Stockpiling Food Might Be Your Best Investment Preparing for a Disaster, What Makes the Best Survival Food for an Emergency?

Stockpiling Food

Stockpiling Food Might Be Your Best Investment Preparing for a Disaster, What Makes the Best Survival Food for an Emergency?

What are the top foods to stockpile in an emergency that you can find in local stores? What to grab now before it’s gone and before chaos erupts — and while you still have access to money.

What makes the best survival foods for an emergency?

Any number of catastrophic disasters could occur. A hurricane that wipes out the shoreline and devastates communities several miles inland. Or a super-typhoon that strikes an island nation, turning life upside down for cities and neighborhoods.

It could even be a terrorist attack with a WMD or the much feared EMP that shuts down power across a nation, interrupting transportation and shipping for several weeks, resulting in widespread food shortages.

Some say these are acts of God and others say climate change; whatever is happening, it’s clear in recent years that a massive disaster can strike any time and just about anywhere.

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Non-perishable foods that offer the most bang for your buck

In the heat of the moment, or several weeks in advance, you’re going to want foods that help you meet nutritional needs, that have a high calorie count, and of course foods likely to disappear first off store shelves.

Weight and packaging may be a factor

Which foods can you grab the most of, and get the most out of? It’s important to consider calorie count, ease of use / preparation, shelf-life, and even “weight” factored in. Why is weight a factor? What if you and your family have to evacuate an area on foot, and with nothing but backpacks and or suitcases? You’ll regret having stocked up on so much canned food when you realize just how much those cans weigh. Canned food can be a part of your survival food plan though — it can be the food that helps you get by the first few weeks, as long as you don’t have to evacuate.(source)

Do you think that you know how to prepare for the collapse of the economy?  If so, are you putting that knowledge into action?  In America today, people are more concerned about the possibility of an economic collapse than ever before.  It has been estimated that there are now three million preppers in the United States.  But the truth that nobody really knows the actual number, because a lot of preppers keep their “prepping” to themselves.

So what are all of those people preparing for exactly?  Well, survey after survey has shown that “economic collapse” is the number one potential disaster that preppers are most concerned about.  Of course that shouldn’t be surprising because we truly are facing economic problems that are absolutely unprecedented.  We are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world, the global banking system has been transformed into a high-risk pyramid scheme of debt, risk and leverage that could collapse at any time, and wealthy countries such as the United States have been living way above their means for decades.  Meanwhile, the United States is being deindustrialized at a blinding pace and poverty in this country is absolutely exploding.  Anyone that is not concerned about the economy should have their head examined.  Fortunately, I have found that an increasing number of Americans are becoming convinced that we are heading for a horrific economic crisis.  Once they come to that realization, they want to know what they should do.

And the reality is that “getting prepared” is going to look different for each family based on their own unique circumstances.  Some people have a lot of resources, while others have very little.  Some people are very independent of the system and can move wherever they want, while others are totally dependent on their jobs and must stay near the cities at least for now.

When civilisation collapses, he predicts, the world will go back to barter.

Urges everyone to have a disaster-preparedness kit containing enough food, water and other supplies to last 72 hours. This is sensible advice, and preppers have a point when they mock those who ignore it.

In addition, it is important to distinguish between the “short-term” and the “long-term” when talking about economic collapse.  As I have written about previously, our economic collapse is not going to happen all at once.  It is going to unfold over time.  In the “short-term”, many are moving money around and are building up “emergency funds” to prepare for the next recession.  For the “long-term”, many are storing up food and huge stockpiles of survival supplies in order to be prepared for the total collapse of society.  Both approaches are wise, but it is important to keep in mind that different approaches will be needed at different times. (source)


Food storage is viewed as a part of emergency preparedness.

