Do you think your hair takes a lot of abuse now?  Are you spending a fortune on shampoos that make your hair look worse than it did before?  As bad as it may be now, wait until disaster strikes and no shampoos are available to buy.   Among other medicinal and body care benefits, Aloe Vera can also be used to make a shampoo that is easy to adapt to your needs. With our easy to follow recipe, you’ll be able to make your own aloe vera shampoo in no time! [Read more…]

Urban Survival: 10 Worst Places To Hide In The City If SHTF



Even though the stock market is soaring, our nation is in more danger than ever because of extreme natural disasters and rogue factions itching to run riot.

Now consider these problems along with the very real potential for food shortages, an escalation of the war with North Korea, and general increases in contagious diseases. [Read more…]

50 Toxic Plants: The Silent Slayers at Your Farm


Once you buy enough land to support a survival farm and choose the kinds of animals that will live on it, you will still have a long way to go before creating a viable and sustainable farm.  Unfortunately, many people that create survival farms fail to realize that toxic plants can easily wipe out all animals on the farm, or make milk and other products inedible. [Read more…]

This Is How To Build A Rubber Band Engine


The rubber band engine is cheap and easy to make, and can be adapted easily enough to run on heat from a solar capture device.

This type of engine isn’t the most efficient device, but if you have been looking into power generation systems, then you already know that most systems are inefficient. [Read more…]

Uncommon Off-grid Survival: How to Get Electricity from Mud


It is no secret that anything from EMP blast and natural phenomena to outright sabotage from inside the country can lead to large scale disruptions in the power grid.

You have at least a few electronic devices that you’ll need to operate until you have made a full adjustment to living without electricity. Regardless of whether you need to access data on the memory chip for your smart phone, health monitoring tools, or even a battery powered radio, you should know how to generate electricity using as many methods as possible. [Read more…]