Biden Warning “There Will Be No Peace In Our Time”

Putin now stands at 82%, says this astonishing achievement of unity among the Russian peoples is joined by the independent institute Levada Center revealing that 75% of Russians said they supported the actions of Russian military forces in Ukraine—and to mark the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine, it saw Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev factually observing:

A year after the start of the special military operation, we celebrated yet another very important date in our history in February 2023: the 80th anniversary of the Soviet people’s victory in the Battle of Stalingrad – the chief battle of the 20th century, after which the final rout of the Hitlerite armies became inevitable.

History repeats itself. We are again confronted actually with a whole empire of diverse enemies: Ukrainian and European Neo-Nazis, the United States, other Anglo-Saxons and their minions, about half a hundred of countries.

The enemies have set the task of wiping Russia off from the face of the earth but their attempts will fail.

We are stronger and this is also obvious now. And the so-called ‘Western world’ is just a small part of the international community, about 15% of the planet’s population. A rich, over-satiated but still a minority.

The past year of the special military operation in Ukraine has taught the Russians many things and consolidated the country’s citizens in the fight against the common enemy and has finally helped get rid of the illusions about the democratic West whose hypocrisy and frenzied Russophobia have gone beyond all thinkable limits.

What Russia has gained over that year is its firm confidence in its own strength and in its victory.

Leading the godless socialist Western colonial powers to wipe Russia off the face of the earth, this report notes, is Presidentr Joe Biden, whom a new Associated Press-NORC poll found only 19% of the American people have confidence in his handling of Ukraine conflict—this same poll also revealed: “Support among the American public for providing Ukraine weaponry and direct economic assistance has softened…Forty-eight percent say they favor the U.S. providing weapons to Ukraine, with 29 percent opposed and 22 percent saying they’re neither in favor nor opposed”—in response to this poll Socialist Leader Biden declared yesterday: “I don’t think a lot of people are asking how long we can keep spending billions on Ukraine”—a declaration joined by neocon Republican Party warmonger Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, proclaiming yesterday: “It is not an act of charity for the United States and our NATO allies to help supply the Ukrainian people’s self-defense, it is a direct investment in our own core national interests…The road to peace lies in speedily surging Ukraine the tools they need to achieve victory as they define it”—all of which was joined by the beyond shocking revelation: “The payments to Ukraine have already exceeded the annual military expenditure of the United States in the war in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2010”.

In viewing the hundreds-of-billions-of-dollars that the American-led military bloc NATO has spent on failed wars all around the world, this report continues, it caused Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin to assess yesterday: “The world will continue to be beset by wars and geopolitical turmoil as long as NATO keeps behaving as if it’s still fighting the Cold War and the Iron Curtain never fell”—an assessment joined by the Chinese Foreign Ministry releasing its document “China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis”, wherein it factually noted: “So far, the United States had or has imposed economic sanctions on nearly 40 countries across the world affecting nearly half of the world’s population”—at the G20 meeting of finance ministers it was reported today: “Finance leaders from the world’s biggest economies were unable to resolve differences on Saturday over the war in Ukraine”—in the just published economic article “Why Western Sanctions Against Russia Failed” sees it revealing: “Much to the dismay of Western politicians, not only did Russia survive the sanctions storm, but it has the potential to emerge even stronger than before”—and because Russia has never depended on socialist Western colonial services, as it actually makes and produces everything for itself that the world needs, the leftist Washington Post, in their article “A Global Divide On The Ukraine War Is Deepening”, factually noted: “Only 33 countries have imposed sanctions on Russia, and a similar number are sending lethal aid to Ukraine…An Economist Intelligence Unit survey last year estimated that two-thirds of the world’s population lives in countries that have refrained from condemning Russia”.

