is a reckless behavior driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war.”

But the escalating tensions have not come as a surprise to some who believe that the events have been foretold centuries ago by the French physician Nostradamus.

Who was Nostradamus?

Born in 1503, Michel de Nostredame was a French physician and seer who is credited with predicting several major world events.

In 1555 Nostradamus published his best known book Les Propheties, which some claim predicted disasters such as the Great Fire of London in 1666.

He wrote: “The blood of the just will be lacking in London, burnt up in the fire of ’66: The ancient Lady will topple from her high place, many of the same sect will be killed.”

“From the depths of the West of Europe, a young child will be born of poor people. He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop; his fame will increase towards the realm of the East.”

Nostradamus’ works have earned him a cult following and his books have been in constant print since his death in 1556.

Did Nostradamus predict WW3 in 2017?
Most of Nostradamus’ cryptic messages seem to prophesy death and destruction.

According to his prophecies, a devastating 27-year-long war will break out between the world’s two great superpowers after the rise of a third Antichrist.

The prophecy said: “The False Trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws. From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.

Twice put up and twice cast down, the East will also weaken the West
“The trumpet shakes with great discord. An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven: the bloody mouth will swim with blood; the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.”

Some followers believe that the “trumpet” could be a reference to Donald Trump. Here are three cryptic passages that mention war and refer to the East “weakening” the West:

A weakened West: “Twice put up and twice cast down, the East will also weaken the West. Its adversary after several battles chased by sea will fail at time of need.”

Thunder and conflict: “The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt. An evil deed, foretold by the bearer of a petition. According to the prediction another falls at night time. Conflict at Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.”

Wars start up again: “Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller, for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully. People will travel safely through the sky (over) land and seas: then wars will start up again.”

Nostradamus’ critics are quick to point out that his four-lined quatrains are too cryptic to be full understood and always remain open to interpretation.

Following the 9/11 attacks, a spoof Nostradamus prediction was circulated around the internet, as one of his predictions.

It was later revealed to have been written in a Canadian student’s research paper on prophecies.

One of the predictions of Michel de Nostradame says that the false trumpet will conceal the madness and cause Byzantium to change laws. The theorists have said that the false trumpet that conceals the madness is, of course, the reference of Trump to Byzantium, a colony in Ancient Greece, which could have links to some refugees that have come from Greece. The anti-immigration stance of Trump has been at the center of his whole campaign. Finally, Nostradamus made the prediction that the Republic of the big city would engage military operations that would be costly, which had been ordered by the trumpet, which led to fears of there being a nuclear war, where whole cities will swim with blood. Theorists believe that Donald Trump is the third antichrist predicted by Nostradamus, with the others being the rise of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon. The writings of Nostradamus say that the third antichrist is going to be the one to trigger an Apocalypse and it will all start with hot wars in the Middle East and/or North Korea.

Pope Francis fears the possibility of World War 3, with the Catholic leader going so far as to claim WW3 has already started. The Pope believes the many conflicts around the globe amount to “a kind of third world war being fought piecemeal and, in the context of global communications, we sense an atmosphere of war.” Now, come January, we can safely make a 2017 prediction that Trump’s small hands will be in reach of that big, shiny-red button.

The Bible’s end times predictions require an Antichrist to get events rolling and some Christians are always eager to provide names. In recent years, it seems like every sitting U.S. President has been claimed to be the Antichrist of the Bible. George W. Bush was the Antichrist. Barack Obama certainly was the Antichrist, or at least an antichrist, claimed some Christians. Continuing that tradition, Donald Trump is the Antichrist according to some tangled webs on the internet.

When Nostradamus refers to the Antichrist, he’s a man entering Europe while wearing a blue turban. Obviously, that can’t be Trump since his turban would be red. Joking aside, some Christians have analyzed the proposition that Trump is the Antichrist by looking to attributes the Biblical Antichrist must possess.

For example, Daniel’s prophecies in the Bible describe the Antichrist as having great charisma and an immense ego. While that certainly sounds like Trump, who loves to boast about his “yuge” accomplishments, the Bible verse specifically says “he should exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god.” Trump may boast, but he’s never gone that far. Still, similarities also exist with Trump’s foreign policy, since he hopes to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Some believe such a deal is the “covenant with many” referenced in Daniel 9:27.

There are other attributes the Antichrist must possess, but honestly, we can simplify things by considering one verse. The Bible also states that the true Antichrist will lack a desire for women.

Nostradamus, a famous French physician who is believed to have prophesied several global events, wrote of a conflict between the East and the West.

The 16th century prophet wrote: “Twice put up and twice cast down, the East will also weaken the West. Its adversary after several battles chased by sea will fail at time of need.”

However these claims remain purely speculative and are open to interpretation.

North Korea Nuclear War With US Could Break Out At Any Moment

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