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We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.’ – Chris Hedge Yes, we could use a complete reset and capital punishment for TPTB – Only the all-mighty may pass judgement; our job is only to arrange the meeting. [Read more…]

How Did People Survive the Great Depression? – And How You Will Survive Now

Great Depression

How Did People Survive the Great Depression? – And How You Will Survive Now

A worldwide depression struck countries with market economies at the end of the 1920s. Although the Great Depression was relatively mild in some countries, it was severe in others, particularly in the United States, where, at its nadir in 1933, 25 percent of all workers and 37 percent of all nonfarm workers were completely out of work. Some people starved; many others lost their farms and homes. Homeless vagabonds sneaked aboard the freight trains that crossed the nation. Dispossessed cotton farmers, the “Okies,” stuffed their possessions into dilapidated Model Ts and migrated to California in the false hope that the posters about plentiful jobs were true. Although the U.S. economy began to recover in the second quarter of 1933, the recovery largely stalled for most of 1934 and 1935. A more vigorous recovery commenced in late 1935 and continued into 1937, when a new depression occurred. The American economy had yet to fully recover from the Great Depression when the United States was drawn into World War II in December 1941. Because of this agonizingly slow recovery, the entire decade of the 1930s in the United States is often referred to as the Great Depression. [Read more…]

How to Live and Survive When Your Country Enters an Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse

How to Live and Survive When Your Country Enters an Economic Collapse

Countries are starting to fall like dominos.   Argentina, Greek, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, and Spain have entered have gone into economic collapse.  Europe is entering their economic collapse this very weekend, as a bank holiday was declared and haircut announce on all bank deposits.  Italy is very close to an economic collapse.  [Read more…]

How Young Americans Survived the Hard Times of the Great Depression

Great Depression

How Young Americans Survived the Hard Times of the Great Depression

Editors Note: I don’t know what the future holds, but history has a funny way of repeating itself. I would be lying if I said that I have an optimistic outlook for our near term future. For a myriad of reasons, myself and others like me are preparing for a time when the stupid antics of a messed up 20 year old starlet at an award show aren’t worthy of news attention, because the world will really have more important things to worry about. My fear is going through something worse than our grandparents did in the great depression. What I am concerned about are things like my family’s safety, how I will feed them and take care of them. I wonder about what their lives will be like and if we will live to see them grow old. These are normal things for a parent, but we can easily forget just how difficult life can be and how it can catch up to us when we aren’t looking. [Read more…]

Economic Meltdown Oct-Dec 2015–Strategic Relocation and How To Survive The Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse

Economic Meltdown Oct-Dec 2015–Strategic Relocation and How To Survive The Economic Collapse

Prepare for the coming chaos!!!

How do you prepare yourself and your family for the prospect of an economic collapse?  Here are some recommendations.Stay out of debt — Do everything you can now to get out of debt.  If you are carrying debt when entering an economic collapse, you are likely to lose everything – your home, your retirement funds, and a comfortable future. [Read more…]

How to Live and Survive When Your Country Enters an Economic Collapse


How to Live and Survive When Your Country Enters an Economic Collapse

The sequestration of the United States budget is an indication that austerity has come to the United States.   In my previous posting, I suggested that the United States might have 2 or 3 years before it slides into an economic collapse.  I hope it doesn’t occur, but nothing to me suggest that things are improving in the global or national economies.

So what do you do if your country enters an economic collapse?   How will you survive?  How will you feed your family?   Here are some suggestions.

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Inflation The Key Prior Indicator Towards The Next Great Depression — How to prepare

The-Great-Depression-300x300Inflation The Key Prior Indicator Towards The Next Great Depression — How to prepare

What keeps me awake at night is the prospect of a financial collapse.  Unless something dramatically changes in the world economies, I believe the next great economic depression is coming soon.  If you life in Argentina, Greece or Spain, the depression has already arrived and millions are suffering from it.  With 50% youth unemployment in Spain, cancer patients in Greece with no access to chemo drugs, or the malnutrition of Argentina’s underclass children, economic depression is real, painful, and reduces life expectancy. [Read more…]

Survival Prepper Items At Your Grocery Store

Preppers Stockpile

Survival Prepper Items At Your Grocery Store

Budgets are tight.  Times are tough, and likely to remain so for years to come.  Hidden forms of inflation are eating away at our purchasing power.   Very few among us can drop a lot of coin to accumulate survival supplies and prepper tools.  Therefore most of us must accumulate our supplies incremental, slowly over time.   For consumable items in your survival/prepper supplies, my recommendation is to simply add to your regular, reoccurring purchases.  As an example, let say you spend $200 a week at the grocery store.  Until such time that you build a year’s worth of food in your pantry, increase your grocery weekly purchases to $225 or $250 per week.   Adding just $25 to your weekly grocery budget results in accumulating $1300 in consumables after just a year of effort.  When this becomes a reoccurring regular practice, the incremental effort is very minimal — perhaps just a few minutes more at the grocery store.  $1300 can represent a significant reserve of back-up food and water, in case of a disaster.

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Dust Bowl and Great Depression


Dust Bowl and Great Depression

There is a global crisis for fresh water.  The results of this crisis will affect everyone around the world.   Where fresh water is available, food can be grown and life flourishes.   In developed countries, the price of food will skyrocket.  In less developed countries, the result will be starvation and misery.

Another symptom have the water crisis is Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ is the size of Connecticut

By year 2030, there will be dramatic geopolitical changes around the world regarding fresh water and food availability.  The have’s and the have-nots’ will be separated by having enough to eat.  The wealthy will be identified by having 3 full meals per day.  The middle class will have 2 meals per day.  And the poor will sadly have but one full meal per day.  This is a reality that is becoming real already.

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Ron Paul – final prediction, warning to americans

Ron Paul

Ron Paul – final prediction, warning to americans

Is the United States facing a total financial collapse in this generation? Is the mighty American dollar about to be crushed by cold economic reality?

The truth may just be a lot more frightening than you ever imagined.

The reality is that any major currency not backed by gold in the history of the world has eventually failed, and the actions currently being taken by the U.S government and the Federal Reserve are speeding up the day when the dollar will totally collapse as well.

Sometimes words are not enough to describe a really bad situation. Hopefully the chart at the top of this article will give you get an idea of what is happening to the dollar. This chart originally comes from the Federal Reserve itself. The chart shows the U.S. monetary base from 1960 until today. From 1960 until about 1980, the amount of currency in circulation was increasing, but it was fairly stable. From 1980 to the middle of this decade, the amount of currency in circulation just exploded, but the worst news is found at the end of the chart.

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September 13th, 2015 Will Be Big Clean Up Day – Preparing for the coming economic crisis, 2015 – 2016


September 13th, 2015 Will Be Big Clean Up Day-Preparing for the coming economic crisis, 2015 – 2016

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s make this very clear right before starting to write this article. This article does not pretend to confirm the fact that a new economic crisis is coming by the next 2 years, instead, it is an interpretation and trying to predict the financial future of the markets based on historical facts and past and current information.

