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10 Reasons You Need A Garden

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10 Reasons You Need A Garden Gardening isn’t just a hobby for old people and eccentrics: it’s a skill we should all practice, no matter what our time constraints, land… Read more »

A Simple, Low-Tech Trick For Keeping Your Greenhouse Warm (and Cool)

Since it’s been cold lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about frost protection and growing species appropriate to my area, as well as pushing non-appropriate species to grow…. Read more »

Want To Grow An Easy, Delicious and Beautiful Fruit Tree? Try a Japanese Persimmon

In Florida, everyone wants to grow citrus. In Georgia, folks just gotta have peaches. Further north, apples are king. When I wrote a blog post at my own site on how… Read more »

How To Use Human Urine As A Natural Fertilizer

When we covered alternative fertilizers the other night in our Survival Gardening Webinar, we got to talk a bit about composting human “waste.” In that, we were almost entirely focused… Read more »