Russia Stares Down American Demon That Created Whole Generation Living In Constant Fear

President Putin will take part in an extraordinary online meeting with the Collective Security Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) on 10 January, with the Kremlin press service reporting: “The meeting will discuss the situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and measures to normalize it”, says this extraordinary meeting will take place at the same time Russian negotiators will be meeting with their American counterparts in Geneva-Switzerland on 10 January—that will be followed by Russian negotiators meeting with their NATO counterparts in Brussels-Belgium on 12 January.

In a final bid to prevent the catastrophic outbreak of what could quickly erupt into all-out thermonuclear war, this report notes, the Russian Federation presented to the United States and its NATO military bloc the two non-negotiable proposals “Treaty Between the United States of America and the Russian Federation on Security Guarantees” and “Agreement on Measures to Ensure the Security of the Russian Federation and Member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”—proposals to avert war neither Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden nor his NATO military have formally responded to—but on the eve of the critical meetings to be held in Geneva and Brussels where these proposals will be front and center, a few hours ago the leftist New York Times reported: “Such moves are rarely telegraphed in advance…But with the negotiations looming — and the fate of Europe’s post-Cold War borders and NATO’s military presence on the continent at stake — President Biden’s advisers say they are trying to signal to Mr. Putin exactly what he would face, at home and abroad, in hopes of influencing his decisions…The plans the United States has discussed with allies in recent days include cutting off Russia’s largest financial institutions from global transactions, imposing an embargo on American-made or American-designed technology needed for defense-related and consumer industries, and arming insurgents in Ukraine who would conduct what would amount to a guerrilla war against a Russian military occupation”.

In response to these threats, this report continues, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov factually assessed: “They only screw themselves over, as they say…Russia is a participant in the global market…What will happen to European consumers of hydrocarbons if SWIFT is cut off in Russia?…How will they pay us?…Or will they refuse our exports?…No, of course not…Will they have to settle the payment?…Yes”—an assessment joined by at least two analyses carried out by the United States Treasury and United States State Department in recent weeks, that found the sanctions against the Russian energy giant Gazprom and the country’s Central Bank would be catastrophic and boomerang on both America and the European Union—in knowing the truth that if these sanctions were placed on Russia it would destroy the entire Western economy saw a top Biden Regime official insanely stating: “Any costs that we would bear will pale in comparison to the impact we generate on the Russian economy and financial system”—is a statement of socialist insanity coming against the factual reality that Russia’s world’s largest $75-trillion in natural resource wealth is why sanctions are impossible—in response to this socialist insanity saw chief Kremlin war negotiator Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov saying this morning: “We are disappointed with the signals coming in the last few days from Washington but also from Brussels”, then he demanded” “The NATO alliance should dismantle everything it has created while driven by anti-Russian phobias and delusional perceptions about Russia’s policies since 1997” and declared to both Biden and NATO: “We will, of course, make no concessions under the constant pressure and threats coming from the Western side of the upcoming negotiations…This would mean going against our own interests, our security interests”.

This transcript sees Security Council Members noting the evidence now emerging strongly pointing towards the socialist Biden Regime being behind the deadly unrest in Kazakhstan—evidence to include the man confessing that he’d arrived from Kyrgyzstan after unknown people offered him over $200 to take part in protests in neighboring Kazakhstan, with him stating: “Some strangers called me over the phone and offered to participate in the rally in exchange for 90 thousand tenge (over $200)…Since I am unemployed in Kyrgyzstan, I agreed”—saw the West remaining silent after media offices throughout Kazakhstan were raided by “well-prepared thugs”—about which Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova further revealed: “They knew very well where they were heading and certainly were not peaceful…The attackers methodically destroyed everything in their path, including the heating system, the working desks and all the telecommunications equipment…They also had walkie-talkies and acted in accordance with a plan and were well prepared and organized”—a revelation quickly joined by top American security expert Mark Sleboda grimly assessing: “I don’t believe in the coincidence of the timing of the attempted armed insurrection in Kazakhstan that hijacked and used legitimate social protests for cover…The scale, scope, organisation and obvious planning all point to the likelihood of some degree of foreign direction and backing…It seems specifically timed to present Russia with the distraction of political instability on both ends, in bordering states both east and west, precisely when Russia is going into tense, high state security negotiations with the US and NATO”.

While attempting to understand the present mindset of the socialist Biden Regime and its leftist propaganda media backers, this transcript sees Security Council Members noting that the leftist Washington Post published two warning articles today, one of which claimed “The future of Europe hinges on the coming talks between the West and Russia”, and in the other one claimed “America is one spectacular act of political violence away from a national crisis”—when these claims are combined sees them contradicting each other, because it’s not clear what America is really afraid of, as it’s either Russia or themselves—when people display such contradictions they are diagnosed with the serious mental illness Schizophrenia, that defines those that have lost touch with reality—but when this issue is further examined by American experts at the Mental Policy Organization, it sees their report “How To Differentiate Demonic Possession From Schizophrenia” best explaining what’s occurring in America—specifically because these mental health experts document that unlike those afflicted with Schizophrenia that have lost touch with reality, those possessed by demons have an aversion to religion and speak irrationally.

