Russia Deploys Feared EMP Weapons, Orders Troops To “Staggered Defense” Positions – Days of Darkness: Russia attacks With Electo Magnetic Pulse

Russia Deploys

These days, according to US press reports, the US Army calls it “decisive action.” Before that, it has been called “high-intensity combat” and “maneuver warfare”, but now it is a new regimen that is focused on conquering territory, smashing enemy positions and fighting to win rather than fighting to win hearts and minds…in other words, “total war”.

When one of America’s top political news sources, The Nation, begins to write headlines warning Why Is Washington Still Pushing for War With Russia?, and a propaganda confused American public begin saying that they are now ready to go to war with Russia, this MoD report concludes, it is no wonder that two German police officers tasked with guarding these Western leaders at last weeks G-7 Summit are in trouble after they broadcast, via private radios, the infamous 1943 speech in which Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels asks a large audience gathered in Berlin: “Do you want total war?”

At least these two German police officers who were in the presence of these Western warmongers were paying attention and know what’s going to happen next as total war nears…does anyone else?

A Super-EMP weapon, however, detonated 300 kilometers above the center of the U.S., could destroy the entire nation’s industrial and military capacity, and kill a large percentage of the American people, by taking down the U.S. electrical grid. Once destroyed, the grid’s elements would take decades to rebuild.

Even if the U.S. were to protect its electrical infrastructure from such a threat — legislation to protect the grid is now in Congress, primarily thanks to Rep. Trent Franks (R-Arizona) — the parallel vulnerability of U.S. military forces to an EMP attack would be just as serious.

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We know the Department of Defense has testified to Congress that 99% of the electricity for continental U.S. military bases comes from the civilian grid. Our military bases would thereby be without electrical power for decades as well. Unfortunately, the thousands of electrical transformers destroyed by an EMP attack were not primarily built in America. Even if they were, they require at least a five-year lead-time for production.


Overseas power-projection from U.S. military bases would be effectively impossible without an operational grid. Moreover, after such an EMP attack, the national focus would be on saving millions of Americans from mass starvation and preserving societal existence, not on going “over there” to fight a war or defend U.S. interests.
Many people believe this is what the prophecies in the bible refer to and that we will be invaded and this will be used to be a part of it !!! So let’s just say this is a possibility and not total bs and that we are closer to being destroyed then people think how would we fight against an EMP that is a prophecy that is bound to happen and they do launch this and cripple the US then invade considering this is mentioned to happen and is bound to happen are military must not have anything to defend against this. Sooo what if this does happen before 2017 just saying? How can we prepare for this type of invasion? I think the military be taking precautions considering much of our military weaponry depends on electronics.

NATO Commander of Naval Striking and Support Forces Admiral James Foggo said “(t)his exercise represents an important opportunity for our forces, as allies and partners, to enhance our ability to work together and strengthen capabilities required to maintain regional security.”

Washington orchestrates NATO war games – anti-Russian/Chinese/Iranian exercises at a time no threat from these country exists, when America, its rogue NATO allies and Israel alone threaten world peace.

A previous article asked if US-dominated NATO planned war on Russia – the madness of potential nuclear confrontation if launched.

Mounting evidence should give everyone pause for concern. Provocative US-dominated military exercises near Russia’s borders suggest preparation for war. Secret War with Russia Escalates: Pay Attention – Putin: “Don’t Push Me” WW3

So does irresponsible Russia bashing – a regular drumbeat of Big Lies. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf is paid to lie.

“Russia bears direct responsibility for what’s happening in Ukraine,” she says – despite no evidence suggesting it, plenty pointing fingers at Washington and its rogue allies.

Harf repeatedly blames “Russian separatists” for daily Kiev war crimes – naked aggression waged with full US support.

When civilization collapses, he predicts, the world will go back to barter.

Urges everyone to have a disaster-preparedness kit containing enough food, water and other supplies to last 72 hours. This is sensible advice, and prepares have a point when they mock those who ignore it.

Russia is the continent’s preeminent peacemaker. America and its Kiev proxy want war.
The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin has authorized an immediate “wartime” deployment of the Federations most feared and secretive weapons that include axial vircator driven pulsed electron beam accelerators able to instantly defeat all aerial threats, and high-power microwave (HPM) E-bombs, cruise missiles and artillery shells that use an enormous electromagnetic radio pulse to disable computers, electronics, vehicles, guided missiles and communications while leaving people and structures unharmed.

This report further states that President Putin has ordered the Federations nearly 2 million active duty military forces and federal security personal to begin dispersing to their “staggered defense” positions in order to protect these vital defenders from an anticipated nuclear “first strike” scenario feared to be launched against Russia by the Obama regime and its allies.

Most astounding to read in this MoD report is that not only has President Putin ordered the deployment of these much feared weapons, he has further authorized that one of them, a super-high-frequency (SHF) cannon, be demonstrated tomorrow “to certain Western powers” during the closed part of the international event Army-2015 organized by the Defense Ministry, the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and state technology corporation Rostec.
Military spending of NATO countries is tenfold Russia’s budget. Washington is installing so-called “anti-missile systems, bases and radars in European territory (and at) sea” – ignoring Russia’s warning about undermining international security.

America under George Bush withdrew from the ABM treaty, not Russia. It limited anti-ballistic missile arsenals. Putin called it “the cornerstone of the entire international security system.”

“Everything we do is just a response to the threats emerging against us,” he explained.

“Besides, what we do is limited in scope and scale, but is, however, sufficient to ensure Russia’s security.”
MOSCOW — Russia’s strategic nuclear forces chief says its new weapons will be capable of “neutralizing” any potential missile defenses.

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Col. Gen. Sergei Karakayev, the Strategic Missile Forces’ commander, said Wednesday in remarks carried by Russian news agencies that the nation’s military planners have taken into account the emerging potential of NATO’s U.S.-led missile defenses.

The Kremlin long has described the U.S. missile shield as a top threat to Russia, dismissing Washington’s claim that it is intended to fend off an Iranian missile threat.

Karakayev said that while the existing U.S. missile defense isn’t capable of deflecting a missile attack Russia is capable of launching, the American missile shield will become more advanced in the future.

He added that Russia already has taken steps that would “guarantee neutralizing” any prospective missile defense.

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