“There is no crisis for those that prepare for crisis”

“Growth is our priority and goal, we will do everything to generate growth.”

Let’s go with the facts!

The 7 Year Cycle of Economic Crashes

Many, and that includes high ranked financial personalities, believe that somehow our financial and economic path is connected and follows the well known “7 Year Cycle”.
Just a quick note. Today the world is connected and the economy is globalized, meaning that everything that happens in the USA, Europe, Asia or any place, hits the whole world in a matter of months. An economic independence for a country does not exists, even for Switzerland.


Looking back: 

2008 – The latest economic collapse that today there is still some people strugling with it. Lehman Brothers collapsed and we entered into a recession. The Dow Jones crashed. Millions of jobs lost around the world the following months.

2001 – The Dotcom bubble burst. The stock market collapsed and the USA entered into a recession. And let’s not forget, that was the year when the 9/11 terrorist attack occurred.

1994 – Worst Bond Market experienced by investors. Interest Rates raised too soon. (Flashback info in this link)

1987 – In finance, Black Monday refers to Monday, October 19, 1987, when stock markets around the world crashed, shedding a huge value in a very short time. The crash began in Hong Kong and spread west to Europe, hitting the United States after other markets had already declined by a significant margin. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) dropped by 508 points to 1738.74 (22.61%).[1] In Australia and New Zealand the 1987 crash is also referred to as Black Tuesday because of the timezone difference.

1980 – The Early 1980’s Ressession, affecting most of the developed countries and contributing to the Latinamerican debt crisis.

1973 – The Arab Oil Embargo. OPEC. Yom Kipur War. (more info here)

… And so on back until the Great Depression on 1929 – 1931

Following this 7 year pattern, we understand that 2015 – 2016 is the next season for economic collapse by any origin or cause.

Some elements that are aligning that could contribute to a crisis.

– Price war on Oil may continue for sometime and nobody knows where is this going to end. There are all very different and opposite opinions regarding this issue among all economic experts and analysts around the world.

– Europe and USA economies are certainly not out of the woods as some analysts were saying, infact, the Bank of International Settlements have already warned about a rapidly bubble forming that could burst at any time from now.

– There is not real growth in the Eurozone and is even shrinking. Plus the unemployment situation is not improving.

– We have several warnings from world financial institutions including the World Bank.

– Conflicts around the world, middle east and even USA and Russia are worsening instead of easing. Currently we don’t know how it will going to end. This can affect dramatically the world economy.

– US Market Overvalued.

– Interest Rates will rise sometime soon before the end of this new year if not sooner. This would affect from Credits to Real Estate business.

These are some facts and situations that could contribute to an economic crisis soon which by the pace we are observing, they will end up aligning with the “7 Cycle” pattern described above.
There are certainly more data available and certainly more elements to list and we invite you to make your own research too.

How Do We Prepare?

We have a clear objective which is to make money in any situation, specially on times of crisis, we did it before in 2008 (we prepared for that since 2006).
Today, if you make your research, you will find out that many investors out there (to not to say “all”), are desperately looking for the right places (assets, sectors, markets…) where to invest, because they know the economic near future will be not in good shape and is currently presenting many signs of fracture.

So for that matter, we must understand where is the best place (market sector) to invest.
Our analisys show that Real Estate and Oil Energy will be not-so-good sectors to invest in, for several fundamental reasons.
Renewable Energy and Technology (includingCybersecurity) will be good sectors to invest in.
The Stock Market, referring to buying stocks will be extremely risky.
Gold has lost its appealing lately, specially after the “No” vote in Switzerland. Not excluded though. At certain point it can be considered again as a safe-heaven.
Options, Forex, CFD and Binary Options trading will be the best options to build and maintain wealth.


This is confirmed by several articles from Financial firms which are announcing an increasing flow of investments on Hedge Funds this year and in the future in order to investors to get protected from any economic downturn on the traditional and more exposed sectors, that could happen sometime soon, 2015 – 2016.


We are already working to extend our list of Forex brokers to work with, from 2 (currently) to up to 8 in order to ensure the connection and backup with the most number of solid Liquidity Providers, such Saxo Bank, CitiFX, Deutsche Bank, CommerzBank, Sucden Financial, Fortress Prime, Advanced Markets, Liquidy for Brokers, Fortex, Swiss Quote, Boston Prime, Dukascopy and Sentry Derivatives.

Broker Association

We are negotiating the collaboration with a well known broker which will be distributing our trades among its private members; the constant operation could generate an extra source for the growth of our Fund with amounts going from $1000 to $500000 (half million) monthly.

How It Will Work? 
Our trades will get automatically copied/distributed among their traders. Depending on the amount of funds that flow through the service by the traders members, will generate the income amounts mentioned above, through spread and commissions.
The better we perform, the more flow of funds we will generate.
We calculate that this contract with the broker will be in execution in 3 – 5 months from now, if not sooner.

Trading Operations

We are reducing the number of instruments, unless clear opportunities arise.
We are mainly focused on #WTI US OIL, #Dow, #Dax30, EURJPY, USDJPY on Forex, CFD and Binary Options side, while following key companies on the Options side.

What Should You Do?

As you may already know, to earn we have to invest. Without invest there is not gain.
So investing to gain has to be your priority.
Focus on your preparation, studies, working hard for your objectives and invest.

Extra money for you
As any other Hedge Funds, Fund Mgmt., Brokers, etc, We will also pay a commission to those members that introduce the fund to new investors. We can discuss 5 – 10% commission.(source)


Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.22

This is a good motto to live by, despite how you think about things.

Individuals can still hope for the best (that things can and will eventually work out), but what good is your prosperity going to do if you don’t have anything to eat or a safe place to hang out for an extended period of time?

Why not prepare while you still can — when things are readily available and can still be purchased at cheap prices? The coming hyper-inflation will make any such purchases beforehand look very intelligent…

To prepare for the worst, you need a plan. Why are most people so against doing basic preparations that could be the difference on how they survive — or whether they survive?

History shows time and again that those who prepare always fare better than those who did not.

Having a plan and being determined to act on that plan will always be the best way to handle any contingencies, should they occur.

After disaster strikes, your mind is going to be racing around like a car on a race track. Preplanning and having a written set of measures to take will make someone’s life go much smoother when the SHTF.


Other useful resources:

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USA Economic Collapse – Dollar Crash Coming – Global meltdown! Fall of America – Economic Collapse – Global Meltdown Coming 2015 Prepare!

Economic Collapse

USA Economic Collapse – Dollar Crash Coming – Global meltdown! Fall of America- Global Meltdown Coming 2015 Prepare!

