Terrified Elites Ask “What If We’re The Bad Guys?” As Americans Continue Historic Gun Buying Spree

President Putin factually assessing: “The policy of the Kiev regime and its Western handlers, who seek to destroy everything related to Russia, has no future”, says this factual assessment followed the Russian Grain Union (RGU) revealing: “Russia supplied a record amount of grain to the global market last month despite mounting Western sanctions…The country recorded a record harvest last year, with farmers gathering more than 150 million tons of grain, including over 100 million tons of wheat…Russia retained its status as a net exporter of agricultural goods in 2022, accounting for every fifth export batch of wheat in the world”—and while speaking at a youth forum in the Moscow region, it saw top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov telling young Russians: “Russia should have fallen into an abyss both economically and socially after the sanctions were imposed…But that failed to happen…We have emerged from the crisis, and our prospects for rapid development are good by today’s standards…This is a unique situation…You will study how this was possible and where our country, our people found such strength”.

With President Joe Biden failing in his insane bid to harm Russia, this report notes, it now appears that he’s ready to dump his puppet state Ukraine and replace it with Taiwan to keep massive profits flowing to the American military industrial complex, as was just revealed: “The White House is going to ask the US Congress to fund the arming of the island of Taiwan via the Ukraine budget in order to speed up weapons transfers to Taiwan”—is massive and out of control spending solely benefiting the American military industrial complex that caused global ratings agency Fitch to downgrade the credit rating of the United States last week, as finally acknowledged by the leftist Washington Post in their just published article “Credit Downgrade Shocks Biden Aides, As More Debt Fights Loom”—and was a shocking credit downgrade of the socialist warmongering United States that caused world renowned British economist Dr. Rodney Shakespeare to observe: “The recognition of the aggressive movement of NATO over twenty five years and the implications of the sanctions on Russia on the global system have combined with the great global shift from a unipolar to a multipolar world served to shock the Fitch analysts…All the way around the world, countries are planning – somehow, to break away from the ghoulish clasp of the American dollar”.

As President Biden shifts his insatiable bloodlust to China to gain even more riches for the American military industrial complex, this report continues, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Hanhui just warned: “NATO expansion in Europe has eroded the continent’s security and was the key reason for the Ukraine conflict…The US-led NATO military bloc had been fanning the flames everywhere, destroying stability and engaging in separatism…NATO is a relic of the Cold War which should have ceased to exist when it ended…However, it continues to thrive, sustaining itself by constantly instigating warfare and conflict…Wherever NATO stretches its diabolical paws, people will die and there will be no peace”—to protect itself from the “diabolical paws” of NATO, this week it saw Chinese President Xi Jinping replacing the two top generals commanding the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force, which President Xi unveiled on the last day of 2015 that now bristles with one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated missile arsenals, to include nearly 1,000 nuclear warheads—and most critically to notice, General Xu Xisheng is the new commissar of the rocket force, who is a full voting member of the Central Committee, which means he has the sole authority to order Chinese nuclear strikes.

While President Biden leads America to total ruin, this report details, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov most factually observed: “The most influential media outlets in the world are unfortunately the Anglo-Saxon media, American and British…There are a lot of serious media outlets in the West, a lot of talented journalists, smart, professional, but now, since they unleashed this war against us, they absolutely live in a state of military censorship…Western outlets receive instructions and manuals from their special services, they get leaks of information – which are mostly, very often, specially and professionally prepared falsehoods – and do this round the clock”—a factual observation just joined by the news: “Wikipedia is one of many tools used by the US liberal establishment and its allies in the intelligence community to wage “information warfare”, the site’s co-founder, Larry Sanger, has told journalist Glenn Greenwald…Speaking on Greenwald’s ‘System Update’ podcast, Sanger lamented how the site he helped found in 2001 has become an instrument of “control” in the hands of the left-liberal establishment, among which he counts the CIA, FBI, and other US intelligence agencies”.

