Must Have Supplies to Prepare for the End of the World

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Must Have Supplies to Prepare for the End of the World

Whether literally the end of the world or a localized natural disaster, preparing for difficult times ensures you have the supplies needed to survive with little outside assistance. The supplies you will need vary based on your family size, local climate, and the length of time you are expecting to be self sustaining. These tips can help you get started on collecting the right tools for any disaster.

What You Need

The end of the world is considered by most to be a long term event that will affect you for the rest of your life. If society fails, the economic system collapses, and things like electricity cease to exist, what will you need? The obvious answer is to choose items that will sustain you for several months, such as canned foods, and the tools needed to grow and harvest your own food in the future. You also should think about investing in a wood cooking stove to prepare food when you can’t rely on natural gas or electric lines to be in working order.Sold-Out-After-A-Crisis

Books with information on food preservation, the items needed to preserve foods, and information about gathering wild plants can also be very helpful. You should practice these methods beforehand to ensure you can use the methods successfully. This will reduce waste, which is important in a disaster situation, and help you decide which tools are necessary to have before a disaster strikes.

The Small Things Matter

In a disaster, common items that you need may not be readily available. Other items, such as seeds to start a garden, may be nearly impossible to obtain. When planning items to have on hand, you should keep things like fresh garden seeds, over the counter medications, and common household items like thread, needles, and cotton balls on hand at all times. Making a kit that is that separate from normal household items is recommended.

You will also need to begin a high quality medicine and first aid kit. Antibiotics, fever and pain reducing medications, bandages, and other medications are essential in a disaster. Make sure that all medicines are replaced after their expiration date to maintain the usefulness of your first aid kit. Keeping extra personal hygiene items is also a good idea, but learning to make your own soaps and other hygiene items is ideal. You can make soap inexpensively and store it for an extended time.

Storing Food

Food and water are essential. It is a good idea to store three to six months worth of dry food in preparation for a global disaster. Dry food, such as dried beans and rice, should be kept in a cool, dry area. Buckets with tight lids are excellent for long term storage of dried foods. Dehydrated fruit and jerky are also good options that provide needed nutrition.

A water well that can be hand operated is the best way to prepare for a long term disaster. If you don’t have a well, but own your own property, this is an investment that can save money and help you prepare for any catastrophe. You should also have information on how to bypass an electric water pump if you already own a water well.


Perhaps the most valuable thing you can possess is experience living off the grid. Try living for a few days, or a few weeks, without things like grocery stores, electricity,a car, and running water. What do you find you need most, or wish you had on hand? Can you make a meal out of plants that you find growing wild in your local area? Focus on what you need to learn and what your family really needs to survive during these exercises and you can begin collecting the things that you need when you can’t rely on the outside world to get them.

Experience can also provide you with necessary skills. You may need to know how you produce your own food, handwash clothing, or even fix your own appliances. Collect books on homesteading and work to begin self sufficient before a disaster and you will be prepared for anything.

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