As proof that the socialist Biden Regime and its leftist media propagandists have lost touch with reality due to them being demon possessed, this report notes, one need only notice the solemn religious-like spectacle they performed this week in remembrance of the 6 January 2020 protests at the US Capitol—a demented spectacle documented in articles like “January 6th Anniversary Gets Wildly Different Treatment On Cable News Primetime: “Trump’s Failed Coup” Vs. “Barely Rates As A Footnote”, wherein in stark contrast to demon possessed Biden socialists and leftist media propagandists it quotes Fox News host Tucker Carlson rationally explaining: “If you take three steps back, as historical events go if we are being honest now, January 6th barely rates as a footnote…Really not a lot happened that day…The presidential election was not overturned…The Capitol was not destroyed…The government was not toppled no matter what you may have heard…Not a single elected official was injured, Thank God…Police got shoved, unfortunately…Punches were thrown, but the only person who wound up dead from violence was an unarmed protester who was shot to death by a cop…None of the so called insurrectionists had guns…When was the last time you saw an insurrection like that?”—a rational explanation fully supported by the American people, as documented even by the leftist New York Times, that just revealed: “Not only Republicans, but Democrats had some empathy for some of the Americans who stormed the Capitol, seeing them ordinarily as people who had real, understandable frustrations with “the system””—all of which explains the articles now appearing like “Fox News Tops Ratings For Coverage On Jan. 6 Anniversary Events”, wherein it reveals that the overwhelming number of Americans sought to protect their mental health by refusing to watch the demonic lies spewed at them.

Most certainly not being demon possessed, this report details, is President Donald Trump, who, in October-2019, ordered all American military forces to leave Syria, which they had illegally invaded—a lawful order issued by President Trump that was blatantly ignored by the US military establishment—today sees US military forces illegally occupying all of Syria’s vital oil production and crop growing regions having to call in reinforcements—and is critical to note because the leftist New York Times just provided a glimpse into the demons really ruling America with the stunning revelation: “When pigs fly…That’s the kind of surreal day Thursday was at the Capitol…The last time we took note of Dick Cheney and Patrick Leahy at the Capitol was in 2004 when the then vice president hurled a vulgarity — one not usually heard on the august Senate floor — at the Democratic senator from Vermont…Democrats had accused Cheney of using his government position to help win contracts for his former firm, Halliburton…Now, 17 years later, the two men were back…Senator Leahy was snapping photos at the memorial on the first anniversary of the desecration of the Capitol…This time, Dick Cheney was not Darth Vader, employing his Death Star to blow up Democrats…This time he was Darling Dick, one of the only Republicans willing to defy Trump…His erstwhile critic Nancy Pelosi warmly shook hands with “Vice,” and a cluster of Democrats waited to kiss his ring”.

In a further examination of these warmongering demons Russia is staring down before they blow up the world, the conclusion section of this transcript sees Security Council Members reviewing the extensive remarks made by Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, who in revealing the brutal truth about America kept hidden from its citizens stated:

A whole legion of American political strategists and non-governmental organizations are trying to influence the election campaigns in Russia in order to advance agents of influence into power, seeking to whip up social tension in society for this.

Among the Americans there are those who profited from the Afghanistan war, so they are not particularly worried about what the world thinks about the United States.

For this category of citizens, the 20-year war has become a gold mine. Washington says the US has spent more than $ 1 trillion in taxpayers’ money directly on it. And if you take into account also the indirect costs, then it is almost twice as much.

Including personally enriched the American military, through whose hands passed billions of tranches of the Afghan army. Let me remind you that only about $ 90 billion was spent on training its staff. At the same time, information about the theft is kept silent.

The military-industrial complex and the so-called private contractors received super-profits . The United States did not even bother to take out of the country a huge amount of weapons and military equipment, but simply abandoned it.

In addition, Washington tested the loyalty of those in power in NATO countries and a number of other states involved in the adventure in Afghanistan, including in the post-Soviet countries, primarily in Georgia.

At the same time, I cannot but touch upon Ukraine, where Washington has brought to power and continues to bring in people loyal to it. The USA is pumping this country with unnecessary weapons for the Americans themselves , closing their eyes, but in fact they support the burgeoning neo-Nazism, the growth of extremism, crime, drug trafficking, interethnic and sectarian strife.

At the same time, Kiev obsequiously serves the interests of overseas patrons, striving to enter NATO. But was the ousted pro-American regime in Kabul saved by the fact that Afghanistan had the status of the main US ally outside NATO?

A similar situation awaits supporters of the American choice in Ukraine , where neo-Nazis are capable of coming to power, the country is heading towards disintegration, and the White House at some point will not remember its Kiev supporters.

However, both US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Joe Biden himself said that the US did not lose, but achieved the main goal of its stay in Afghanistan, neutralizing the organizers of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks …

The United States is silent about the fact that they set broader tasks – the fight against international terrorism, suppression of drug trafficking and training of Afghan security forces .

In reality, during the presence of American troops, the number of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan has grown exponentially.

Al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Islamic Movement of East Turkestan (all banned in the Russian Federation) and other terrorist groups that consider Afghan territory as a base for the subsequent transfer of activity to the states of Central Asia, to Chinese Xinjiang , to the north of Iran, in the direction of India, creating “sleeping cells” in these states.

Instead of combating drug trafficking, over two decades of military-political administration of Afghanistan, the United States implemented a project to create a global-scale drug laboratory. Opiate production increased more than 40 times.

The West was never able to train the army, police, and special services in military affairs. The morally and psychologically decayed armed forces surrendered without a fight.

While spending huge sums on the maintenance of its troops, the United States did not create social infrastructure and civilian enterprises. For ordinary Afghans, only devastation remained, the development of the country itself was thrown back decades.

In turn, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says that the alliance does not exclude the possibility of remote strikes against international terrorist groups in Afghanistan. How effective is it?

They will strike, they will bravely report to the world community, only peaceful Afghans will suffer from this again.

A whole generation of people has grown up in the country who do not know what it is like to live in a world without constant fear.

According to the most modest and clearly underestimated estimates, over 40 thousand civilians have died in Afghanistan over 20 years, not counting tens of thousands of killed soldiers of government forces.

This is the result of US interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

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