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HOW TO MAKE A GAS MASK: BASIC PRINCIPLES AND METHODS (DIY Items Which can Potentially Save Your Life in Case of a Disaster)

The world we live in nowadays is one where everything can happen, and that means that planning for various survival situations is imperative. Being prepared even in the most dangerous… Read more »

Generating Off-Grid Power: The Four Best Ways

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Generating your own electricity Save on electricity costs by generating your own. Generating your own electricity can reduce energy costs and ensure security of supply. For rural properties, it may… Read more »

Goodbye Power Company: Why You May Soon Be Generating Your Own Electricity – Wind-Powered Device Can Produce 11 Gallons Per Day of Clean Drinking Water From The Air

© WaterSeer Another major issue with solar energy is that on a watt to dollar basis, it’s a relatively inefficient medium of creating electricity. Households and businesses that generate their… Read more »