This depression was not only an economic catastrophe, it was social and political catastrophes as well. Its origins then were a mystery and even now among the general public are not clear.Terrible conditions which occurred in the United States and the rest of the world in the 1930’s are known as the Great Depression.

The lessons we never learned from the Great Depression of the 1930s…
How to prosper in hard times
How to prepare for the coming depression…

[Read more…]





The concept of private barter and alternative economies has been so far removed from our daily existence here in America that the very idea of participating in commerce without the use of dollars or without the inclusion of corporate chains seems almost outlandish to many people.However, the fact remains that up until very recently (perhaps the last three to four decades) barter and independent trade was commonplace in this country. Without it, many families could not have survived.

Whether we like it or not, such economic methods will be making a return very soon, especially in the face of a plunging dollar, inflating wholesale prices, erratic investment markets, and unsustainable national debts. It is inevitable; financial collapse of the mainstream system ALWAYS leads to secondary markets and individual barter. We can wait until we are already in the midst of collapse and weighted with desperation before we take action to better our circumstances, or, we can prepare now for what we already know is coming.usdeception_250x200_crater-ce6e01c

In today’s “modern” globalist economy, we have relied upon centralized and highly manipulated trade, forced interdependency, senseless and undisciplined consumption, endless debt creation, welfare addiction, and the erosion of quality, as a means to sustain a system that ultimately is DESIGNED to erode our freedoms not to mention our ability to effectively take care of ourselves. We have been infantized by our financial environment. In the near future, those who wish to live beyond a meager staple of government handouts (if any are even given) will be required to make a 180 degree reversal from their current lifestyle of dependency and immediate gratification towards one of self sufficiency, personal entrepreneurship, quality trade, and a mindset of necessity, rather than unfounded excess.


This means that each and every one of us will not only be driven to form barter networks outside the designated confines of the mainstream, we will have to become active producers within those networks. Each and every one of us will need to discover practical goods and skills that will be in high demand regardless of economic conditions. Being that our society has all but forgotten how this kind of trade works, let’s examine a short list of items as well as proficiencies that are sure to be highly sought after as the collapse progresses…

Top Priority Goods

To be sure, this list is a summary of items that will have high value during and after a breakdown scenario. I welcome readers to post their own ideas for trade goods below this article. The following is merely a framework which you can use to get started, and was compiled using actual accounts of post collapse trade from the Great Depression, to Bosnia, to Argentina, to Greece, etc. These are items and skills that people were literally begging for after financial catastrophe occurred in numerous separate events.

Water Filtration: Stock up on water filters. Learn how water filtration works. Even make your own water filters using cloth, activated charcoal, and colloidal silver. Everyone will want to trade with you if you have extra filtration on hand. During economic breakdowns, especially in countries like Argentina, and Bosnia, which had more modern, city based populations, the first thing to disappear was clean water. Always. In some cases, the tap water still runs, but is filled with impurities, and needs to be boiled. Boiling does not remove bad tastes or smells, however, and clean filtered water will be in demand.

Seeds: Non-GMO seeds are a currency unto themselves. They can last for years if stored properly, and everyone will want them, even if they don’t have land to plant them. Get enough for yourself, and then purchase twice as much for trade.


Fresh Produce: Ever heard of scurvy? Probably. Ever had scurvy? Probably not. Believe me, you don’t want to have it. Your body essentially begins to fall apart slowly, and the result is an ugly boil and sore filled complexion, the loss of teeth and hair, and the eventual failure of internal organs. Don’t think you can live on beef jerky and canned beans for months on end. You need fresh vegetables and fruits, and the vitamins they supply. Anyone with a well managed garden and a few fruit trees is going to do very well in barter. Vitamin supplements would also be a practical investment.BL_209

Long Shelf Life Foods: This one should be obvious, but you may be surprised how many preppers, even though aware of the danger in the economy, do not have ample stored foods.The rationalizations abound, but usually, you are dealing with a person who has a heavy hunting background, and believes he will be able to procure whatever food he wants whenever he wants with his trusty bolt action rifle and a few hours in the woods. Don’t fall into this foolish trap. Thousands if not millions of other hungry, destitute people will likely have the same idea, combing the forest for deer, only running into (and perhaps shooting at) each other. In every single account of modern economic collapse I have read, the people involved kick themselves brutally for not stocking more food that didn’t require refrigeration. Even those that were moderately prepared stated that they wished they had stored twice as much as they did.

Sealed food kits would be highly valued trade items, as long as they contained necessities like grains (wheat or rice store well), salt (the human body will not function without salt), honey or maple syrup (the body needs sugars), and powdered milk, peanut butter, or any other foods with fat content (the body needs fats). Prepackaged freeze-dried foods are more expensive to stock, but they are, of course, easy to trade.

Food Producing Animals: Chickens are great for eating, but they also produce eggs. Cows and Goats can be slaughtered, but they also produce milk. Sheep can be easily herded towards your dinner plate, but they also produce wool. Rabbits make a good stew, but they also produce lots of other rabbits. In terms of barter, these animals will be life savers, as well as a solid source of trade income. Dual purpose livestock are really where it’s at for those who have even an acre of land, and many of them (except cattle) tend to feed themselves easily if left to wander your property. You can trade eggs, milk, wool, etc, that they produce. Not to mention, fetch serious value for trading the animal itself.

Solar Power: Solar power is so overlooked by most barter organizations and survivalists in general that it’s astonishing. If every home in America had at least two large solar panels on the roof, I would not be half as worried about collapse as I am today. My suspicion is that many preppers believe that after a breakdown, we will all return to some kind of Agrarian pre-electric age where everything is lit with oil lamps. This is silly. If I have my LED lamp with rechargeable batteries, I’m certainly not going to rely on less effective burning lamps that depend on a finite fuel supply. And, I’m certainly not going to give up the advantages of nightvision, radio communications, or refrigeration if I can help it. The key is to ensure that you have a continuous means of diverting electricity to these goods. This already exists in the form of solar power.

Depending on your budget, you can purchase solar panels that can be folded and carried with you for charging batteries, or, you can purchase entire arrays and battery banks that run your whole house. Those without electricity WILL want electricity, and solar is an excellent barter item. Wind generators, as well as water driven generators (as used often in Bosnia) are also a consideration. People that have the knowledge to set up these systems for others will not have trouble finding trading partners.

Firewood: Even with solar power, home heating will become a major concern for every household during and after a breakdown. If you can avoid running your battery bank out on inefficient space heaters, you will. The best way to do this is with a wood stove, or a fireplace.Those without any electricity will scour their immediate areas for loose wood, then move on to chopping down random trees for fuel. This is one of the few instances, ironically, that those in urban environments would have an advantage, being that dry wood for burning is literally everywhere in the city. During the Great Depression, families would often sneak into abandoned homes and apartment buildings to dismantle sticks of furniture, or even the walls, to use as firewood.

