Nostradamus Predictions : Why The WW3 Will Certainly in 2022 (Shocking Predictions Coming True)

 Nostradamus Predictions

Don’t we just wish, if someone could tell us about our future, just so we could be well prepared? But, then how well can we prepare for something as big as a World War? And, if what this mystic has foreseen is true, then this year might be etched in the history.

Nostradamus was a 16th century physician, who gained everlasting fame thanks to his supposed ability to predict the future. He chronicled many of his predictions in a book called “The Prophecies,” where he outlined everything he could see of the future. He is often credited for predicting the rise of Adolf Hitler, the moon landing, and the assassination of President Kennedy. But what did he predict for 2022, and is there any chance any of it could happen?

And more often than not, Nostradamus’s “prophecies” are sought out after a tragic event to see if any of his quatrains fit. The events of Sept. 11 are a prime example. No one before Sept. 11 held up a Nostradamus prophecy that warned of the attacks on The World Trade Center and the Pentagon, yet after the fact a few quatrains were said to accurately describe the tragedy. (Some hoaxers even completely fabricated a quatrain or two in the style of Nostradamus.)

However, those who say Nostradamus has predicted World War III, possibly in the near future, are giving us the word ahead of time. If he’s wrong, time will tell and we’ll be grateful. But if he’s right, will enough of civilization be around to celebrate his most dramatic and powerful prophecy of all?

The government has a way of blinding us and dividing us without us even noticing. America seems like its weakening but is it really? We know the United States reach extends around the world. The NSA knows exactly what everybody is doing. Is a country that is able to do that unnoticed for so many years really that weak or is it just what they want to portray, luring their enemies in, making them threaten the US until the US has a reason to go to war? Are we all blindly being led into World War 3? You decide.

This video is not a reflection of my political views. This video was created from a  article meant to draw attention at the masses of the NWO and WW3. I found it kind of interesting how the international political world seems to be moving more towards conflict.Some of the things mentioned in the article are actually happening in some ways which is what the clips are showing. I combined the clips with the article to create a what if scenario.

There are even Korean prophecies: “There is a very well known Korean prophecy that started about 1000 years ago (Chung Gam Rok) and then reiterated and confirmed by many other scholars (for example: Kyuk Am Yu Rok) of the Confucian philosophy. Those Korean prophecies are very specific and elaborate in detail. It is a well known fact in Korea that those books of prophecy accurately predicted, the number of years (36 years) Japanese would occupy Korea and then their eventual retreat.

But the threat level has escalated to a point that is soon going to prove intolerable. Kim Jong-Un probably has ZERO desire to attack the United States or bomb any American cities. But it’s hard to ignore him – and irresponsibly dangerous to ignore him – when he keeps threatening to do so, as he actually develops the military capability to do so.

I suggest that North Korea is about to get spanked in the near future – and that this is a key step towards WWIII. North Korea’s plan for many years has been to act crazier and show more military aggression whenever we go into the season when the United Nations is about to decide how much MONEY will be allocated to whom for things like food aid. Of course, North Korean dictators like Kim Jong-Un funnel money given for food aid into weapons programs, so they can “become a superpower” or at least threaten “enemies” loudly and demand more money again next time.

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Nuclear missile attacks by North Korea

Now this one is spooky; Villegas had a dream where he saw “balls of fire falling from the sky and hitting the earth”. He further said, “People would be running for their life and take shelters in strange countries and the destruction caused would be the worst devastation ever.” It seems that the recent nuclear missile testings held by North Korea were just preparations on that front.

With North Korea launching its ballistic missiles and the growing terror in Syria, things are looking very scary, and it’s getting tougher by each day, to not believe in such predictions.

This is one of its greatest limitations. It has very little plutonium and likely not yet a large amount of highly enriched uranium. For plutonium particularly, its small 20-to-40 kilogram inventory must be shared among several purposes: experiments required to understand the world’s most complex element, nuclear tests to certify the weapon’s design, and stock for the arsenal. To put North Korea’s plutonium inventory in perspective, the Soviet Union and United States at one time had inventories in excess of 100,000 kilograms each, and China is believed to have an inventory of roughly 2,000 kilograms. Estimates of North Korea’s highly enriched uranium inventory are highly uncertain, but are likely in the 200 to 450 kilogram range, which, combined with its plutonium inventory, may be sufficient for 20 to 25 nuclear weapons.

