Dust Bowl and Great Depression

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Dust Bowl and Great Depression

There is a global crisis for fresh water.  The results of this crisis will affect everyone around the world.   Where fresh water is available, food can be grown and life flourishes.   In developed countries, the price of food will skyrocket.  In less developed countries, the result will be starvation and misery.

Another symptom have the water crisis is Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ is the size of Connecticut

By year 2030, there will be dramatic geopolitical changes around the world regarding fresh water and food availability.  The have’s and the have-nots’ will be separated by having enough to eat.  The wealthy will be identified by having 3 full meals per day.  The middle class will have 2 meals per day.  And the poor will sadly have but one full meal per day.  This is a reality that is becoming real already.

There are several things you can do to prepare for the global water crisis.

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  1. Have an emergency reserve of drinking water.   The water emergencies in Toledo show the risks associated with an interruption of water availability.  I recommend one gallon of water per person per day.  At minimum, have a week’s worth of drinking water stored at your home.  For a family of 4, the means setting aside 28 gallons of drinking water.  Preferably, having 3 weeks of stored http://57635nv9a0-bm73jtgolpi6wdn.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=fortressdrinking water is optimal for emergency purposes.Can rain water from your roof down spouts.
  2. Store the water in rain water barrels.  Collected rain water can be used for gardening and flushing toilets.  When purified through a water filter, then use for bathing, drinking, and meal preparation.
  3. Acquire and use a ceramic water filter, such as the Big Berkey.  I have the Big Berkey in their stainless steel option.  They also have a plastic version and portable versions.  I have several of the portable sports filters in my bug out bags.   The Berkey is amazing.  You can put mud water (not advised by possible) into the Berkey and get fresh clean drinking water out.  I recommend that your pre-filter any water put into the Berkey.  I have several spare filters in the event of a long-term water emergency.  Berkey only works for non-salt water.
  4. Identify open water sources in your area within walking distance.  Know where there are ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers within a short distance.  In a dire emergency, you can haul water and then purify through a water filter.
  5. If you live near the ocean or salt water sources, acquire a water distiller to cover salt water into drinking water.
  6. The best long-term food security is producing your food.  Have a garden.  Raise chickens or rabbits for meat.
  7. Conserve water.  Give up on watering your lawn and washing your car.

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Throughout history, droughts have been paired with a Great Depression.  The Dust Bowl of the 1930 added greatly to the misery of the Great Depression.   A drought can often push a fragile economy into an economic depression.   Given the severe droughts in California and the Midwest United States, I am very concerned that a long drought cycle has taken root in the United States.  And concerned that the cost of food increase and agricultural job loses will negatively impact the economy.   This is a situation that I recommend that you watch closely.

If you live in a severe drought area, I would consider moving while the real estate market is relatively stable.  As the drought persists over time, the value of real estate in the severe drought regions will go down.  During the 1930′s Dust Bowl, there was a mass migration of people from the Midwest to California.  Since now California is experiencing a severe drought, where can people go?  To Detroit?

Too many people.  Climate change.   Lessening arable land.  Lessening fresh water availability.  Depletion of fish in the ocean.   These growing trends do not arrive in a good place.

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How am I preparing for this?  The answer is much the same to any other long-term disaster preparation.

  1. Have long-term food storage.  Currently, have about 18 months of food stored for my family.
  2. Store and rotate non-GMO garden seeds.  I must have close to 500,000 seed stored for grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  3. Keep out of debt to provide you with economic security.
  4. Keep an emergency fund equal to 6 months or more of expenses.
  5. Increase your job skills and continually prepare for a job loss.   Technology is shortening product life-cycle.  Skills valued 10 years ago can now be obsolete.  Make continuous learning part of your career plans.
  6. If you live in a high risk area, such as in a severe drought region or close to the ocean, consider moving before the price of real estate collapses. If you must live in a high risk area, rent instead of owning real estate.
  7. Build up a financial reserve in gold and silver coins.  Currently, I allocate 10% of my savings to physical gold and silver.  A financial reserve in gold and silver is a bridge to a new life, after a disaster or job loss.  Owning a gold coin means not being hungry in the future.
  8. Improve your home buy planting a garden, planting fruit trees, planting nut trees.
  9. Buy local foods to support the local farming community.  The more food grown within your local town, the higher your food security is.  Buying direct from farmers is a good way to security access to food.
  10. Don’t include relying upon the government or a social security check for your future needs.  When the next great depression arrives, the government will be overwhelmed and forced to greatly reduce welfare and social security benefits.
  11. Attend to any health issues you may have now.  Lose weight.  Stop smoking.  Address your addictions.   Attend to your dental problems.  Get those elective surgeries down now.   Start exercising — at any age.  Your most valuable resource is your health.   Having a chronic health problem during an economic depression will only result in misery for your and your family.
  12. Strengthen your family relationships and network of real friends.  Don’t fight over little things with your spouse.  (But do not tolerate any bit of abuse.)   Be a better, given spouse to improve on your most important relationship.  Divorces are avoidable, expensive, and saddening.   Be a good neighbor by offering to help.   Visit the elderly and shut-ins in your neighborhood.  Offer to watch your neighbors homes and pick up mail during their vacations.   A some point in your life, you will need help.  Those that you helped may come back to help you.   Creating good karma pays dividends.37
  13. Pay close attend to inflation, especially the rise in food prices.  As you see food prices start to accelerate, then accelerate your food storage and food production plans.
  14. Learn to do home canning.   Home canning is very simple with a few lessons.  Your grandparents and great-grandparents most all did home canning.  I’m excited about the new automated home canning machines.  Ball freshTECH FreshTECH Automatic Home Canning System.  As soon as the price decreases for automated home canning machines, I’m buying.
  15. Be strong in your faith and in your soul.  In difficult times, it is faith, courage, and strength of purpose that will enable you to overcome life challenges.


TheGreat Depression, Dust Bowl and California

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The Dust Bowl and The Great Depression

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