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Disease X is coming: The Lab Preparing For The NEXT Pandemic | Bill Gates & The World Health Organization Give Us A Date

The Pandemic Institute was founded in 2023 to monitor emerging diseases and prepare for future outbreaks. “Never again will we be unprepared” is its motto. It is not alone. Around… Read more »

JUST IN: Trump Warns Of ‘Complete And Total Mayhem’ When Title 42 Ends, Lambasts Biden Border Policy

Former President Donald Trump escalated his rhetoric against the Manhattan district attorney’s probe into a hush money payment made during his 2016 campaign, warning in an overnight post on his… Read more »

Trump Warning : ‘Our Country Does Not Have Long To Live Or Even Survive If This Continues…’

In the years to come, the European Union will likely face difficult strategic decisions: whether to back the United States in its geopolitical competition with China; whether to punish China… Read more »

Rapidly Spreading Fungus Already In 28 States, Including Illinois, Presents ‘Urgent’ Threat, CDC War

What is the new fungus disease?The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning about a drug-resistant strain of fungus, Candida auris (C. auris), spreading in health… Read more »