A small, well insulated home can be heated with as little as two cords of wood every winter.Larger drafty homes require as much as twenty cords per winter. A “cord’ of wood is a stack of split timber around four feet wide, four feet high, and eight feet long. This wood is “aged”, or dried for at least a year after being cut, so that it burns cleaner, and creates much more heat than freshly felled timber. When the general public begins to rediscover the need for aged cord wood, those with timberland will have a prized commodity on their hands for barter.

A disciplined cutting routine would be essential. Only cutting enough timber (of the right maturity) to create a decent supply while not erasing the whole forest for a single year of profit.Those traders with the correct knowledge will do very well in a barter economy.


Gasoline And Oil: This is a tough one, because its hard to predict how much petroleum the U.S. will be able to import or produce on its own during a collapse, and its very difficult to store for long periods of time. If you hear news that the wars in the Middle East have expanded even further, or that OPEC is decoupling from the dollar, you might want to run to the nearest station and fill as many storage cans as possible, along with a little bit of added ‘gas saver’ which helps keep it stable longer. Initially, people will be dueling to the death for gas and oil. I have little doubt. After the price hits $15, $30, $60 a gallon due to hyperinflation, and a little time passes, I think people will begin finding ways to live without it, or they will reduce its use to emergency tasks.

Desire for gas will always be there, especially in agricultural areas where one tractor could help sow the seeds that feed an entire town. But beyond storage, I would suggest learning ways to distill your own corn ethanol and alcohol based fuels. This is where the real barter potential is.

Silver And Gold: I placed precious metals in the middle of this list for a reason. Concerns in a collapse situation will be varied, and the manner in which a derailment progresses will also determine the order of needs in a barter community. In a Mad Max scenario where there is little to no community, or the construction of any semblance of economy is impossible; sure, gold and silver will not be very high on most people’s lists. Has this ever happened in recorded history? No. Gold and silver have remained common currencies for thousands of years despite any catastrophe. This is why I have to laugh at those people who undercut precious metals or claim that because you “can’t eat them” they will not be important. In Argentina, in the midst of complete meltdown and monetary chaos, when people were shooting each other in the streets for food on a daily basis, gold and silver became king, and still are.


Barter networks that have formed in Argentina love to trade for anything made out of gold or silver, because precious metals are the only tangible form of currency in existence there. Being able to trade goods is fantastic, but sometimes, you may not have what another person wants.Do you go out to find someone who does, trade with them, then, try to find the guy who turned you down? No. If you have any meaningful localized commerce in place, then you should also have a common medium of exchange, and precious metals are the only thing that safely fits the mold, because they cannot be artificially reproduced or fabricated. Their rarity and their longevity make them the perfect method of common trade. Even if the worst of the worst occurs, rebuilding will result in the immediate resurgence of trade, and the immediate need of a new currency. Gold and silver will come back, as it always has, and always will. Every potential barter network should be including gold, silver, and maybe copper, on its list of accepted alternative currencies, and the values of said metals should be weighed by the inherent supply and demand of the community. The “official” market value ( which is very manipulated) should only be used as a loose guide.

Firearms And Ammo: Another obvious one. The problem is, the selection of calibers is so varied within the U.S. that stocking anything that will be needed by everyone is very difficult. The only recourse is to stick with common military calibers, such as 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, .223, 7.62 by 39, 7.62 by 51 (.308), 12 gauge, .410, and 20 gauge shotgun shells, and the ever pervasive .22. Stocking these calibers will result in a much greater chance of trade.

I can think of no instance of societal disintegration that did not lead to horrible violence. In places where firearms are outlawed, the carnage is always much worse. Criminals easily get their hands on weapons, while law abiding citizens are left defenseless. Governments take liberties with the people, while the populace cowers. Accounts of torture, rape, murder, and genocide, are abundant in the face of hard economic times. EVERYONE should be armed, and as reality sets in, even those who clamored to outlaw guns will be clamoring to get one.

Of course, laws today very strictly regulate our ability to barter firearms, but post collapse, no one will care much.

Ammo reloading will be a useful skill in light of the fact that homemade manufacture of ammo is very difficult. The nationwide ammo supply will dwindle very quickly, except for those pockets of people who smartly stockpile for trade.

Body Armor: That’s right. Any kind of body armor is as good as gold in a collapse environment.People in countries across the world wish they had it, and would trade almost anything for it.When you live in a place where a random gun shot (a minute by minute occurrence in many countries), from a criminal’s weapon, or more likely a police or military weapon, could bounce off the curb or through your car windshield, and into your chest, you begin to respect the necessity of Kevlar. The fact that body armor is relatively cheap and is easily obtained in the U.S. should be taken advantage of by barter networks. This advantage may not exist in a couple of years.

Tazers And Pepper Spray: Easy to purchase and stockpile here in America. Better than nothing when facing armed attackers. Disables without death (in most cases), and easier on the conscience. Trades well.

Various Tools: A garden hoe may be a novelty item to most suburbanites and city dwellers now, but soon, it will be a mainstay tool. If you have extra, they will come to you for barter. I’m not going to list every tool in existence here, but I suggest using common sense. What tools do you see being required for daily use? What would YOU need post collapse?

Pesticides: I’m big on organic food and healthy eating, but if my life is on the line, I’m spraying my crops down with whatever poison I can find. Unless you have years of experience with natural pest deterrence methods, then I suggest you do the same, especially in that first year of calamity. A hoard of locusts could annihilate your crop within a day given the chance, and should be dealt with using the most powerful means available.

Cockroach and rat poisons will also be huge sellers, guaranteed. Vermin thrive in unkempt human environments, whether in the country or the city, and with them comes disease.Diseases you thought had disappeared off the face of the Earth, like bubonic plague or small pox, will make a comeback in cities, where streets of death and sewage act like enormous Petri dishes (remember New Orleans after Katrina? Imagine if that had never been cleaned up).

Stock pesticides, even if they offend your environmental sensibilities. You’ll use them, trust me.And, people will trade whatever they can for them.

Warm Clothing: The world is awash in textiles and clothing. Using clothes as your primary means of trade is not necessarily the best plan. However, most of the clothes made around the world are very poor quality, and are not designed for harsh environments. Clothes made specifically for harsh cold or rough wear are harder to some by, and are often very expensive.This is where you would want to focus your investments.

Gortex, for instance, could give you incredible bartering potential. Wool socks are a rarity (how many people do you know with more than two pairs of wool socks?). Water resistant and water proof jackets and overcoats, boots, well made hiking shoes, and waterproofing chemicals and sprays will be needed within trade networks. The ability to make these items, or repair them, will also be valued.