Among the few Western publications not adhering to lying and deceptive “military censorship”, this report notes, is the radically independent American news site The National Pulse, that yesterday released its bombshell article “EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Police Chief Called Jan 6 Events ‘A Cover Up’ In Tucker Carlson Interview HIDDEN By Fox News”, wherein it revealed: “Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund told then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson that events surrounding the January 6th riots at the U.S. Capitol appear to have been a “cover up,” in never-seen-before footage published exclusively by The National Pulse”—a bombshell revelation quickly joined by America’s most trusted newsman Tucker Carlson releasing an explosive interview with Hunter Biden former business partner Devon Archer shockingly detailing the crimes committed by President Biden.

Near immediately after Tucker Carlson released his explosive interview documenting the crimes of President Biden, this report continues, Breitbart News released its article “Exclusive Video — Donald Trump: ‘Sort Of Foolish’ To Attend First GOP Debate with Polling Lead Since Fox News ‘Hostile Network’”, wherein it revealed: “Former President Donald Trump, the leading GOP candidate for president in 2024, told Breitbart News exclusively that while he has not yet made a decision on whether or not he will attend the fast-approaching August 23 first GOP primary debate in Milwaukee, he thinks it would be “sort of foolish” and even possibly “stupid” to do so”—a revelation followed by the leftist New York Times releasing its article “Trump Dines With Fox News Executives After Learning Of Third Indictment”, wherein it revealed: “Shortly after learning he was being indicted a third time, former President Donald J. Trump had a private dinner with the top leadership at Fox News as they lobbied him to attend the first Republican presidential primary debate this month”—all of which was joined by the article “FOX News Crash-and-Burn: Only One-Third of Conservative Voters Now Trust FOX News”, wherein it observed: “For anyone who’s been paying any attention to what a post-Tucker Carlson landscape would look like at Fox News, two things are pretty apparent…That landscape is pretty barren…The suddenly-beleaguered news network has lost so many viewers, its stock was downgraded…Following all of the recent turmoil FOX News has lost the trust of American conservatives…Only one-third of self-described conservatives trust FOX News the most”.

While President Donald Trump is deciding if he’ll join the Fox News debate with his Republican Party rivals, this report details, he posted the message: “Let them debate so I can see who I MIGHT consider for Vice President!”—a message most certainly applying to Republican Party presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, about whom it was just reported: “Now, he’s rising in several recent polls — putting him neck-and-neck with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as runner-up in the Republican primaries behind favorite Donald Trump”—and in siding with the over 3,000 architects and engineers of the Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth organization that claims the evidence proves the 11 September 2001 attacks were a false flag, this past week Vivek Ramaswamy declared: “I don’t believe the government has told us the truth…Again, I’m driven by evidence and data…What I’ve seen in the last several years is we have to be skeptical of what the government does tell us…I haven’t seen evidence to the contrary, but do I believe everything the government told us about it?…Absolutely not…Do I believe the 9/11 commission?…Absolutely not”.

The last great power to be ruled over by tyrannical socialist elites committing false flags, stealing elections, unjustly persecuting and imprisoning opponents, censoring news and banning free speech, this report concludes, was the former Soviet Union, whom the unarmed, enraged and under socialist siege Russian peoples ousted from power in 1991—if repeated in the United States, it joins the just released news: “National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) numbers released by the FBI at the end of July show the U.S. has enjoyed four years of one million-plus gun sales a month”—and in knowing who these massively armed American peoples are about to turn their full rage against, it caused absolutely terrified leftist New York Times columnist David Brooks to release his article “What If We’re the Bad Guys Here?” yesterday, wherein he warned his fellow socialist elites:

Donald Trump seems to get indicted on a weekly basis. Yet he is utterly dominating his Republican rivals in the polls, and he is tied with Joe Biden in the general election surveys. Trump’s poll numbers are stronger against Biden now than at any time in 2020.


What’s going on here? Why is this guy still politically viable, after all he’s done?

This story begins in the 1960s, when high school grads had to go off to fight in Vietnam, but the children of the educated class got college deferments.

It continues in the 1970s, when the authorities imposed busing on working-class areas in Boston, but not on the upscale communities like Wellesley where they themselves lived.

