NASA Confirm NIBIRU PLANET X Is Headed Toward Earth And Bring Catastrophic Consequences. Will Convert Earth To An ICEBALL!


As you all know Nibru planet another name is Planet X which is coming towards our earth . Now nasa confirms that in this october nibru effect on earth . Because its bigger than jupiter planet so its covered all sun which result is our earth turns to iceball.

A few months ago, NASA published a study showing that Antarctica is actually gaining more ice than it is losing. They made the announcement after using satellites to examine the heights of the region’s ice sheet. The findings contradict the prevailing theory that Antarctica has actually been shrinking, however, the authors of this study are from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and the cause of this ice gain isn’t entirely known, but a number of theories are mentioned in the paper. It is worth mentioning, however that NASA was blasted by dozens of their own scientists regarding their global warming stance, even though a number of the world’s top scientists have questioned just how much an impact greenhouse gases have on climate change.

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The most recent Ice Age began approximately three million years ago and continues to this day, however the earth entered a warm inter-glacial period beginning about eleven thousand years ago, which is about to end. “Human civilization has only existed for about ten thousand years,” Dr Bosconovitch says. “That’s a pin drop in terms of our planet, which has been around for 4.54 billion years. In that time the earth’s climate has fluctuated drastically in both directions, causing ice ages, floods, and extinctions on a scale we can’t even fathom. It’s all part of the natural cycle of life that makes up planet Earth. Our existence here has no real affect one way or another.”
Global mean temperature anomalies. How do ice ages begin? Changes in the earth’s orbit cause less sunlight (insolation) to fall on the northern hemisphere during summer. Northern ice sheets melt less during summer and gradually grow over thousands of years. This increases the Earth’s albedo which amplifies the cooling, spreading the ice sheets farther. This process lasts around 10,000 to 20,000 years, bringing the planet into an ice age.

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An ice age is a time where a significant amount of the Earth’s water is locked up on land in continental glaciers.

During the last ice age, which finished about 12,000 years ago, enormous ice masses covered huge swathes of land now inhabited by millions of people.

Canada and the northern USA were completely covered in ice, as was the whole of northern Europe and northern Asia.

At the moment the Earth is in an interglacial period – a short warmer period between glacial (or ice age) periods.

The Earth has been alternating between long ice ages and shorter interglacial periods for around 2.6 million years.

For the last million years or so these have been happening roughly every 100,000 years – around 90,000 years of ice age followed by a roughly 10,000 year interglacial warm period.

We may have delayed the onset of the next ice age for now, but if another one came it would have pretty big consequences for human civilisation.

Besides the fact it would be an awful lot colder, huge regions where hundreds of millions of people live would become completely uninhabitable. They’d be covered in thick ice sheets and subject to an inhospitable climate.

“Assuming it was similar to the last one, then north America would be covered in ice, the whole of northern Europe, the whole of northern Asia would be covered in ice,” Dr Phipps said.

There would be a lot less agricultural land available, so it would be very difficult to support the human population, Dr Phipps warned.

And the physical shape of the continents would look completely different across the whole planet.
When water freezes, it increases in volume (about 9% for freshwater). The effect of expansion during freezing can be dramatic, and ice expansion is a basic cause of freeze-thaw weathering of rock in nature and damage to building foundations and roadways from frost heaving. It is also a common cause of the flooding of houses when water pipes burst due to the pressure of expanding water when it freezes.

For glaciers, ice thickness datasets are sparse . While we have a good estimate of global glacier ice surface area from satellite measurements, direct observations of glacier ice thickness are available for only around 1100 glaciers [. These include radar measurements (both airbourne and from the ice surface) and seismic measurements. Unfortunately, these methods are time consuming and costly, and glaciers are often remote and difficult to access.

NASA Confirm

Yet glacier volume and ice thickness data are essential parameters required for understanding sea level rise, water resource management and assessment of future glacier changes . Glaciers and small ice caps are also contributing rapidly to present-day sea level rise . Ice thickness data and bed topography are essential data required for numerical modelling of glaciers . Other methods employed to calculate glacier volume include volume-area scaling , and calculations of ice thickness based on ice surface slope that assume a given basal shear stress. These methods, when correctly applied, do well against direct observations of ice thickness.
A huge drop in sea level of up to 120 metres would close down marine channels – the Mediterranean Sea, Torres Strait, Bass Strait and Bering Strait – and create new areas of land that could be used for habitation or agriculture.

Ocean ports would no longer be on the ocean, and anyone wanting water views would need to relocate large distances.

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Parts of the Midwest and the eastern United States have seen record lows this winter with temperatures reaching well below freezing as far south as Florida. Meanwhile the city of Boston has become virtually incapacitated, having already received nearly a hundred inches of snow this year with no signs of a break in sight.


NASA confirms: The planet Nibiru, is headed toward Earth and bring catastrophic consequences.

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5 thoughts on “NASA Confirm NIBIRU PLANET X Is Headed Toward Earth And Bring Catastrophic Consequences. Will Convert Earth To An ICEBALL!

  1. A. Purwo

    What is the relation between the nibiru goes toward earth and the ice age on earth. Does the nibiru placed between earth and sun so that hold the solar light oasd to the earth? Im still confused.

  2. Paradise

    Don’t worry about a thing Purwo, the info is blown out of context for fear mongering purposes. We do belong to a binary star system and our brown dwarf companion does affect our little solor system but only in minor ways and a zero chance that it will wander into our area. The real reason for the uptick in earthquakes and weather along with temps is that our solor system is currently entering a highly energized gas cloud. This happens around every 25.9 thousand years and all part of the devine plan of operations. It’s a good thing not a bad thing unless you vibrate as an evil person that is. Just focus on loving yourself and others as well as practice forgiveness and everything will work out for you. We were promised a thousand years of peace and prosperity and it will happen soon but not described by the bible. Alot of info has been withheld from us. If you wish to learn more pick up a copy of David Wilcocks new novel “The Ascension Mysteries” after that, a free pdf called “The Law of One” will help as well. Hope you come back and read this response. It would make me very happy if i saved at least one person. Take care and my info is for all who read this…

  3. Lee Wacker

    Nibiru won’t hit earth–it will come close, make a shambles of our weather, but, it will miss earth as it has been doing for eons!


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