Medicines: This is another difficult item to procure, mainly because doing so often gets you flagged as a possible drug dealer. Certain items aren’t too hard to come by and store, though, and could be life saving barter material in the future. Antibiotics are handed out like candy by doctors today, so storing any extra you have away for trade may be a good strategy. Painkillers are another medical miracle that doctors seem to sprinkle out of helicopters without a second thought. With the risk of injury increasing one hundred fold after a financial tsunami, I suspect even mere aspirin would put a smile on the face of any barter networker.


Eventually, natural medicines and herbs are going to have to move to the forefront, as industry medicines begin to disappear, or become so expensive they are unobtainable. Stocking such herbs and vitamins would be smart, for protecting oneself, not to mention, its savvy business sense.

Toiletries: Yes, yes, we all hear about how great toilet paper will be as a barter item, and how preppers plan to demand cows, trucks, and beach-front property, in return for packages of the silken quilty-soft huggable rolls of goodness. I don’t disagree that it will be highly desired at first. People don’t change their habits that quickly. But let’s face it; toilet paper is a luxury item in a post collapse environment, not a necessity. People are going to eventually go back to older methods of hygiene, like using strips of washable cloth. It might sound gross to us now, but hey, did you think we were going to start using poison ivy and pinecones?

Stock toilet paper, but don’t treat it as a priority. Focus more on cleaning items like soap, toothpaste, and bleach, as well as chemicals that cause human waste to quickly biodegrade.Staying clean is VERY important, because the alternative is catching a nasty bacterial infection that may kill you, when in more peaceful and comfortable times, it may have just given you slightly irritating intestinal distress. The rest of the country will come around to this way of thinking in short order, and many people will come to you for the cleaning goods you stockpiled.

Specialty Items: There are many circumstances that are hard to predict, circumstances that could severely affect barter markets and what items come into demand. For example; a nuclear event, as is in progress in Japan, could just as easily strike the U.S. There are 104 nuclear power plants in the U.S., not to mention the threat of a small nuclear attack (or false flag). The market for goods such as potassium iodide pills and Geiger counters would explode (potassium iodide suppliers were inundated with orders from around the world after Fukushima). How many people do you know with a Geiger counter? I’m one of the few I know with one, and I know preppers across the country! In the wake of a fallout situation, knowing what is contaminated with radiation and what isn’t, knowing if it’s even safe to go outside, is imperative. Having an extra Geiger counter could help you barter your way into any number of goods.

A biological event might bring medical grade particulate masks to the top of people’s lists, as well as disinfectants and even hazmat suits. It’s an ugly thing to imagine, but for those who plan to engage in independent trade, it’s a likelihood that must be considered.

Top Priority Skills

Provided below is a brief list of skills which have served people well in various economic downturns, and will do the same for you in this country. Keep in mind that almost any skill that other people cannot do well has potential for trade, but some skills are more sought after than others. In my research, it is those people who are able to produce their own goods as well as effectively repair existing goods that have the greatest potential for survival in a barter market.Next, are those people who have specific abilities that are difficult to learn and who have the knack for teaching those abilities to others. If you do not have any of these skills, or perhaps only one, then it would be wise to begin learning at least one more now. Keep in mind that competition will very much exist in a barter economy, so knowing as many skills as possible increases your chances of success.

Mechanic, Engine Repair



Firearms Repair, Ammo Reloading


Architect, Home Reinforcement

Agriculture, Farming Expertise, Seed Saving, Animal Care

Bee Keeping

Doctor, Medical Assistant


Well Construction, Water Table Expertise

Engineer, Community Planning, Manufacturing, Electrical

Firearms Proficiency, Security, Self Defense Planning

Martial Arts Training

Wild Foods Expert



Sewing, Textiles

Soap Making, Candle Making, Hygiene Products

Small Appliance Repair

Electronics Repair

HAM Radio Expert

Homeschooling, Tutoring

Again, there are definitely many more trades of value that could be learned. This list is only to help you on your way to self sufficiency and entrepreneurship in an Alternative Market.Unfortunately, too many Americans have absolutely no skills worth bartering in a post collapse world.

Bringing Back The American Tradesman

Barter networking is a powerful tool for countering the affects of depression, hyperinflation, stagflation, globalization, and beyond. But, networks require that participants actually have necessary goods and services to trade. In only half a century or less, American culture has been sterilized of nearly all its private trade skills. We have lost our desire to produce, and have been relegated to the dregs of a retail nightmare society dependent entirely on consumption and debt. This is going to change, one way, or another.

We can change on our own, or we can wait until fear and desperation force us to make hard choices. I would rather forgo the desperation and the painful fall into the gutter. It makes little sense.

The bottom line is, if you wish to survive after the destruction of the mainstream system that has babied us for so long, you must be able to either make a necessary product, repair a necessary product, or teach a necessary skill. A limited few have the capital required to stockpile enough barter goods or gold and silver to live indefinitely. The American Tradesman must return in full force, not only for the sake of self preservation, but also for the sake of our heritage at large.Without strong, independent, and self sufficient people, this country will cease to be.



Other useful resources:

Survival MD (Best Post Collapse First Aid Survival Guide Ever)

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Source :



What Was the Great Depression?

The Great Depression, which lasted from 1929 to the early 1940s, was a severe economic downturn caused by an overly-confident, over-extended stock market and a drought that struck the South. In an attempt to end the Great Depression, the U.S. government took unprecedented direct action to help stimulate the economy. Despite this help, the Great Depression finally ended with the increased production needed for World War II. [Read more…]

Great Depression II: It Will Be Bloodier, But Shorter & How You Can Prepare


Photo: PJ Media

Over a dozen bankers commit suicide…billions of rounds of ammunition are ordered by federal agencies…thousands of armored SWAT vehicles are being delivered to American cities…a U.S. Army manual describes internment camps for American citizens…Germany demands its 374 tons of gold stored in the FED depository (but so far only gets less than 10% of it).  What is going on?

As we have described in past articles, Washington D.C. has been operating organized crime for 152 years.  A counterfeiting operation always ends when it is exposed; yet this one was exposed over 20 years ago, and still continues.

The only reason the FED cartel and debt-based fraudulent banking system has not been busted, with a return to honest banking and lawful (silver and gold) U.S. money as stipulated in our Constitution — is that such a return to honest money and banking will bring a more devastating deflationary crash than humanity has ever experienced.

Yet, biblical and economic fundamentals demand that this crash is coming, whether we like it or not.  Our only question in days ahead should be: now, what will We The People do *after* this cataclysm, to end the cartels’ control?

But first, let us consider what we will be facing soon.  I have read articles, blog posts, and books suggesting that when inevitable financial collapse hits America, Civil War II will follow.  I do not believe that position is supportable from history.


Mad Max, or Jericho?

To understand what life may be like for a period after a truly massive national disaster, see the TV series Jericho. In that series, the enemy (viewers don’t learn who the enemy is until the end of Season 1) destroys 23 major U.S. cities including Washington D.C., using nuclear bombs in steel drums. Though the nuclear scenario is far-fetched, the producers realistically depict the law of the jungle to be expected after a widespread collapse of society.