The ideal that “we’re all in this together” was replaced with the reality that the educated class lives in a world up here, and everybody else is forced into a world down there. Members of our class are always publicly speaking out for the marginalized, but somehow we always end up building systems that serve ourselves.

The most important of those systems is the modern meritocracy. We built an entire social order that sorts and excludes people on the basis of the quality that we possess most: academic achievement. Highly educated parents go to elite schools, marry each other, work at high-paying professional jobs and pour enormous resources into our children, who get into the same elite schools, marry each other and pass their exclusive class privileges down from generation to generation.

Daniel Markovits summarized years of research in his book “The Meritocracy Trap”: “Today, middle-class children lose out to the rich children at school, and middle-class adults lose out to elite graduates at work. Meritocracy blocks the middle class from opportunity. Then it blames those who lose a competition for income and status that, even when everyone plays by the rules, only the rich can win”.

The meritocracy isn’t only a system of exclusion; it’s an ethos. During his presidency Barack Obama used the word “smart” in the context of his policies over 900 times. The implication was that anybody who disagreed with his policies (and perhaps didn’t go to Harvard Law) must be stupid.

Over the last decades we’ve taken over whole professions and locked everybody else out.

Members of our class also segregate ourselves into a few booming metro areas: San Francisco, D.C., Austin and so on. In 2020, Biden won only 500 or so counties, but together they are responsible for 71 percent of the American economy.

Trump won over 2,500 counties, responsible for only 29 percent. Once we find our cliques, we don’t get out much. In the book “Social Class in the 21st Century”, sociologist Mike Savage and his co-researchers found that the members of the highly educated class tend to be the most insular, measured by how often we have contact with those who have jobs unlike our own.

Armed with all kinds of economic, cultural and political power, we support policies that help ourselves. Free trade makes the products we buy cheaper, and our jobs are unlikely to be moved to China. Open immigration makes our service staff cheaper, but new, less-educated immigrants aren’t likely to put downward pressure on our wages.

Like all elites, we use language and mores as tools to recognize one another and exclude others. Using words like problematic, cisgender, Latinx and intersectional is a sure sign that you’ve got cultural capital coming out of your ears. Meanwhile, members of the less-educated classes have to walk on eggshells, because they never know when we’ve changed the usage rules, so that something that was sayable five years ago now gets you fired.

We also change the moral norms in ways that suit ourselves, never mind the cost to others. For example, there used to be a norm that discouraged people from having children outside of marriage, but that got washed away during our period of cultural dominance, as we eroded norms that seemed judgmental or that might inhibit individual freedom.

After this social norm was eroded, a funny thing happened. Members of our class still overwhelmingly married and then had children within wedlock. People without our resources, unsupported by social norms, were less able to do that. As Adrian Wooldridge points out in his magisterial 2021 book, “The Aristocracy of Talent”, “Sixty percent of births to women with only a high school certificate occur out of wedlock, compared with only 10 percent to women with a university degree”. That matters, Wooldridge continues, because “The rate of single parenting is the most significant predictor of social immobility in the country”.

It’s easy to understand why people in less-educated classes would conclude that they are under economic, political, cultural and moral assault — and why they’ve rallied around Trump as their best warrior against the educated class.

Trump understood that it’s not the entrepreneurs who seem most threatening to workers; it’s the professional class. Trump understood that there was great demand for a leader who would stick his thumb in our eyes on a daily basis and reject the whole epistemic regime that we rode in on.

If distrustful populism is your basic worldview, the Trump indictments seem as just another skirmish on the class war between the professionals and the workers, another assault by a bunch of coastal lawyers who want to take down the man who most aggressively stands up to them. Of course, the indictments don’t cause Trump supporters to abandon him. They cause them to become more fiercely loyal. That’s the polling story of the last six months.

But there’s a larger context here. As the sociologist E. Digby Baltzell wrote decades ago, “History is a graveyard of classes which have preferred caste privileges to leadership”.

That is the destiny our class is now flirting with.

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