Moreover, North Korea has conducted only five nuclear tests and we do not know if these used plutonium or highly enriched uranium for bomb fuel. During one of my seven visits to North Korea, the scientific director of their nuclear center told me that the first two devices used plutonium. During my last visit in November 2010, I was shown a modern centrifuge facility that had just begun operation. Based on that visit, I believe that North Korea most likely also used plutonium for the February 2017 test, but may have used highly enriched uranium for the tests in 2017.

Plutonium is a better bomb fuel, although its temperamental properties make it difficult to use reliably. Nevertheless, it would be preferred for making a weapon small enough to mount on an ICBM. Highly enriched uranium is more forgiving from an engineering point of view, but it is more difficult to miniaturize the warhead. North Korea has much more experience in uranium metallurgy than plutonium metallurgy because natural uranium metal is used to fuel its nuclear reactor. However, their overall experience with both materials in nuclear warheads is very limited.

In May you said you thought five nuclear tests spaced over a few months has likely allowed North Korea to miniaturize a nuclear warhead.

The US also repeatedly flexed its muscles in the region following the North Korean test of what Pyongyang claimed was a hydrogen bomb. On September 9, two US strategic B1-B bombers conducted military exercises in the skies above the East China Sea together with a pair of Japanese F-15 fighter jets. A similar exercise, involving B-1B supersonic bombers and F-35B stealth fighters, was conducted by the US together with South Korea on September 18. The US warplanes flew close to the demilitarized zone along the border between North and South Korea, the Japan Times reports, citing South Korean military sources.

Pyongyang also conducted a missile launch, firing a projectile that passed through Japan’s airspace near Hokkaido, triggering a public alert. The missile then allegedly fell some 2,000 km east of the Japanese island. The US and North Korea leaders also exchanged threats of mutual destruction. Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly called for the diplomatic solution of the crisis around the Korean Peninsula and urged all sides to stop the escalation. The two nations have for months been pushing for the so-called “double freeze” initiative that would see North Korea suspend its missile and nuclear tests in exchange for South Korea and the US abandoning their joint military exercises.

North Korea’s nuclear capabilities are seen differently in Pyongyang than they are in Washington. To Kim Jong-Un, they are a useful tool for getting money and for staying in power – Saddam Hussein and a long list of other toppled dictators might not have suffered the same fate if they had been armed with nukes. But the view from Washington – and Seoul and Tokyo – and maybe even Beijing – is that a serious nuclear capability in Kim’s crazy little hands is a bad idea that will not be allowed to continue.

Of course, my title for this article mentioned Nostradamus. What did his prophecies predict about all this?

Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe, I suggest that “Nostradamus’ most common theme is the military invasion of Europe by an Islamic alliance of nations in the early 21st century. Iran and Turkey are mentioned most often, along with many other Muslim nations that unite to invade Southern and Western Europe. The United States is initially unable to help.” America will be too busy with other problems to defend Europe.

The most likely scenario involves a small war with North Korea, bogging down American military resources at a crucial time when economic collapse is causing global social breakdown and every major power takes advantage of the chaos by invading and annexing whatever they want. If China simultaneously makes aggressive moves in East Asia, ignoring American forces that are conveniently busy – but taking whatever land China wants, (Taiwan, etc.) what would America do? And if Russia does the same thing in Eastern Europe, and Iran and Turkey and other nations all go on the warpath simultaneously, America can not police the world while the economy and the social order collapse at home, especially if already in a war with even a minor opponent that stretches limited resources.

Nostradamus’ most famous prophecies warned “from the sky will come the great king of terror” which would bring back to life the “great king of the Mongols” – before and after, war reigns. I would worry more about China than Kim Jong Un in regard to Genghis Khan – but the terror from the sky certainly could be nuclear weapons coming in on missiles. The king of terror in ancient skies was traditionally a bad astronomical omen like a solar eclipse – and there is a doozy of an eclipse, visible across the entire United States, coming soon on, 2017.

The rumors of wars has certainly begun as we have more and more political figures either stating WW3 is just around the corner or is already here. Has World War III already begun? WWI began with an assassination, WWII began with Hitler’s invasion of Poland. But WWIII could certainly start differently. As conservative talk show host Glenn Beck stated, WW3 is on the horizon and “nobody will recognize it yet.”

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