FEMA Is Building Camps And Acquiring Body Bags – As Well As Stockpiling Tons Of Dried Food – U.S. Britain, Russia And Other Governments Are Preparing For Cosmic Catastrophe

Governments  Are Preparing For Cosmic Catastrophe

It’s clear to see that the government is keeping something from the public. Some may argue that they are just taking necessary precautions in case of a disaster, but it appears to be something more than just ‘being prepared in the event of…’ Russian Minister Puchkov recently stated:
“We have decided that [FEMA] and Russia’s Emergencies Ministry will work together to develop systems to protect people and territory from cosmic impacts…”

This object has been researched by Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas for over 25 years and is likely the basis for all emergency preparations by world governments which we’ve seen transpire over the last three decades after the object was discovered during the Regan Administration by NASA’s IRAS telescope.

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Governments are taking precautions for a pending global disaster. Here are the indications:

1. The U.S. space shuttle launched it last mission in mid 2011, at the same time that NASA had completely abandoned its government funded manned spacecraft program.

2. That same year the swalbard global seed vault was sealed, they then announced that they would allow the world to restart agriculture immediately following a global catastrophe.

3. The anticipated collapse of the global financial system as governments would not be expected to pay back their debts , thus considered an economic reset for reasons not entirely known.

4. Government organizations and the military’s ramped up efforts to build underground survival shelters and facilities across the globe . Are you aware that the demand for fortified shelters has skyrocketed just in the last 3 to 5 yeas. Why the rush? The construction of D.U.M.B facilities has been going on for many years now, and continues even today.

5. China has decided in just the past few years to quickly build subway complexes below most of their major cities which is very odd in terms of timing. The government also constructed a survival bunker capable of holding 200,000 chosen people.

6. Russia announced the construction of 5000 new nuclear bomb shelters that were required to be completed by the end of this year 2016. There subway system also had to be relocated deeper than needed for use as emergency shelters.

7. FEMA is building camps and acquiring body bags, as well as stockpiling tons of dried food. In 2016 they publicly announced that citizens should acquire a long term survival kit in case of a global emergency, at the same time that the DHS is buying countless rounds of ammo.

One of the best ideas suggested through The Lost Ways is the construction of bunkers. These bunkers have the potential to stand the impact created by the most devastating earthquake or missile attack. On the other hand, the readers will be able to learn how to preserve their food in a natural manner. They can also get to know about effective tips, which can be used to preserve the precious water supplies. Then we will be able to use them in the case of a disaster to survive.

First of all, The Lost Ways would convince readers that the natural disasters are inevitable. It will give them an excellent insight about the disasters that could take place in the future. Therefore, it is extremely important for all the human beings to stay prepared to face a disaster, which could happen at any given point of time. In the second part of this book, the readers will be able to discover the lessons learned by humanity when they encountered disasters in the past. Every disaster teaches us a lesson, and it is better to have a clear understanding of these lessons as they can be helpful in the future.

He also further noted that his meeting with DHS Director Napolitano also covered other kinds of natural emergencies, such as the extreme weather of recent years in both Russia and the United States. It is peculiar that such meetings and preparations have taken place around the much talked about passing of comet ISON. Could the government be aware of impending devastation coming from the debris trail of comet ISON?

Another strange incident that occurred on the coast of California this month may also point to a coming natural disaster. Two oarfish measured 16-18 feet long washed up on the shores of southern California, a rare occurrence since oarfish are bottom feeders that usually stay thousands of feet beneath the ocean surface. Japanese folklore suggests that oarfish rise to the ocean’s surface before large earthquakes strike, which is what happened. Fishermen at the time reported seeing and catching an abundance of oarfish around the epicentre of the mega-quake. Scientists suggest that sea serpents are more perceptive to seismic shifts and changes in gas pressures.

The idea that animals can sense when a natural disaster is about to occur is something that dates back thousands of years. Historians recorded that before the major earthquake of 373 B.C. in Helice, Greece, animals such as rats, weasels and snakes all deserted the city in a panic. Bees have also been known to leave their hives and disappear before natural disasters. Many pet owners have reported their cats and dogs acting up before earthquakes strike as well. It is thought that animals have a higher sensitivity to electrical changes in the air or gas released from the Earth. This may explain the strange appearance of the oarfish. Earlier this year, a record number of sea lion sightings were also reported along Southland beaches, including one declared ‘unusual mortality event’ in April that saw hundreds of ailing sea lion pups washed ashore. Perhaps these events are precursors for the “big one” that is said to be overdue by now, the Cascadia subduction zone earthquake along the western North American coastline. Only time will tell what these signs all really mean.

A lot of people are asking “How to survive Planet X collision?” and mostly freaking out about the upcoming predictions maybe being true and the people in charge hiding it from us.  If the poles shift, surviving the pole shift may be VERY difficult, however, some suggest it is doable! Being a survivalist myself, I would like to think that is possible.  The reasons the poles shift is due to the “orbital halt” theory, which suggests that the gravitational influence and pull from Planet X will be so great it will cause the orbit to halt and poles to shift. Truly it would not be an orbital halt but for a split brief moment of Universal history…however, I like to think of it more like a “rotation halt” myself.  Some of the historical end times disasters (such as the ice age, possibly the great flood, the dinosaurs etc), may actually be a result of a Planet X type object causing polar shifts and harsh conditions beyond unprepared survival.  If indeed Planet X has come close to Earth before, as many objects in space do maintain a reliable orbit, then it is reasonable to assume at an earlier time, Planet X may have been astronomically visible to even amateurs of a much less sophisticated civilization.  Perhaps Hipparchus for example, could have seen something like Planet X and not even realized it possible for a collision. After all, most civilizations believed the world to be flat, not spherical in nature; so although they may be able to observe moving objects in the sky and possibly even be able to physically see Nibiru, it is possible they could not identify a threat at all.  We have much stronger capabilities in today’s modern space age, and can absolutely identify threats. Those who would be capable of identifying this threat however, are very unlikely to share this information with us.