Civil war and massive financial collapse are very different.  They stem from different causes, employ different rules of engagement, involve different players, strategies, and tactics — and are distinct in terms of escalation, resolution, and probable outcome.

Several other authors’ and website owners’ theory is that Congress’ 150-year counterfeiting racket is coming to a cataclysmic end.  I agree, but I’d like to offer a scenario that is more supportable from history than a second civil war.  I think we face the scenario portrayed in Mark Goodwin’s book — and we have an opportunity to make the story end very well for us, and very badly for the ‘money powers’ that have run Washington D.C. from behind the scenes for 175 years.

Big Brother is Looking Down on You

The federal government seeking to employ domestic aerial drones is a shocking development.  A common news item on Infowars for years, it was brought to light for most Americans by Senator Rand Paul’s March 2013 filibuster, reminiscent of countless speeches by his father, former Congressman Ron Paul, on the floor of the U.S. House. The younger Paul’s speech opened the eyes of many Americans about the federal police-state buildup.

For more information on government drones — including swarms of drones the size of a quarter — read Goodwin’s book.  This is real, and it is ominous; but it need not end badly.  We The People hold all the lawful power, and we have the numbers too.

Government Hoarding Ammo and Building Camps

Then there is the federal government’s contracts to purchase over two billion rounds of hollow-point ammo. Jack Swint raised the issue last August in an article; Alex Jones and Infowars ran a series of articles for several weeks last year and again earlier this year on the subject.

Check out this incredible way of becoming food independent on Backyard Liberty, and find out more about off-grid survival on Conquering the Coming Collapse.

Then consider the recently exposed U.S. Army Field Manual FM 3-39.40 entitled Internment and Resettlement Operations, that mentions taking prisoners’ Social Security numbers – demonstrating that it is meant for domestic internment camps.  In an early 2013 video, the YouTube channel called StormCloudsGathering demonstrated that per paragraphs 2-39 and 2-40, it does apply to detainment of U.S. citizens. Reviewing paragraph 7-16, it is obvious that Infowars has been correct in its reporting on this issue; these camps are meant for Americans:

Individual identification photographs are taken of all prisoners. The prisoner’s last name, first name, and middle initial are placed on the first line of a name board, and the prisoner’s social security number is placed on the second line. A prisoner registration number may be added on the third line. Two front and two profile pictures are taken of the prisoner. Fingerprints are obtained according to AR 190-47.

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes takes the civil war position in a recent article, as does author Daxton Brown in his book Surviving Civil War II. Dozens of other dystopian guidebooks and novels also adopt the thesis that a civil war must follow the collapse of Congress’ 150-year-long counterfeiting of ‘U.S. Dollars’ and defaulting on its $122 trillion ocean of ’entitlement’ pork.

The Civil War II theorists propose that the TEA Party movement and other constitutionalists will be on one side but they pose different ideas of who will comprise the other side. Just the ‘evil government’, or perhaps an alliance of predators, parasites, and communists…Occupy Wall Street, unions, bureaucrats, welfare and Social Security recipients, and more.  In Surviving Civil War II, the author suggests a shooting war using guerrilla tactics — but I think these scenarios are unrealistic in light of our 19th and 20th century history.

These facts are not in dispute:

1) federal agencies are buying billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition;

2) federal government does have a disaster plan that includes internment camps.

My point is that these two facts do not necessarily demand that Civil War II be the result.  If my position is correct — that Great Depression II is coming, instead — then the ammunition orders and  internment camps can be put in perspective.  Again, I recommend watching the TV series Jericho for a plausible depiction of the breakdown of social order that would follow the failure of the Federal Reserve’s scam. Add in a national shortage of food and/or power and/or water – and especially in urban zones, law of the jungle kicks in fast.

Property owners will want law and order to be maintained; but maintaining order in a civil war scenario is a very different set of challenges from restoring lawful money, banking, and civil government after arresting organized crime whereby government bred and fed a parasite class and corporate predator class.

Who are the Good and Bad Guys?

Our domestic enemy that presents a clear and present danger to the security of the United States is thus organized crime in the U.S. Congress.

Not all members of Congress are corrupt, but many of them are.  Their organized crime operations are clear, as I detailed in this comprehensive blog article. Since 1862, Congress has overseen the largest financial crime in history. We The People face not a civil war, but law enforcement challenges; we must apply penal sanctions, then restore the Constitution’s lawful form of U.S. money: gold and silver coin. Below, I’ll explain one scenario for lawful money transition.


Restoring lawful U.S. money and credit is an Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 law enforcement mission of the Citizen Militia, organized and mustered by the legislatures of the sovereign States. If it comes to force of arms in these United States, no one else can lawfully assume the mission.  That’s the law.

It Will Not Be Civil War II

So.  Restoring Rule of Law in America is not war; it’s a law enforcement mission of the Citizen Militia organized and equipped by the legislatures and governors of the States.  But most American gun owners are not trained in warfare — and only one State Legislature out of 50 (Arizona) even has a Militia statute as required by the Constitution.  So when the wheels come off, 200 million idiotic American sheep will become deadly serious overnight.  They’ll want heads to roll, and they’ll demand resumption of constitutional order, yet will be unequipped to do their duty as stipulated in the Constitution.

For local, county, and State peace officers from constables up to State Guard, perhaps tens of millions of rounds of ammo will be needed to stop starving looters, rapists, carjackers, arsonists, and murderers that would swarm across America in the worst case.  That will be a 21st century re-enactment not of the Great Depression, but of Mad Max.  Jack Swint, Daxton Brown, Stewart Rhodes, and many others paint this bleak picture, and with no recovery plan in place, the Federal Reserve scam’s collapse will make a very bleak life for all of us.

But the worst part needn’t last more than a year or two if we can force our Lawful U.S. Money and Banking Act into law.  It is designed to make the transition to lawful money in the shortest time possible, finally ending Congress’ 151-year counterfeiting crime.  AmericaAgain! will be vital, and I think CSPOA and Oath Keepers will be vital also.  As long as a few million sane, righteous citizens exist, America can avoid civil war in favor of long-overdue law enforcement.

The Vital Role of Citizen Militia

Citizen Militia, per Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the Constitution, must “execute the laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections…”.

But as constitutional scholars Edwin Vieira and Jon Roland have maintained for decades: Citizen Militia has never been a gaggle of autonomous vigilante groups; always ’well-regulated’ by the States, the legislatures close to and accountable to the People.

Swint, Brown, Rhodes, and countless other “Civil War II” prophets suggest that the TEA Party will square off against the State and be treated as rebels; the opposite of what the Constitution stipulates.  By law, the Citizen Militiaregulated by its State government is the top of America’s law enforcement and military defense system.