In response to China’s peace plan for Ukraine, this report details, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova declared: “We highly appreciate the sincere desire of our Chinese friends to contribute to the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine by peaceful means, but the main obstacles to peace are the Ukrainian leadership and its backers in the West”—in further response NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg proclaimed: “China doesn’t have much credibility because they have not been able to condemn the illegal invasion of Ukraine” and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated about China seeking peace: “You have to see them against a specific backdrop, and that is the backdrop that China has already taken sides by signing, for example, an unlimited friendship right before the invasion…So we will look at the principles, of course, but we will look at them against the backdrop that China has taken sides”—and to put the final nail in the coffin of China’s peace plan, Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky raged: “We are readying an offensive to seize the Crimean peninsula…We’re taking military steps, we are preparing for them…We are mentally prepared already…We prepare technically, with weapons, forces, we form new brigades, we form offensive units of various kinds and types, we are sending people for training not only in Ukraine, you know, but also in other countries”.

At the same time President Zelensky raged about preparing to take Crimea from Russia, this report notes, the Wall Street Journal quoted a senior French official truthfully saying under the condition of anonymity: “We keep repeating that Russia mustn’t win, but what does that mean?…If the war goes on for long enough with this intensity, Ukraine’s losses will become unbearable…And no one believes they will be able to retrieve Crimea”—a truth joined by the leftist Washington Post declaring: “The Biden administration is wrong…Time is not on Ukraine’s side…By next year’s anniversary, there might not be a Ukraine to save”—in the just published Wall Street Journal article “Graves Without Names, Messages Unanswered: Ukraine’s Missing Soldiers Hint at War’s Bloody Toll” it reveals the staggering number of deaths inflicted on ill-trained and ill-equipped Ukrainian soldiers by vastly superior Russian military forces—all of which is now joined by the Business Insider news service grimly reporting on what awaits Ukrainian soldiers sent to fight against Russian military forces: “The average life expectancy of a front-line soldier in eastern Ukraine is around 4 hours”.

As to why the socialist Western colonial powers are sending Ukrainian soldiers to their near instant meat grinder battlefield deaths, this report explains, is because this conflict has nothing to do with Ukraine, and everything to do with the United States maintaining its military and economic stranglehold over the entire world—a fact noted by top Russian geopolitical analyst Dmitry Trenin, who, in his just released open letter “One Year On, Here’s How The Ukraine Conflict Is Changing The World Order”, observed:

US efforts to get China to distance itself from Russia appear ridiculous in a situation where Washington’s strategy appears to be to defeat/contain its two main adversaries one by one, and, moreover, to pit them against each other.

The famous Kissingerian triangle is now pointed in a different direction: it is Washington that has the worst possible relations with the other two. As for Moscow and Beijing, they are getting even closer as a result.

Closer cooperation and coordination between China and Russia amid the war in Ukraine, which is gradually emerging on the platform of common strategic interests, represents a major shift in the world power balance.

What is more – and what goes well beyond the usual Western concept of ‘great power competition’ – is the rise of over a hundred actors of different caliber in many parts of the world that have refused to support the US, and its allies, on the Russia sanctions and have maintained or even expanded their trade and other relations with Moscow.

These countries insist on following their own national interests as they see them and seek to expand their foreign policy autonomy.

At the end of the day, this phenomenon – call it the Rise of the Global Majority (no longer silent) – could be the single most important development so far en route to the new world order.

Among those knowing the truth that this conflict has nothing to do with so-called democracy and freedom in Ukraine, but is an existential war waged by the socialist Western colonial powers against Russia and China to preserve American global hegemony, this report concludes, are loyal President Biden leftist media comrades like Tom Nichols, who, in his just released article “The War In Ukraine Is The End Of A World” dementedly proclaims: “A shroud is settling over the dreams many of us had at the end of the 20th century…The war in Ukraine is the final shovel of dirt on the grave of any optimism about the world order that was born with the fall of Soviet Communism…Now we are faced with the long grind of defeating Moscow’s armies and eventually rebuilding a better world”—and Brandon J Weichert, who, in his just released article “World War III Is Already Here”, assessed the events of the past week and warned the American people of their future: “Putin spoke for a whopping two hours on Tuesday evening, in which he reiterated his commitment to total victory over Ukraine and how the United States was ruled by “satanists” and “pedophiles”…Unsurprisingly, most Western media outlets simply refused to cover the speech…Those few that did were openly derisive…Face it, there will be no peace in our time…The recent speeches made by Biden and Putin, as well as the increasing involvement of China in the Ukraine conflict, mean that war is our lot – and this war is not one that the West can easily win”.

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