Scientist Warning : Comets may Blow the Atmosphere! Ice Age! Elite’s Gigantic Dens!

Scientist Warning

Scientist Warning

A MYSTERIOUS huge planet is on a devastating collision course with Earth which will destroy the World .

That’s the doomsday claim from a conspiracy theorist who believes Nibiru is hurtling towards us on a path of destruction.

One threat to civilization could come not from too little sun, as in Leiber’s story, but from too much. Bill Murtagh has seen how it might start. On the morning of 23 July 2012, he sat before a colorful array of screens at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado, watching twin clouds of energetic particles—known as a coronal mass ejection (CME)—erupt from the sun and barrel into space. A mere 19 hours later, the solar buckshot blazed past the spot where Earth had been just days before. If it had hit us, scientists say, we might still be reeling.

The amount of dust and its effects on the atmosphere were a surprise. Green said initial modeling indicated Mars would just skirt the edge of Siding Spring’s dust tail. More recent photos taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, however, showed the comet’s trajectory was slightly different than expected. And the dust tail was larger than initially believed.

“The analysis seemed to indicate Mars would miss the dust tail in a significant way,” Green said. “In other words, as the comet flies by the dust tail is following the trajectory…. it still would not have reached Mars to any significant amount. The surprise was indeed the dust tail seemed to be larger. The other surprise, the comet wasn’t quite in the same position we thought it was.”

Most of the particles were very small, tiny fractions of an inch across. But given their extreme velocity, they had a noticeable effect.

“With the amount of dust that came in, it’s very possible that these are not just micron size, but they can be quite large, perhaps up to a centimeter size,” Green said. “And anything that is of any size could easily destroy a spacecraft given it’s high velocity and hitting in the right location. So, we were speculating the spacecraft would survive (in the dust tail’s path), but I think it’s pretty obvious they wouldn’t have based on the tremendous response of Mars’ atmosphere to the comet tail.”

By measuring the glow of magnesium ions — material from the comet that had electrons stripped away in high-energy collisions with particles in the atmosphere — scientists could make a rough estimate of how much dust must have been deposited as the planet encountered Siding Spring’s tail.

“And the answer we’re coming up with is a few tons,” said Nick Schneider, a leader of the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph team at the University of Colorado at Boulder. “Based on this mass, we can make a rough estimate of what the meteor shower would have looked like, and it’s looking like that meteor shower must have had thousands of shooting stars an hour, possibly what’s called a meteor storm, although we’re still working on the numbers.

Now the assistant director of space weather at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in Washington, D.C., Murtagh spends much of his time pondering solar eruptions. CMEs don’t harm human beings directly, and their effects can be spectacular. By funneling charged particles into Earth’s magnetic field, they can trigger geomagnetic storms that ignite dazzling auroral displays. But those storms can also induce dangerous electrical currents in long-distance power lines. The currents last only a few minutes, but they can take out electrical grids by destroying high-voltage transformers—particularly at high latitudes, where Earth’s magnetic field lines converge as they arc toward the surface.

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Some researchers fear that another Carrington-like event could destroy tens to hundreds of transformers, plunging vast portions of entire continents into the dark for weeks or months—perhaps even years, Murtagh says. That’s because the custom-built, house-sized replacement transformers can’t be bought off the shelf. Transformer manufacturers maintain that such fears are overblown and that most equipment would survive. But Thomas Overbye, an electrical engineer at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, says nobody knows for sure. “We don’t have a lot of data associated with large storms because they are very rare,” he says.

What’s clear is that widespread blackouts could be catastrophic, especially in countries that depend on highly developed electrical grids. “We’ve done a marvelous job creating a great vulnerability to this threat,” Murtagh says. Information technologies, fuel pipelines, water pumps, ATMs, everything with a plug would be rendered useless. “That’s going to affect our ability to govern the country,” Murtagh says.

Comet Siding Spring’s close flyby of Mars last month dumped several tons of primordial dust into the thin martian atmosphere, likely creating a brief but spectacular meteor shower with thousands of shooting stars per hour had any astronauts been there to see it, scientists said Friday.