The first Great Depression gives us an idea of the shattering social upheaval and family ruin in our future; but most likely, Great Depression II will be far bloodier and shorter. If properly-regulated  Citizen Militia does not jump in and fill the void in public order, government agencies will – because someonehas to.

In a constitutional regime of national defense and law enforcement, forces are predominantly State Militia under officers appointed by the State Legislatures.  National armies are only called up for two years at a time, for declared wars, with a demonstrable purpose to defend these United States.

Arresting organized crime will bring vital catharsis for the Constitution and for American ethics and virtue. The battle space will be the Internet, the State criminal courts, and the court of public opinion.  Since some in Congress do not support this organized crime, we can’t accurately label the coming cataclysm as “the People vs. the government”.

It is law enforcement.  It must be undertaken by a coalition of the willing – local and county law enforcement and State Guard, but primarily Citizen Militia forces performing our duty for the first time in 175 years. Read the Constitution; this is what the law stipulates.

The Painful Death of American Marxism

Years of law enforcement and public education will be necessary to re-condition tens of millions of communist parasites that there exists no such thing as a free lunch. I refer not only to the parasitic poor; millions of middle-class and upper-class parasites and predators exist as well.  The parasite and predator classes do not produce anything useful to the market; yet some of them are the wealthiest and most honored members of society. As in the first Great Depression, many of them will find themselves in humbling, menial jobs.

The breakdown of Rule of Law requires that basic social order be first restored: Do not murder. Do not steal. The second thing is productivity; people must produce, rather than live off the production of others. In other words, a return to the Protestant work ethic that characterized us for three centuries.

As was necessary after the fall of the USSR, the oldest two generations will continue to demand their government giveaways even when it is obvious that they’re illegal and nonexistent. These people will no longer be able to traipse across America in their RV, or go to Vegas or on cruises. They will either get to work, or find support from their kids and grandkids, or plug into churches and social circles…or have a very hard end in life.  No more illegal, communist ‘safety net’ in Washington, D.C. – back to the American way for 300 years before Woodrow Wilson.


Life After Great Depression II

The responsible citizenry – those who will rebuild America – will be what I call We The People: the citizen that produces more than he consumes; who employs others and takes risks, rather than seeking a cushy life.  There are still tens of millions of Americans who meet that description.  In tough times, they will hire at least a few others (in some cases, they’ll hire hundreds). They will make products that Americans really need – and we will buy American more than ever before (all countries will become more protectionist after the collapse).

The hardest hit sector will be the world’s largest gambling casino: the financial industry. By definition, an industry must actually be industrious; must actually produce something of value. The American banker, financial dealer and trader, and brokers do not fit the description.  Who knows what will become of all those fancy little branch bank buildings when only one in ten survives?

Much else will change, too. Washington, D.C. will figure very small in your life. The Medicare and Social Security scams will die; every American will once more be responsible for his or her own life and future as the founders intended.  Most other federal agencies will be defunded, and life will return to what it was four generations ago.  This will be a very good thing for America’s future and for American character.

Arresting Congress’ 150-year Counterfeiting Crime

Sooner or later, Americans will return to using lawful U.S. money as stipulated in the U.S. Constitution; this is a basic fact of life.  So what will happen when silver and gold U.S. money as demanded by law, is restored?  I’ll offer a scenario that is realistic, unlike the silly $1 trillion platinum ‘debt coin’ idea floated by Obama supporters recently, in an effort to “pay off the national debt”.

First, assume the stated government gold reserves (ca. 8,100 metric tons) do exist.  Second, assume that all gold held privately in America, is left out of the calculation for now, as an offsetting assumption.

Third, assume that only one-third of the estimated 25,000 metric ton domestic silver mine reserves are monetized in the near-term.  Fourth, leave out all of the existing publicly minted coins and private coin or bullion reserves of silver; another offsetting assumption.

Using those assumptions and U.S. Base Money Supply of $8 trillion and M3 (total long-term CDs in US banks) at $10 trillion, Congress could restore lawful U.S. money and ’regulate the value’ of silver to $4,300 per troy ounce and gold to $64,500 per troy ounce for monetary use.

That is of course a very unrealistic number — at least twice what the market would allow.  This is because when Congress resumes lawful U.S. money consisting of 100% gold and silver backing for all bank transactions and U.S. Dollar paper bill print runs, domestic and foreign holders of silver and gold will beat a path to the U.S. market to sell their ounces of precious metal for thousands or tens of thousands of honest new U.S. Dollars.  Thus, I think a more realistic new peg would be something like $1300/oz silver and $20,000/oz gold.

If you think this is preposterous because large gold and silver holders would become insanely wealthy, consider that for the past century and more, the insanely wealthy have been those holding large amounts of casino paper – Federal Reserve Notes (counterfeit “U.S. Dollars”) and all derivatives of that scam and the other scam called ’fractional reserve’ loans.  Is that arrangement more ethical than obeying the U.S. Constitution’s stipulations for lawful money, allowing value to flow once more to real assets and labor?


The staggering financial crime is a financial ‘industry’ enabled and supported by Congress to steal hundreds of trillions of dollars in labor and assets from America’s productive class.  To exacerbate the destruction, Congress for the past century has then used this ‘air money’ to bloat its bureaucracy and an American socialist parasite horde that now threatens our electoral process.  The ancient counterfeiting crime must be arrested; our perfect opportunity is the inevitable collapse of the U.S. ‘dollar’ and the financial casino.

Speaking of bloat: financial mega-shocks are by nature deflationary so a period of deflation is to be expected.  Retailers and stockholders always resist deflation at all costs.  In the coming cataclysm, they will be powerless to resist.  Think cancer surgery.

Incidentally, when you think of lawful U.S. money (backed 100% by gold and silver specie) don’t envision carrying around huge amounts of precious metal coins.  The U.S. Mint manufactures over 12 billion base metal, partial-silver, silver, and gold coins every year; that would continue and most transactions will still be electronic, paper checks, or U.S. Dollar silver certificates but the difference will be that all transactions will be backed by 100% vault reserves and audited perhaps monthly, weekly, or even as frequently as daily, depending on the robustness of the auditing software and hardware.  Don’t let the financial industry conjurers blow smoke in your eyes; this is easily accomplished and computers are very efficient.  We The People merely have to hold the U.S. Congress accountable under the law — with zero tolerance for fraud and embezzlement.

Downsizing the Federal Leviathan

The wise and diligent will prosper; the foolish and slothful will live hard lives. Amusement-oriented industries will die within months, as we realize how many careers have been wasteful and foolish in the extreme.  The 700+ military installations around the world will be eliminated, since not one of them meets the Constitution’s stipulations for military defense.

The automotive and petroleum Gargantua will die in its present form as consumption drops to half of today’s levels (and as the Peak Oil theory of ‘the end of the world as we know it’ is shoved off the stage by new data theorizing almost unlimited oil from abiotic deep-earth processes).

