Paul Craig Roberts : EU Was A CIA Creation To Trigger War With Russia


Paul Craig Roberts : EU Was A CIA Creation To Trigger War With Russia

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts reveals that in 2000, it was released that the EU was a CIA invention as a control mechanism as well as another bond between NATO countries.

Two nuclear armed states could engage in a conventional war but it would be a very strange war indeed. It would be simultaneously fought on two fronts, one on the ground and the other in big conference rooms. Also this would not be a War with the US as the US is part of NATO and by NATO rules if you attack one, you attack them all. It would be NATO vs Russia and possibly China chipping in a little.

It would begin with a standoff. Ukraine could be an example of the kind of situation that could result in a standoff. NATO is right now making a “High Readiness Force” which can be speedily deployed to combat threats around the world and is “conducting military exercises in Ukraine in September”

CNN: Ukraine / NATO military exercises

Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council announced Wednesday that Ukraine would host multinational exercises later this month with the United States, NATO and other nations.

It said 200 American soldiers are expected to take part in the exercise, alongside about 1,000 servicemen from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Britain, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania and Spain.

Earlier, speaking alongside the Estonian president, Obama announced that additional U.S. personnel and aircraft are being rotated through the Baltics as part of NATO operations.

If this small and rapid force was deployed in Ukraine Russia would move it’s tanks and troops across the border en mass. Neither side really wants to fight so they would begin hurling threats at each other up to and including Nuclear threats.

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Russia has responded by putting their Strategic Nuclear Arsenal on exercises at the same time this month.

MOSCOW, Sept 3 (Reuters) – The forces responsible for Russia’s strategic nuclear arsenal will conduct major exercises this month involving more than 4,000 soldiers, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday, in the latest sign of rising tension with NATO over the Ukraine crisis.

The agency quoted Dmitry Andreyev, a major in the strategic rocket forces, as saying troops would practice countering irregular units and high-precision weapons, and “conducting combat missions in conditions of active radio-electronic jamming and intensive enemy actions in areas of troop deployment.”
He said enemy forces would be represented in the exercises by spetsnaz (special forces) units.
Supersonic MiG-31 fighter-interceptors and Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft would take part, Andreyev said, saying the scale of air power involved was unprecedented for exercises of this kind.

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The US isn’t going to war with Russia ?
In the highly unlikely event of a war with Russia, the weapons used would end the war rather quickly. Both sides would lose horribly. Well, Russia is big and it has big weapons and a bad attitude and they know-how to use those weapons.

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