Peter Schiff: China Will Win The Currency War

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China’s Bubble

Peter Schiff: China Will Win The Currency War

Alex Jones talks with economic expert Peter Schiff about the coming collapse and what he thinks will cause it as well as who will come out on top.

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What does the yuan’s decline mean for the U.S.?

What does a weaker yuan mean for China and the global economy? Greg Ip of The Wall Street Journal and Orville Schell of the Asia Society join Judy Woodruff to discuss the economic and geopolitical factors.

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Is China Using the Yuan to Fund a Currency War?

August 12 — China’s yuan led the biggest two-day selloff in Asian currencies since 1997, fuelling concern that financial-market volatility will curb global economic growth and a possible “currency war” if other countries devalue exchange rates to stay competitive in global export markets.

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Gerald Celente: Trade War, Then World War 3 – U.S. & China on the road to WW3

China’s currency devaluation came as no surprise to Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute. Now that that warning has come true, we ask Mr. Celente about the possibility that China’s actions will start a trade war that may lead to a world war and we talk to him about his movement, OccupyPeace, to remove us from foreign entanglements.



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