The comet dust also posed a much more serious threat than expected to an international fleet of spacecraft in orbit around the red planet and roving about its surface. While engineers did not think the comet posed a major hazard, the orbiters were maneuvered to put them on the far side of Mars during close approach. Just in case.

As it turned out, that was a smart decision.

“After observing the effects on Mars and how the comet dust slammed into the upper atmosphere, it makes me very happy that we decided to put our spacecraft on the other side of Mars at the peak of the dust tail passage and out of harm’s way,” Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA headquarters, told reporters during a teleconference. “I really believe that hiding them like that really saved them, and it gave us a fabulous opportunity to make these observations.”

Siding Spring, more formally known as Comet C/2013 A1, originated in the Oort Cloud, a vast realm of icy relics left over from the birth of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago that extends from beyond the orbit of Pluto halfway to the nearest star. It was Siding Spring’s first trip into the inner solar system, a journey that began a million or more years ago when the gravity of a passing star, perhaps, nudged it onto a different trajectory.

As Nibiru (Planet X) and Nemesis approaching,the inner Solar System becomes a shooting gallery. Scientists : “And so they’re start to be a few more comets than usual,and suddenly there are just comets, comets, comets coming all the time.And at the peak, there might be a thousand to ten thousand comets per year in the sky.”

What’s even more startling is the physical evidence of much bigger impacts.Once they have caused global catastrophes in the past,and may ignite a cosmic Armageddon in the future. Earth was not always an ideal address for human beings.

There are a lot of potential effects that could have led to distinction.Heating up the atmosphere for instance,by the ejectors had lead to wild fires,the poisoning of atmosphere from the gases,could have vaporized asteroids. Startling new evidence suggests that an object from space,may have led to the demise of the giant creatures, like dinosaurs.

It looks like there were some type of extraterrestrial events,whether it was a large meteoroid, an asteroid, or comet exploding in the atmosphere.And all of a sudden,the planet was thrown back into a little ice age.This will kill off most crops.Nothing survives on the icy surface.The oceans are frozen grave yards.

But 2.5 miles below the surface,the water is still liquid. Elites and the Richest people are planning to hide themselves in gigantic dens underground. Until now, there are thousands miles of underground cities being built by the government of many nations. Thanks to the heat from under sea volcanoes. Sulphur hydroxide from these hydro-thermal vents will continue to feed large tube worms in other exotic form of key most enthetic life. Continuing heat from the earth’s core they also help (minority) humanity survive in cities below the surface.

Conspiracy theorists believe Nibiru will bring devastation to the Earth and the World as we know it will end.

Now, my response to people who do not believe in the Bible prophecies or the scientific data about the Planet X and Wormwood system: You should read ancient history and study geology, or visit your local natural science museum. Through investigative science, you will learn that major asteroids and comets were responsible for the catastrophic events in the past centuries and millennia. You’ll find out the North Pole used to be, in all places, located in the middle of the state of Arizona! We live on a cataclysmic planet.


The most inexorable threat to our modern civilization, however, is homegrown—and it strikes much more often than big cosmic impacts do. Every 100,000 years or so, somewhere on Earth, a caldera up to 50 kilometers in diameter collapses and violently expels heaps of accumulated magma. The resulting supervolcano is both unstoppable and ferociously destructive. One such monster, the massive eruption of Mount Toba in Indonesia 74,000 years ago, may have wiped out most humans on Earth, causing a genetic bottleneck still apparent in our DNA—although the idea is controversial.
By geological convention, a super-volcano is one that produces an explosive eruption of more than 450 cubic kilometers of magma—roughly 50 times more than the eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Tambora in 1815, and 500 times more than the Philippines’ Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Geologists read the histories of such blasts in deposits of erupted material called tuff, and the rock record shows that super-volcanoes tend to be repeat offenders. Locations that remain active today include Toba, the Yellowstone hot spot in the northwestern United States, the Long Valley Caldera in eastern California, the Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand, and several spots in the Andes.

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