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2023 Opens With “This Isn’t A New Cold War, It’s A New Great Game” Warning

Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping exchanged congratulatory telegrams on the occasion of New Year, says this followed Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev giving his New Year address, wherein… Read more »

FUTURE SHOCK – The New World Order Plans for 2021-2023: Your Life Is About To Change! Part 1-2-3

Get ready…your world is about to be turned UPSIDE DOWN! The corrupt, criminal regime currently occupying Washington D.C. is starting to lose its grip on America. The American people are… Read more »

Russia Emerges Victorious After “Blood Moon Bloodbath” American Election

Chairman Dmitry Medvedev factually assessing this morning: “The initial results of the elections in the United States and yesterday’s hysterical ‘ultimatum’ by Ukraine’s green leader in a green unwashed T-shirt… Read more »

Top American Commander Warns “The Big One Is Coming” And Admits “Ukraine Is Just The Warmup”

Putin factually assessing the socialist Western colonial powers flooded into Ukraine armed Nazi forces to provoke Russia, with him stating: “Russia’s confrontation with the Neo-Nazi regime that emerged on the… Read more »

France And Germany Threaten Biden After Putin Warns “No One Can Sit Out The Coming Storm”

Putin factually assessing during his milestone Valdai speech: “No once can sit out the coming storm”, says during his observation that the world stands at the precipice of a tumultuous… Read more »