Gerald Celente : Prepare For The Worst – The Death of The American Dream — Consumerism or Chaos


Gerald Celente  Prepare For The Worst

Trends research analysis expert, futurist, keynote speaker, and Institute Director, Gerald Celente is trusted by many large corporations as the foremost authority on trend forecasting, research, and analysis. He is the author of Trends 2000 and publisher of the Trends Journal®. Published and documented evidence proves that his institute has produced the most accurate, timely and comprehensive forecasts.
Gerald Celente’s extensive range of knowledge and expertise makes him a favorite of major media. They call on him for unique perspectives on the current events forming future trends. He is the world’s only analyst who covers 300 diversified trends fields. As the world leader in trend forecasting, Celente, with the combined resources of his trends institute, will analyze ALL the trends affecting you.
His presentations and research put your marketplace into perspective and puts you on a proactive path to profit. Each presentation zeroes in on hidden opportunities. Celente delivers strategies to CREATE and accurately TARGET products and services to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. Gerald Celente confers with you and your colleagues to identify your interests and concerns. He analyzes this information and assesses the impact of emerging trends that will affect your industry or profession and give proactive recommendations on how to profit change.

Consumerism has taking hold in America.  The population continues to stampede at malls and in some cases injuring and even killing individuals.  In 2008, a Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death in Long Island, New York by a stampede of hungry consumers looking for bargains.  There were also several people injured during the incident.  This Black Friday proved to be more of the same as shoppers filled shopping malls.  Some malls experienced violent crowds pushing and fighting with each other over items that were on sale.  It is absolutely mind boggling to see average people become violent over products sold at major retail stores.  Morality is in decline in America.

Defense Strategy and Capabilities .Conflicts and alliances around the globe are shifting constantly, enhancing the need for reliable and timely research and analysis. CSIS analyzes a wide range of issues related to defense strategy and capabilities.

Regardless of debt the American public faces, it seems that shopping is the only thing that matters.  As debt increases it becomes harder for them to repay.  Can the American people ever awaken from their dystopian nightmare of mass consumption of products they don’t need?  They are accumulating large amounts of debt thanks to the Federal Reserve Bank’s printing of unlimited cheap money with incredibly zero to low interest rates.  Although, many do buy their basic necessities such as food and clothing, buying the latest products that includes video games and other computer gadgets are turning consumers into life-long debt slaves that will continue to pay their credit card companies with “interest” until the debt is paid. 


That can take a long period of time since interest rates are tied to credit cards and other revolving loan payments.  According to the Federal Reserve Bank (who continues endless money printing) and other government institutions, the average US household owes between $7,000 and $15,112 on credit cards.  The average mortgage debt is at $146,215 and student loans’ reaching the $1 trillion mark is at $31,240.  The total amount of debt the United States owes to its creditors namely China is at $17 Trillion and steadily increasing as the Federal Reserve Bank continues to buy its own US bonds.
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A synopsis of Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist Addendum & Zeitgeist Moving Forward documentaries which have been re-edited into 13 distinct topics:
1) Current system & poverty (10′ 26″)
2) Monetary scheme (6′ 38″)
3) Corruption, profit & scarcity (11′ 15″)
4) Imperialism & Venezuela (3′ 39′)
5) Petroleum, energy and collapse (7′ 56″)
6) Consumption & incentive (3′ 50″)
7) Work & education (8′ 32″)
8) Natural redesign (14′ 43″)
9) Venus Project & technology (12′ 25″)
10) Resource Based Economy (12′ 59″)
11) Alternative energies (6′ 21″)
12) Victims of culture (4′ 16″)
13) Symbiosis (13′ 20″)

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The Lost Ways is a far-reaching book with chapters ranging from simple things like making tasty bark-bread-like people did when there was no food-to building a traditional backyard smokehouse… and many, many, many more!

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Learning from Our Ancestors How to Take Care of Our Hygiene When There Isn’t Anything to Buy
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1 thought on “Gerald Celente : Prepare For The Worst – The Death of The American Dream — Consumerism or Chaos

  1. Roy Lachance

    Though I respect Mr. Celente’s analysis and efforts put forth to provide much needed direction, guidance and suggestions, we continue as a human society to focus on mankind’s ability to see us through this most chaotic and unstable world.

    Here’s the point, study and examine carefully the historical track record of mankind globally and you find that in every instance sustainabilty, prospersity, peace and health which is everyones dream has never been established as a joint global effort with measurable results. We are all part of the human race, thus unity is paramount.

    Its most perplexing on how many of today’s religions continue to use the words God, Jesus Christ, Kingdom, Bible, Scripture and the list continues without proper clarity. All the things that Mr. Celente talks about was forecasted 2000 years ago by the greatest human being that ever walked the earth, Jesus Christ the actual son of God. The unfortunate situation that mass society is faced with is the relentless pursuit and desire for the accurate knowledge of the truth as cited by the oldest and most historical book in the world, the Bible but have yet to really find because of hypocritical religious system and misguided interpretation.

    There are three things that quantify and verify that the Bible and the many expressions that Mr. Celente has expressed are true. First the world scene is changing and as recorded in 1 Corinthians 7:31 Secondly, Mr Celente talks about the insanity of consumerism well just read 2 Timothy 3:1 to 7 take note of verse 7 Thirdly we continue to receive advice or some form of direction as to money or gold or silver or anything of intrinsic value. The Bible has an answer for that as well. First the greatest man Christ Jesus who is perfect and Gods son knows a lot more than you and I as to what is good for us and as a protection, though God did indeed give us free will to choose. He quoted Matthew 6:33 placing simply a priority on spiritual things. Spiritual things you may say, carefully examining the significance o1f storing spiritual things is one major clue to understanding our future and the direction on earth and its eventuality as related to this kingdom or government that everybody as it were prays for. Think about that for a while. The great book in Daniel 2:44 stays that kingdom will last forever. Think about that for a while carefully. (Is there anything wrong with that friends, if so explain) also Ecclesiastes 7:12 talks about money is a protection but notice the value of wisdom.

    There is more that can be said. And to be frank this is not a religious exercise in response but a substantiation that the oldest book the Bible itself has profound application today. We as a global society are misdirected by the unprecendented efforts of the religious system, we have a world that is angry, agitated, tired, frustrated, restless, defiant, radical and at the precipice that as Jeremiah 10:23 puts it that man doesnt know his own steps. In Ecclesiastes 2:22,23 drives the point of mans hard work as futility or words the has not really produced the measurable results that the human race need to experience. Ecclesiastes 8:9 identifies clearly that man has dominated man to his harm.

    So as we continue to observe and urgently pay attention to the events that are unfolding as Mr. Celente does so well, keep in mind that if we are to continue using God and Christ Jesus in our volcabulary, then we do well to wipe the slate clean, push hypocritical religion aside and understand the accurate knowledge of truth as cited in 1 Timothy 2: 4

    Thank you for your kind consideration and read
    Roy Lachance


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