Economic Collapse.Survival Tips.Martial Law Survival.How To Survive Martial Law

Martial Law

Economic Collapse.Survival Tips.Martial Law Survival.How To Survive Martial Law

Worst Nightmare Coming in this year?Martial Law Survival How To Survive Martial Law, Where would you flee if you had to survive?,FEMA Camps are Here & We’re on The Verge of Chaos,Economic Collapse Will Push The US Into A 3rd World Country Bill Holter,
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“Former Political Insider Discovers The Shocking Truth About A Vicious New Plan
To Institute Martial Law… And Reveals How To Get Out Of Harms Way Before Globalists Pull The Trigger”

Martial Law – My stomach turned at the thought of the military being used in a domestic capacity.

I had served in the military like millions of other American veterans, and my stomach turned at the thought of the military being used in a domestic capacity.

One of the first things you used to learn in boot camp is the Posse Comitatus Act, which was created 200 years ago to make sure the military was never used against the citizens. But, for all practical purposes, this law has now been completely negated through Executive Orders issued by Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama(1).

The more of the report I read, the clearer it became that over many years the bureaucrats in Washington, Republican and Democrat alike – were carefully maneuvering for an eventual silent coup… one that would never make headlines but would result in the transfer of power from the American people to a secret group of wealthy bankers who already had everything they wanted… except total power.

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Shortly thereafter, I left my job and began making plans to prepare for what I see as a martial law lockdown or perhaps even a complete military takeover. That’s when a friend of mine (who still worked and ran in these elite circles) asked me to take a look at an advance manuscript that he had “acquired”. He said it was sending shockwaves through the establishment. He didn’t say how he got it, he simply urged me to read it.

I saw the list the government was compiling… I knew who was at the top… and I couldn’t believe what I was reading!”

I wondered how this advance copy came to be in my friend’s hands, but thought better than to ask. I was simply glad to have it… because in a clear and concise way it explained exactly what is happening behind the scenes and what establishment insiders want to happen. Even more importantly, the manuscript detailed precisely how the global elite and their families are preparing for dangerous times.
Look, if you’re thinking this is all just conspiracy hype, just consider for a moment some recent headlines:

“44,000 UN Troops Train in US in operation Agile Provider”
“Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Warns of Martial Law if Bailout Not Approved”
“General Barry McCaffery Confirms Thousands of Foreign Troops Are in the US to Assist with Domestic Emergencies”
“Federal Government Collecting GPS Data on Every American Household”
“Homeland Security Report Leaks; Tax Protestors, Abortion Opponents Are Terrorist Suspects”
Pennsylvania Chapter of NAACP Urges Martial Law
H.R.645 and the New FEMA Concentration Camps
The last one, H.R.645 was part of the plan I had read before and actually calls for Homeland Security to build no fewer than 6 national facilities for holding civilians. Trust me when I tell you that there is a plan in place for the suspension of all Constitutional Rights of Americans. The plan includes “interning” certain segments of the population if such a national emergency arises.


Almost daily you’ll find headlines telling the same story… and these are in establishment publications! The manuscript I had received ‘unofficially’ has now been rewritten to avoid security issues and copyright problems. It’s also been condensed to eliminate the fluff, tightly edited to deliver the more essential material and then finally republished with some very obvious pro-freedom observations.

And now, I’m risking it all to share it with you. But be forewarned, “Understanding and Surviving Martial Law”, is not for the faint-hearted, and may even shock you. Do Not read any further if you are easily frightened.

This new manual”Understanding and Surviving Martial Law” has demonstrated to me that our government is no longer concerned with protecting the public… our government now exists to benefit a select few and the rest of us are wage slaves. Listen, even though things on the surface seem normal, they are not. It’s the calm before the engineered storm.

I firmly believe that conditions in this country are going to deteriorate rapidly once the right “event” triggers a crisis. Despite advice from well meaning friends, I felt I owed it to my fellow citizens who have been lulled into pacifism by promises of “hope and change.” However, this information is only for the stout of heart, because what you will learn about it may shake your patriotism deeply… and perhaps even lead you to doubt your allegiance.

I had forgotten much of my history and was reminded of the history of many “dust bin” republics when reading Chapter One, “A Brief History of Tyranny,” about how tyrants use crises to grab more power, always holding onto that power until it is taken from them by force. This happened with both Greece and Rome, and in our own time dictators on the right and left have taken power during times of economic crisis.