It is also a part of the program of a gardener to preserve and store away some of the fruits of his or her labor.
Whatever the reason a person has for storing food beyond immediate needs, planning must be done to avoid waste.
There are a number of approaches to building a food storage program. Only two will be outlined, which can be adapted to fit individual needs. A major reason for not having food storage is the expense. A simple way to avoid a large cash outlay is to merely purchase double the items on the grocery list with each shopping excursion. The extra items are then marked with the purchase date and put into storage to be rotated out and replaced on the next shopping trip.
Perishable items such as fluid milk or eggs are difficult to work into this system.
Therefore substitutes such as nonfat dried milk may be purchased for storage. Keep in mind,however, that there is a limit to the length of time that even these semi-perishable or dehydrated items can be stored.
A disadvantage of the double purchase system is that it is not as easy to benefit from sales prices. One advantage is that items are only purchased that are routinely used in menu planning, thereby reducing waste and improving rotation.
Another approach to beginning a food storage program is to use a lump sum of money such as a tax refund or a bonus check to purchase a large amount of basics for your family.
The pamphlet “Essentials of Food Storage” has suggested that basics should include wheat,sugar or honey, salt and nonfat dried milk. While it is true that these items do store well, it is important that the family will use what they store. This list could be modified to include grain products such as wheat and white flour, pasta products, rolled oats, rice, dried beans, split peas, lentils and other dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

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Cracked or whole wheat products do not store well
14 gallons of water per person (2 week supply)
1 pound of dry matter per person per day of dried foods
because the membranes are broken that keep the oil in the wheat germ away from the iron and other minerals in the endosperm and the bran layer. Rancidity occurs at a rapid rate. Rolled oats are heat treated which destroys the lipase enzyme and therefore will store quite well.
When establishing a food storage program do not forget:
1. Store only those items you will use. If you do not currently include a food in your diet it is not likely that you will use it.
2. Do not purchase more than you will rotate and use within a 2 to 3 year period of time to reduce waste.
3. Insure that the quality of the item you purchase is acceptable. Quality does not improve upon storage for most foods.
Planning before you begin a food storage program will help to avoid pitfalls.

Don’t wait, start right now because remember, there are no do-overs in survival. When all the grocery store food is gone, you get to live on what you’ve stockpiled.

So What Did Our Ancestors Do?

The earliest settlers were, in a sense, “squatters,” as there was no legal way to take possession of the land they decided to “squat” on. Government surveys in Iowa began in 1836, but it was not until June 1838 that settlers could buy their land from the land offices either in Dubuque or in Burlington. The land sold for $1 .25 an acre, hard cash.
Settlers tended at first to try to stay near the river or creek banks. This proved to be a mistake for farming, as the soil there tended to be sandy, rocky, or shallow. Soon they began to see that the soil a short way back from the water was more suited for abundant crop production.
When a pioneer farm family found a place they wanted to call “home,” there were two important “first” jobs. In the spring and summer the planting of crops had to be done first if there were to be food for the winter. Those who came late in the year knew that a shelter of some sort must be erected if they were to survive the winter cold.

Planting seed was not an easy task. First the prairie sod had to be broken. The ordinary wooden plow of that day was useless against the tough, tangled roots of the prairie grass. Centuries of grass had lived and died, and the tough roots were almost impossible to break. Until John Deere invented the steel-edged plow in 1837 (more widely used by 1847). the farmer had to use a huge BREAKING PLOW pulled by five or six yoke of oxen. This would cut a shallow furrow about twenty-four inches wide. This was said to sound “like the ripping of cloth.” Seeds would be dropped in groups of four and covered by dirt by someone in the family following the plow. If a breaking plow were not available, the earliest pioneers would plant “sod corn” by cutting gashes in the sod two or three feet apart by using an AXE.

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Many early memories of pioneer food concerned the frugality with which the Saints lived: “We lived on cornbread and molasses for the first winter.” “We could not get enough flour for bread … so we could only make it into a thin gruel which we called killy.” “Many times … lunch was dry bread … dipped in water and sprinkled with salt.” “These times we had nothing to waste; we had to make things last as long as we could.”

Cooking was done in iron kettles which were set on tri-cornered iron holders. This was placed in the hottest place in the fire in the fireplace. Skillets, pots and tin pans were also used and every family had a huge brass kettle in which they made their soap, apple butter, maple syrup, and rendered out the lard.A dutch oven was used to cook food in, as well as brass kettles, large and small iron pots and skillets. Jars, crocks and mugs were also needed. Early potters found clay to make dishes. The firing of the pottery was done in a huge oven of brick with a slow fire of poplar wood. This firing took twenty-four to thirty-six hours. The pioneer often ate on a trencher. This was a wooden plate made from a board. Some plates, spoons and forks were made from pewter or out of wood horn.