American economic activity in some areas will drop to the level of Europe; many Europeans will slide to Asia’s level; much of Asia will slide back into the Third World for a time.  In place of today’s Gargantua will be a much more efficient transportation industry – a good thing, unless you work in that industry.

In Leviticus 25 and 27, every fiftieth year is the yobel – the Jubilee when slaves are set free, debt is wiped out, and property returned to its original owners. In our context, tax slaves have their bill wiped out, bureaucrats are forced to find real work, and banks lose their exalted positions over owners of assets that were earned by real work of borrowers.

A New Way of Life: AmericaAgain!

AmericaAgain! will bring three salutary things to American life:

1) The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ will be the mechanism for Americans to assure this can never happen again since every member of Congress can be indicted for attempting to revert;

2) AmericaAgain! Legislative Action reforms are 19 mega-changes that will cut federal government back to only its 17 lawful powers, and cuts all imperial emoluments to members of Congress;

3) AmericaAgain! Minutemen is a plan to restore the Citizen Militia; citizen service for local, county, and State emergencies and defense that was sundered by Lincoln in 1861 with his federal army.

When ‘the Big One’ comes this time, We The People won’t wander about aimlessly as we did in the 1930s. This time, a tactical remnant of We The People will assure that when the organized crime cancer surgery is over, it won’t begin again as soon as the smoke clears.

We have identified and isolated the enemies of our Republic; we have developed tactical and strategic defenses equal to, and appropriate for, the threat. We have swept away the false flags and now see the battle space with unclouded eye.

A presently unseen force of millions of Americans will move into action after the first shocks hit and a harsh new reality sets in.  Americans showed the world what we could do when driven by contrived world wars — how much more can we do when our own republic is on the brink of destruction from within?

AmericaAgain! is preparing for reality in the light of history, rather than the scenarios painted by most dystopian novels.

It is true — Great Depression II is inevitable, and Americans should be preparing for it.  This time, however, a critical mass of Americans can be sincerely repentant and diligent before God, to lead the most exciting period in six American generations.

Remember this, when that morning dawns and Great Depression II has begun.  How it ends, will be up to us.

Other useful resources:EC540

Blackout USA (EMP survival and preparedness)

Conquering the coming collapse (Financial advice and preparedness )

Liberty Generator (Build and make your own energy source)

Backyard Liberty (Easy and cheap DIY Aquaponic system to grow your organic and living food bank)


Why you need to prepare with Food for Hyperinflation! (VIDEO)

spiral0In economics, hyperinflation is inflation that is very high or “out of control”. While the real values of the specific economic items generally stay the same in terms of relatively stable foreign currencies.  In hyper-inflationary conditions the general price level within a specific economy increases rapidly as the functional or internal currency, as opposed to a foreign currency, loses its real value very quickly, normally at an accelerating rate.


List of Countries that have Experienced Hyperinflation:

• Angola • Argentina • Austria • Belarus • Bolivia • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Brazil • Bulgaria • China • Free City of Danzig • Georgia • Germany • Greece • Hungary, 1922-1924 • Hungary, 1945-1946 • Israel • Krajina  • Mexico • Nicaragua • Peru • Philippines • Poland, 1921-1924 • Poland, 1989-1991 • Republika Srpska • Romania • Russian Federation • Taiwan • Ukraine • United States • Yugoslavia • Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) • Zimbabwe

Last Hyperinflation in the USA

During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress authorized the printing of paper currency called continental currency. These notes depreciated rapidly, giving rise to the expression “not worth a continental.“

During the U.S. Civil War, between January 1861 and April 1865, the Lerner Commodity Price Index of leading cities in the eastern Confederacy states increased from 100 to over 9,000.  As the Civil War dragged on, the Confederate dollar had less and less value, until it was almost worthless by the last few months of the war.

Examples of Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation in the Wiemar Republic

Germany went through its worst inflation in 1923. In 1922, the highest denomination was 50,000 Mark. By 1923, the highest denomination was 100,000,000,000,000 Mark. In December 1923 the exchange rate was 4,200,000,000,000 Marks to 1 US dollar.[ In 1923, the rate of inflation hit 3.25 × 106 percent per month (prices double every two days). Beginning on 20 November 1923, 1,000,000,000,000 old Marks were exchanged for 1 Rentenmark so that 4.2 Rentenmarks were worth 1 US dollar, exactly the same rate the Mark had in 1914.


Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe

During this period from 1999–2009, the country experienced a sharp drop in production in all sectors. Unemployment rose and life expectancy dropped.  Hyperinflation began early in the twenty-first century, reaching 624% in 2004. It fell back to low triple digits before surging to a new high of 1,730% in 2006. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe revalued on 1 August 2006 at a ratio of 1 000 ZWD to each second dollar (ZWN), but year-to-year inflation rose by June 2007 to 11,000% (versus an earlier estimate of 9,000%). Larger denominations were progressively issued.

The Value of the Dollar is decreasing, Fuel Prices are Rising, Food Prices are Rising, Food Packages and Contents are Smaller, your Employment income is FLAT and/or Decreasing!  This is what you should DO IMMEDIATELY!


1. Keep excess cash in precious metals, in tangible assets not paper assets. Investing in precious metals will hedge the defilation of your dollar.  While the value of the dollar is going down, the value of the precious will go up.  So when a New Currency is implemented, you can sell your precious metals and get full value of the New Dollar.

2. Downsize, Downsize, Downsize, continuously downsize.  Move to a less expensive rental.  Find ways to reduce your monthly mortgage, Pay off your debt, Cut back on services, Stop spending on Luxuries.  Use the Money you save from Downsizing to pay off debt, start a home business to generate another income.  Use this money to buy long term food and precious metals.

3. You will need short term and long term supplies.  Stock up on Necessities like Food, Water, Medicine, Vitamins etc.. Food as a necessity.  Stock up on Food.  As Food Prices rise you will not be able to afford quality food.  Learn about long term foods .  The only alternative will be low quality processed, GMO food with less nutrition and vitamins.  Which in turn means, Weaker Immune system, sickness, disease and shorter life span.

4. Start your own business.  I don’t recommend depending on your employer for an income.  DO NOT DEPEND ON YOUR EMPLOYER!  Most employers are not giving raises so your salary will be FLAT and they may even try to take money away from you, charge more for benefits and charge more for retirement.

I also recommend an International Business so the world will be your market place and you can tap into all economies.  Since you will need Vitamins and Minerals I recommend a Vitamins and Juice Company.

Will you be able to afford food in the future?  What type of quality of food will you be able to afford?  During the recent disasters, there were food shortages and with a demand the prices will sky rocket!  Are you prepared for this and do you have a food supply in case of a disaster?  There is a way to provide food on your table monthly, provide food to save for a disaster and start a food business to create an income.


If you are ready to help others and yourself get FOOD  while also building a passive income for yourself, then…