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The problem is that all the previous declarations of
Martial Law will pale in comparison to what our rulers have planned very soon.
Martial Law – Will you be ready when they ask for your papers?

Will you be ready when they ask for your papers?

Unfortunately, the framework for martial law has already been put in place by the last two administrations and now only needs a “trigger”. Interestingly enough, this country has a long history of evoking martial law, all of which will make it easier to declare the next one. The problem is that all the previous declarations of Martial Law will pale in comparison to what our rulers have planned very soon! Here are some previous examples:

Martial Law was declared by General Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812
President Lincoln declared it again during the War Between the States, arresting anyone who dissented from his war-time policies, including newspaper editors and legislators!
In 1931, Texas Governor Ross used National Guard troops to enforce limits on the size of private property!
Much of the Pacific Coast was under martial law after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Even worse, our country already has a history of the domestic use of the armed forces without a declaration of martial law.

In 1871, President Grant sent troops into South Carolina to confiscate all private guns.
In 1914, President Wilson ordered the infantry into Colorado to disarm everyone involved in a labor union dispute, including members of law enforcement and the National Guard.
In 1993, the US Army provided advice, tactical support and military equipment to the FBI and the BATF to raid the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, TX, resulting in the deaths of 74 men, women and children
In the first 130 years of our country’s history, federal troops were used more than 100 times without a declaration of martial law! The truth is that the unprecedented economic crisis afflicting the nation, along with building resentment over the new President’s socialist policies and questionable eligibility for office has the central government looking for a reason, any reason to pull the trigger. But trust me…

You Are Not Prepared For The Extreme Violence They Have Planned!

You may already know all this history. However, “Understanding and Surviving Martial Law” is much more than a history lesson. It is packed with valuable practical information that will empower you not just to survive… but perhaps even thrive during the coming police state.

And… How to survive and thrive in an urban warfare situation.
When the bullets start to fly in your neighborhood (they always do in a food shortage), you’ll thank everything holy that you had these no hold bar tactics in your corner.
Also covered: How to keep police and military OUT of your home, even if they’ve got an evacuation order.
Think of the lifetime nightmares you’ll save your children when you know this simple tactic.
And: How to NEVER find yourself in a government breadline.
You don’t want to be in the position of choosing who in your family gets the last piece of food.
With the information shared in this chapter you’ll know exactly… How to eat WELL… I’m talking COOKIES milk and brownies, even while your society’s infrastructure is collapsing around you.
It’s easier and CHEAPER than you think. How to not only protect but GROW your wealth amid chaos.
The elite understand that every problem has a silver lining to be exploited.

Financial advice and preparedness
Steal their tactics for using the crisis to come out on top of the economic food chain, every single time. How to exploit a living source of the world’s best water…100% free for life.
Most filters drain your water of essential nutrients you’ll desperately need in a crisis, this is the only smart way to do it. The TRUTH about having a gun. How to win the mental game of survival.
I’ve watched people die in mere feet of water, simply because of fear; they didn’t have the mental game of survival nailed down.
And at that point nothing else matters.
On the other hand, when your MIND is up for the task, you can do what others would think are impossible skills Learn how to almost instantly take on a ‘superman complex’ when you need it the most.
This will also show you how to approach the coming disaster from a place of CONFIDENCE and inner CALM, so you sleep well and maintain your focus, so you can rise to the occasion, instead of cowering in fear like a lemming.
Maybe most importantly… How to turn your personal home into a rock-solid “bunker”, practically immune from major weather disasters and home invasion so you can sleep soundly no matter what’s going outside.
You can make it happen with stuff you already have lying around the house. A stockpiling trick swiped from Navy Seals used to keep your food supplies as fresh as the day they were grown… for months and even years into the future.

Coffins Centre at USA (martial law!)

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The FEMA Camps are coming! Share… Share… this video must be shared with max number of people! make your part now, please share it! Because the Government Cover-up!
Important: Before JUDGE, watch the whole video. The FEMA Camps are coming!

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Remember, calamities are everywhere: at work, home, school and many other places. These calamities cause tension and leads to a decrease in productivity. This may finally lead to a reduction in life. Fortunately, the lost ways review will provide solutions to these situations. It will give you the tips for preparing yourself when nothing seems to go as expected.

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