Earth will only have 12-hour warning to deal with massive Sun explosion


Earth will only have 12-hour warning to deal with massive Sun explosion

The “Space Weather Preparedness Strategy” outlines the disturbances that could be caused by unpredictable solar weather. The most striking find from the report is the fact that a country would have only a 12-hour warning period before the storm would hit the planet.

The worst possible scenario would be a coronal mass ejection of plasma from the sun, during which the corona – that bright glow seen encircling the sun during a total solar eclipse – detaches, shooting off X-rays and high-energy particles directly to the Earth.

The report cites the “1859 Carrington Event,” which was a powerful coronal mass ejection. While there isemp_1-82c942e only a 1 percent probability of the Carrington Event reoccurring in any given year, modern society would be woefully underprepared to handle such a storm, according to the report. The U.K. department warns that it is difficult to forecast these events accurately.  The short 12-hour warning time would leave major urban areas ill-prepared, and there is currently a “lack of capability to monitor the effects of severe events once they start.”(source)


United Kingdom Department of Business has release a report on the effects of a “Massive Sun Explosion”

Electric Cold Fusion Sun (2) Plasma vs the Big Bang

The Big Bang creation mythology is a dream designed to hide the electric plasma universe. The dream begins with an empty cosmos in which the universe exploded into being 13.8 billion years ago. However, however, the atomic clock of the universe disputes the dream with irrefutable evidence in nuclear-decay measurements, specifically of the uranium to led ratio. It delivers proof of the electric atomic-synthesizing nuclear fusion on the surface of the Sun, as the exclusive source of all the atomic elements in the solar system.

[SCIENTISTS WARNING] 100 Foot Tsunami Mega Quake: “Evacuation of USA West Coast”

Dr. Michio Kaku’ and many others according to the New Yorker it’s time to prepare! [SCIENTISTS WARNING] Mega Quake: “Evacuation of USA West Coast” 100 foot Tsunamis


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