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Planet X Survival Tips

Disposing of human waste and trash correctly is imperative to avoid any scavenger carrion and disease.  You do not want to attract snakes, roaches, or rats to your campsite or settlement. Digging holes at least 60 meters out from your campsite is a wise decision in order to dispose of human waste.  Trash should be burned.
You may want to use the decomposing human waste as a fertilizer for your garden soils, as seen in the Hollywood blockbuster The Martian, where Matt Damon’s character uses astronaut waste to grow a garden of potatoes on Mars.
Learn more than one method for purifying water. Water is the number one most important survival necessity and contaminated drinking water will cause death in the Planet X apocalypse.
Unfortunately, it is important to mention that dead bodies decompose and decay.  This brings disease.  Since it may be very difficult to bury most of the dead, cremation may become an essential part of your survival.  If you are going to build a settle or repair a home, deceased must be appropriately taken care of, or the disease will become a terrible problem.  How To Really Prepare For Long Term Collapse

Preparation Survival List

AM Radio – hear any broadcasts

Basic repair tools – having a few basic tools will help you repair any buildings, machinery or construct new shelters (we’re talking hammer, nails, tape measurer, screw drivers, and saws).

Batteries – AAA, AA, D, Car Batteries (not for cars but for other 12v DC systems you will need to make).

Bottled water – having at least 90 days supply of bottled water is imperative.

Canned goods and food rations – taking into account the required vitamins and minerals the body requires to remain healthy (it is advised to plan for minimum calorie rations for at least 90 days.

These three old lessons will ensure your children will be well fed when others are rummaging through garbage bins. Click here to learn all about the 3 skills that will help you thrive in any crises situation.

Clothes and blankets – it may be very cold after the Planet X event, especially in the expected blackout period, therefore having plenty of warm clothes and blankets will help prevent hypothermia; Thermal blankets are a great idea.

Cooking pots – preferably versatile pots which can be setup even on a makeshift campfire, or on a conventional stove top – gas stoves will still be very useful.

Fire starting kits – a lot of people prefer to stock matches and lighters / butane fluid, however, we recommend stocking reliable fire starting kits (flint kits for example), which are much more reliable and last much longer, some kits even work wet.

Fishing equipment – it has been suggested that fishing may be a very viable survival tactic, and that fish will be plentiful and fully available, which would satisfy the necessity of protein.

Knives – good sturdy hunting knives work great, however, having some pocket knives or swiss army knives is a great idea too.

Respirators – high quality respirators with various chemical cartridges and safety eye goggles is a great stock which will protect you from any resulting war outbreak, or in the event the air is not breathable after the initial Planet X event (Here is a 2 pack that comes with a number of filters to protect against various contaminants.

Water purification plan – having at least 2 methods of purifying water planned and available to your group is essential to survival .



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4 thoughts on “FEMA Is Building Camps And Acquiring Body Bags – As Well As Stockpiling Tons Of Dried Food – U.S. Britain, Russia And Other Governments Are Preparing For Cosmic Catastrophe

  1. laura ann

    There is no way unless you are a multimillionaire you can store food for a lifetime(long term crisis) for family. Most I know store a months supply or less, no space to keep it and self storage units which aren’t cheap, could be shut down in a nat’l disaster, (management flees) then, you can’t get in to recover your stash. I knew several preppers who prepped beyond average, who are now in the cemetery since early 2000, and the adult kids tossed or donated their preps, sold their silver, etc. I am seven years into retirement now, and have heard this “disaster stuff since the early 80’s and most my elders into prepping have since dropped off the planet. Do what you can and still enjoy what time (days or years) is left.

  2. John Davis

    The Vatican and the scientific community obtained documents (ancient records of
    Earth’s destruction) long ago.

    Technological advancements made their ability to confirm the coming of the Nemesis system
    more accurate. Once the IRAS team briefed the
    president at that time, ever since, the elites have
    been preparing for the ARRIVAL.

    The final step is to orchestrate a series of events
    that will allow governments of the world to begin Continuity of Government. Including the
    process of chipping people.

    (Remember the flooding of the Louvre in France? All those objects went underground.)

    Before the DEEP IMPACT. Every government is
    expected to assess the loss of its citizens, this is
    why we are beggining to see RFID technology legislation pass congressional approval.

    By the way, the pole shift to occur, will happen
    very rapidly.
    (Remember the flash frozen Wooly Mammoths found with partially digested vegetable matter in
    their stomachs?)

    Martial law will be declared due to some types of
    FALSE FLAG events (maybe not!? ASTEROIDS) sometime before August next year. Next October
    through April 2018 is what classified (LEAKED)
    documents say.
    Knowing then all these things what manner of person ought I to be in all manner of Godliness
    and conversation. – JOHN

  3. Tim Whalen

    Any real apocalyptic event as described will cause EVERY SINGLE nuclear power plant to melt down. Regardless of the tactic, regardless of how deep your base may be, it will only serve as your coffin due to the high radiation outside that will never stop.

    1. laura ann

      Tim: good point, enjoy what time is left and do the best we can with the resources available and space to store our stuff. Majority of us do not have unlimited. resources either.


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