Pioneer Recipes

For pioneer travelers, there were very few places along the journey to buy provisions. There were no refrigerators or freezers. Drying was the only practical food preservation method, as canning was still in its infancy. So travelers packed a supply of dry goods, and supplemented it with whatever wild food they could find along the way. Milk and other dairy products came along on the hoof.

Pioneer women who had to decide what few precious things to carry across the plains surely made one choice in common—their own individual collection of “receipts,” as recipes were then called. For them, these were reminders of a security left behind and a hope for the abundance of the future. In the interim, they simply did what they had to do to keep their families alive. (source)

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Remember, calamities are everywhere: at work, home, school and many other places. These calamities cause tension and leads to a decrease in productivity. This may finally lead to a reduction in life. Fortunately, the lost ways review will provide solutions to these situations. It will give you the tips for preparing yourself when nothing seems to go as expected.

Generally, most people are optimistic. This makes them unprepared for failure. However, the best thing is to prepare for worst times. It is important to tell your kids about earthquakes, fire outbreaks, extreme weather conditions and other calamities. Tell them how to deal with these calamities in case they occur.



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    On the contrary: First a true story from a survivor of the war in Serbia proper. From a small town of 35,000 pop. totally cut off for over 14 months from water, utilities, food, electricity, etc.

    No matter how much you had prepared, no matter your personal abilities, stock of foods and supplies, no matter how many weapons and ammo you had – if you were alone – you died. Near all the families or person who attempted to go it alone, were killed. However, all those who had three or more men, where families joined together, most of these survived.

    The top barter items worth more than gold or silver: Guns, ammunition (especially), bic lighters, powdered gravy (for dried foods to give taste), women’s necessities, cooking oils, then the foods. Gold and silver were a non item. How do you get change for an once of gold worth 300-2000 dollars??

    If we are to believe over 100 Catholic saints, mystics, stigmatic’s, visionaries; that God is going to let our enemies punish us severely for abortion, homosexuality, contraception, pornography, immodesty in dress, etc, but mostly for the now “great apostasy”, whereby the hierarchy of the Church up to the top, along with the peoples have now abandoned the true faith and doctrine for the “worship of man and the earth”.

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    No electricity, food, transportation, clothes, gas, stores, utilities, for near “two years” of this 3 to 4 year WW3, which is preceded by three to four months of the most violent civil war and revolution combined in the history of both America and Europe, all to happen very soon and very suddenly, possibly by this coming late spring, notwithstanding some very explosive and apocalyptic events even just preceding WW3.

    – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961) Italian mystic and stigmatic, from her revelations in the late 1950’s: “Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and she will attack America with her secret armies. (which includes help from within our own government). Every major city in the world will be destroyed by either massive earthquakes, tidal waves, and the war. Whole countries will be devoured by large earthquakes, (Those now are just small warnings which man is ignoring).
    – Sister Lucia of Fatima said April 7, 1990: “Russia, because it was “not” converted, attacks both Europe and America.
    – In 1984, Pope JPII asked a German mystic what he had seen in his visions to which he replied: “I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing the missiles at the coastal cities and bases.
    – Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941), French peasant mystic and stigmatic, from her many visions and other warnings; God showed her WWI, WWII an WW3 in detail. She details the three pronged Russian/Islamic attack on all of Western Europe; how Russia with her allies overruns and defeats all the Scandinavian countries, the Baltics, Balkans, Greece, Germany, France, Turkey, and Italy, all in short order. Pope St. Pius X and St. John Bosco both had visions of this same attack, of the Russian troops entering the Vatican, raising their flag over St. Peters and killing all the priests.

    The Church, up to the TOP, have apostised from the faith, have abandoned God for the worship of man and the earth, pagan worship with a Christian cloak. No matter your expertise, Green Beret, Marines, Seals, martial arts, weapons and fighting abilities, your preparations with foods and supplies, etc, no one, not one will live who is the enemy of God, His Church or our country.

    Read “WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe” and the “Three Days Darkness” which forces and end to WW3 and kills all remaining enemies of God, His Church and our countries. Near all the leaders of religions and countries will be killed, as “none of of Me”.


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